9 Best Cheap Box Mods From Trusted Vape Brands


If you’re vaping on a budget then you need to check out a list of some of the best cheap box mods that we found from well known brands.   All these vapes are from trusted vape brands that have climbed their way to the top.

Though many vape mod iterations these companies have finally gotten it right.

But why are these box mods so cheap?

We ask ourselves the same question.  The answer is that most of these box mods are not cheap… At least to start out.  Many of them start out cheap to gain attention which means your grabbing these box mods at the perfect time.  On Sale! 

The other reason is that these cheap box mods tend to get replaced by another mod with an extra light on one side.  But the truth is box mods don’t change that much.  Many newer box mods have the same exact components as ones that came out 10 years ago.  Don’t be fooled by the marketing play of a gloss new coating on what industries call the latest box mod.

Then you have to remember that all mods are not expensive.  You just need to know what and where to look for the cheapest box mods that are awesome.

Check out some of the best cheap box mods that are actually really great!

Cheapest Box Mods

1. Augvape VX200 Kit 200W Starter Kit With Disposable Jewel Subohm Tank

The Augvape VX 200 vape mod is an electronic mod running with two 18650 rechargeable batteries that are concealed under a magnetic hood. Supplying you with a whole day of vape! 

It is beautiful and very ergonomic, this box is equipped with a chipset that can send 200 watts. Such power will allow you to run all your atomizers and clearomizers at their best performance. 

This cheap box mod has breathtaking beauty, Augvape decided to hide everything. A small side hatch allows to visualize the screen. To adjust the volts or watts, right on the cover. You will then discover a plus button and a minus button. It’s more than enough to have fun! 

The Grandiose Augvape vape mod will impress you by its performance as its aesthetics. A real nugget! 



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2. GeekVape NOVA 200W TC Kit

The Geekvape Nova is a high performance electronic cig mod that delivers up to 200W of power with two 18650 batteries. The Nova vaping mod incorporates the best advanced AS chip from the Geekvape family that delivers a unique speed and power. Designed with an elegant aesthetic, the Nova mod is manufactured with a premium aluminum alloy and resin with a spectacular finish, offering an exquisite contrast that reflects simplicity and elegance.

The advanced AS chipset of the Geekvape Nova mod reaches 200W, which fires up extremely fast, accurate and powerful! Geekvape Nova 200W Mod incorporates first-degree safety features (Reverse polarity, over heating, over charge and discharge, short-circuit protection among others). With a super light weight of only 120 grams, it will not be heavy in your hand at any time.  The price has dropped and its almost a steal!



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3. SMOK R-Kiss Box Kit 200W

Designed to offer maximum vapor even at the beginner level. The R-Kiss from Smok is composed with a double box electronics mod 18650 battery for the same optimal battery life with high power.

Offering exceptional performance, the Smoke R-Kiss box provides a maximum power of 6 to 200W to get the best out of any atomizer.

Despite this effective power, Smok has decided to propose a simple material to take in hand with only one mode available: the mode wattage.

Thus, the Ohm value of the resistor is automatically detected by the integrated chipset . You just have to adjust the power in watt of your box according to that accepted your resistance to enjoy a moment of power vaping with ease!



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4. GeekVape Aegis Mini TC Mod

GeekVape has made a name for itself with its Aegis Legend.  More determined than ever, this manufacturer arrives with the mini version.

The GeekVape Aegis Mini is a vaping box equipped with an integrated battery of 2200 mah. This allows to have better battery life and therefore to be able to vape all day. An added bonus, 30 minutes of recharging via usb, will recharge 80% of the battery.

But the big plus and what has marked the users, is the fool proof robustness of Aegis boxes. And this Aegis Mini has this solidity. Its silicone-coated body is not afraid of shocks or even water. A true all-terrain box that is reliable in any circumstance.

Unbreakable, the Aegis Mini is always equipped with a large screen, to view useful information, and an impressive switch that falls perfectly under the thumb.

Aegis lovers will be charmed by this new box miniature version that can even send 80 watts. A total success.  The best cheap box mod that is waterproof!



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5. iJoy Shogun Uni 180w Vape Box Mod

The iJoy Shogun is ergonomic and compact vape mod, made of zinc alloy and colored resin on its side panels.

This beauty will reach 180 watts of maximum power.  Behind the magnetic door is the UNIV chipset which promises ultra-fast vape ramp up time.  There are multiple output modes and circuit protection.  A very cheap box mod considering it’s elegant design and excellent battery management.  Utilizes dual 18650’s with on board charging at it’s best.



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6. VandyVape Pulse X 90W Squonk Mod

The Pulse X kit from Vandy Vape consists of the new Pulse X box.  One of the best cheap squonk mods with an upgrade.

The Pulse X vape box can work with a 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery, is essentially composed of ABS to offer lightness and robustness. As on the Pulse 80W box, the caps of this electronic mod can be changed. Customize your vape box to infinity. 

Thanks to the new generation Chipset, the Pulse X can deliver up to 90 watts. Powerful vape lovers will be thrilled.

This incredible power coupled with a large  BF vial for squonking, allows you to take full advantage of any RDA atomizer with a squonk pin.

