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Vape Advertisements

What are ways you can collaborate with  Well, you don’t need to be a manufacturer, you just need to be selling a vape product on your website.  Vape advertising is a great way to generate traffic and sales!

Banners & Sidebar Promotion (Images)

  • Leaderboard Banner Ads – Have your vape banner featured at the top of all posts on
  • Article Leaderboard Vape Banner Ads – These vape advertisements will be placed inside all article content. 
  • Sidebars Ads– A vape advertisement that will show up in the sidebar of every product and article on 

Sponsored Vape Posting

Advertise your vape website – Create your own article and have it placed on Your article will be placed in one of our categories which will be featured on our homepage for at least 2 weeks.

Special Promotions

Home Page – Have your special vape promotion featured on our home page.  Special Vape Promotions can also have their own content page.

Vape Deal Packages

Coupon Page – Get your coupons on  Have a dedicated vape page design featuring your vape coupons or submit your own coupon page.

Dedicated Content – Have a big sale coming up.  Create and submit your own blow-out sale page or have us create one featuring your vape sale.

Best Product Placement

Best of Articles – Have your ad or banner placed inside all of our “best vapes” pages.  The Vape link will go directly to your product landing page or pillar content.  This is a great way to get highly targeted traffic without having to pay for a banner to go sitewide. Get clicks directly to your website for instant checkout from vaping customers. This vape advertisement will be seen all across the world!

Product Reviews

Get your product found or build vape brand awareness.  Generate more traffic and conversions for your product with a review by MegaVaper.  Submit your vape product today!

Reviews For Vape Vendors:

Vape Product Reviews –  Your product, your page! Sponsored vape articles where you maintain the only link on the page for the product.  The link will be dedicated and owned by the contributing vendor until the product page has been removed from the vendor’s website.

Reviews For Vape Manufacturers:

Vape Reviews – Have a new vape product or brand?  Get a vape review by that will help boost awareness toward your product or brand.

Please contact us for a professional and detailed review of your vape product.  Experience the power of vape reviews and advertisement.

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