Powerful and aesthetically perfect, this kit is the new face in the world of bottom feeders at a very cheap price point.



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7. Smok Priv N19 Starter Kit

The SMOK Priv N19 comes in combination with the new Nord 19 tank, whose two modern atomizer heads allow both methods to provide better vaping enjoyment. The Priv N19 mod features an integrated 1200mAh battery that can be charged quickly and easily via the micro USB port. With its shape and dimensions, the Priv N19 is the best companion for everyday vaping, fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to use even for beginners thanks to its simple operation.

Two buttons are enough to control the mode. One for switching on, off and firing up your vape, the other for switching the power mode. A total of four levels are available to influence not only the amount of vapor but also its temperature. Power can be set up to 30W in four levels – minimum, weak, medium and strong (M / S / N / H). This allows you to easily adapt the Nord 19 tank to your needs. The set also includes two atomizer heads with a modern mesh filling. For direct lung hitting, a 0.6 ohm resistance head is available, and a mouth-lung coating is available with a 0.8Ω resistance head. Of course, the Nord 19 also supports any air supply adjustment to achieve the desired throat hit.



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8. SMOK A-Priv 225W TC Box Mod

Not getting a lot of data on this one.  Might be from a different planet.  Are your ready for the future?  The future is here… Smoking is dead!



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9. Dovpo M VV 2 Box Mod

On the upper side we find a 510 thread that can carry up to 26mm atomizer. On the front side there is a switch button, indicator diode and control potentiometer. Thanks to it, it is possible to regulate the voltage on the coil from 1.0V to 8.0V, which with a supported resistance of 0.08-3.5 ohms means maximum achievable power up to 280W with respect to batteries.

The new and better generation Dovpo MVV II also features a USB-C connector located under the battery door. The batteries can thus be recharged directly in mode without the need for an external charger. However, we recommend this option because of the lifetime of the cells. The status of the pair of 18650 cells is indicated by a diode on the front panel of triple color signals (green, yellow, red). It also has short-circuit protection, overheating, incorrect battery insertion and protection.

MVV II is the best mod that will surely find many fans. The simple concept together with the possibility of individualization by means of replaceable side panels makes it an interesting piece for your collection, a cheap vape mod but certainly will not disappoint.



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10. OBS Cube Mini Starter Kit (e)

OBS revisits its sublime Box Cube and offers an even more compact version!

Always as endearing, the Box Cube Mini has an integrated battery of 1500 mah. By reducing the anatomy, OBS has also reduced the size of the mod!

The OBS Cube Mini vape mod has not lost of its splendor. The power is set automatically by the box depending on the resistance you have installed. This ingenious system makes the vape intuitive and accessible to as many people as possible.

For the remaining battery life, however, you can rely on the led positioned under the fire button. The latter will be white when the voltage is higher than 3.5 V. Below, the led will be red and the moment to connect the USB cable will be arrived!

The OBS Box Cube Mini is the best compromise between small footprint and high performance!



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Dirt Cheap Box Mods

1. Wotofo Serpent Box Mod

The Wotofo serpent vaping mod is the best balance between a power, aesthetics in a mini format.

It houses 50 watts of power and a 2000 mAh internal battery, this electronic cigarette box is the perfect ally for novice vapers to experienced.



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2. eLeaf iStick Mini Mod

The eLeaf iStick is a super small and super cheap box mod.  Casted in aluminum with power rocker and easy fire button.  This vape works great on the go but is also very satisfying.



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3. Geekvape Lucid 80W TC Box MOD

The GeekVape lucid knows that many vapers want to have an effective but compact kit.  To meet theses expectations of the vapers this manufacturer created the Kit Lucid 80W.

A small box, particularly ergonomic, works best with a single 18650 battery.  Featuring light weight in a small stylish vape package!

The chipset integrated in this electronic mod allows delivery of 80 watts. The Lucid hides its game well. It also has a screen that allows viewing of lots of information such as the remaining battery life or the power required. Nothing has been forgotten!

On this super cheap box mod with perfect handling, there is a spot for your favorite Tank. The power works with Mesh resistors of 0.3 ohm will offer you a faithful restoration of flavors but also an impressive vapor production.

To feed these pre-made coils, you can count on a beautiful transparent reservoir of 4 ml of capacity that fills directly from above. Remove the silicone cap and inject the e-liquid. 

GeekVape is a perfect kit that will convince the experts but also the less confirmed who want to have a compact but powerful kit.



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4. Smoant Taggerz 200w Box Mod Kit



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Cheap Vaping Mods

If you’re a beginner to vaping then you may be faced with a couple different vaping options.  You can choose from box mods, vape pens, and pod mods.  All of these do similar things and they all of course allow you to vape.  Pods use their own type of atomizers where Box Mods and Vape Pens allow you to use a lot of the different types of atomizers on the market.  Such as Tanks and Rebuildables.  Overall each of these types of mods have cheap vaping mods in there category.

It is important to note that most box mods including these best cheap box mods listed above usually have a interchangeability battery and allow for a longer battery life that Pen Vapes.