9 Best Leak Proof Atomizer Tanks [Updated]


You are here because you are annoyed with E-Cig atomizer tanks that leak.  At least we think you are.  So we are here to server up our 9 best leak proof atomizer tanks.

It gets messy… we know.  Running around your fingers in a sticky mess, dripping on to your shirt and pants.  Besides the obvious you’re also vaping up E-Liquid much quicker than you would like.  What a waste.

Have you ever wondered where those random faded spots come on your clothes? 

Well, you might notice that you’ve been getting some weird blemishes on your favorite clothes.  It’s quite possible that this comes from the juice leaking from the atomizer tank in your pocket or coming off your hand as you go to stash your E-Cig away for later.  This is because some E-Liquids contain food coloring dyes.

The mess is in the past.  Now we just need to figure out what’s going on and how to correct it. Let’s take a look at some of the best leak proof atomizer tanks.  While these vape tanks claim to be leak proof atomizers, there are some other factors to consider for a leak proof setup.

Jumping To a Leak Proof Tank

Before we take a deep dive into the best leak proof atomizer tank list let’s take a look at some of the reason why your current atomizer tank might be leaking.

Drip Tip Adapters – A lot of times after vaping for a while you may start to collect E-Liquid between the drip tip and its fitting.  You will know that this is happening if you tend to tip your mod a little while you vape, you get E-Juice in your mouth.

Broken Gaskets – This is usually no one’s fault unless you just bought your tank and you see rips in the O-rings or gaskets.  Either way if you see any spots in the gaskets, this could be where the leak is coming from.  Other times you may not find anything wrong with the O-rings, but you may find a dig or a crack in the frame of your atomizer tank behind a gasket.

Not Enough Cotton – If you’re building your own coils and stuffing your own wicks then it can be difficult to fix this problem with any consistency. If you stuff too much cotton inside your vape tank you may fix your atomizer tank leak, but cause your vapes to be dry and flavorless.  But if you don’t put enough cotton in to the fill the E-Liquid feed channels then the E-Liquid will run straight past the sides of the wick, in to your airflow channel and out of your adjustable air flow ring.

Type of E-Liquid – The mix or ratio of VG to PG content in your E-Liquid might be playing a part in an atomizer tank leak.  VG is thick liquid.  A tank that may not leak with a high VG content may start to leak if you swap to a high PG content.  This is simply because PG is closer to the consistency of water.  More wick material is a must in this case.

Best Leak Proof Atomizer Tank

This list is a mix of Sub-Ohm and RTAs.  Atomizer tanks that are leak proof.

We will address/list:

  • Best Leak Proof RTAs
  • Best Leak Proof Sub-Ohm Tanks

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OK, enough talk, let’s go on to the list of the best leak proof atomizer tanks:

*We are not just throwing a list at you.  We give you the reasons why each leak proof atomizer tank will help solve the issue.

Best Leak Proof RTAs

Augvape Intake 24mm RTA 200

1. Augvape Intake Leak Proof RTA

Marketed and sold as the best leak proof atomizer tank RTA. 

Prevents Tank Leaks By:  Air flow comes in from the top. There are 2 chimneys on the base of the deck.  These chimneys will only be able to receive air from the top airflow system.  There is virtually no way for juice to get in to the air flow.  Any remaining just that could possibly build up in the coil chamber just rolls around until it eventually gets sucked up by the wick material.

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2. GeekVape Zeus X RTA

Branded as the best leak proof RTA.  The upgraded Zeus X features a complex 3d airflow design. 

Prevents Tank Leaks By:  This RTA prevents atomizer leaks by drawing the airflow from the top.  The airflow is still channeled directly to the coil and wicks by way of some advanced channeling that pull air from the top holes and leads air directly to the coil base. 

It’s much harder for E-liquid to work its way up through the top airflow, which is another reason why this is a great choice for a leak proof RTA.

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3. Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA

Prevents Tank Leaks By: This tank has a normal cylindrical hood that covers the deck base and then it has another cylindrical hood inside that hood.  In between these hoods is a small amount of cushion space all around the perimeter.  The airflow gets drawn through the top and funnels down the sides of the layer of air that is trapped between the two cylindrical walls.  This layer of air helps prevent leaks.

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Best Leak Proof Sub-Ohm Tanks


1. Aspire Revvo Sub-Ohm Tank

Prevents Tank Leaks By: The setup on the Revvo is not your average atomizer tank or build.  While most tanks have the cartridge coil position at the bottom of the tank.  This tank is designed with the cartridge coil on top of the tank.  The cartridge coil is shaped like a flat disk with a full disk of cotton wick on top.  The E-liquid gets drawn out from the tank and all the extra juice goes back in to the tank.  The filling system has a locking pin that seals off the tank chamber after refilling.  In the Sub Ohm category this is our pick for the best leak proof atomizer tank.

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2. Innokin Scion 2 Cartridge Tank

Prevents Tank Leaks By: The replacement coils on this tank are extremely large in diameter.  The cartridge coils have a large amount of flat cotton that presses up against the walls of the cartridge coils.  Its large diameter and increased cartridge padding are more forgiving when trying to figure out the perfect adjustable airflow setting and wattage.

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3. Aspire Nautilus X Tank

Prevents Tank Leaks By: This tank has a top fill and top airflow system.  The atomizer cartridges are perfectly padded with cotton where the juice gets fed to the coil.  There is no airflow out the bottom.  The juice must get fed through the cotton wick.  Any addition juice that may not have been vaporized has no place to escape and with the top airflow there is no leakage.  Any juice remaining in the atomizer chamber eventually gets vaporized instead of leaking.

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4. SMOK TFV12 Prince Cartridge Tank

The TFV12 comes highly recommended for best leak proof atomizer tank.  SMOK has delivered a long line of “TFV” series tanks and has improved upon each tank released, making this a great solution for leaking issues you might be experiencing.

Prevents Tank Leaks By:  The replacement cartridge coils on this tank are extremely large.  More cotton wick means more forgiving.  The vertical coils are built taller and reach higher.  E-Juice flow is restricted by the amount of cotton height it must climb.  The gravity will ultimately slow down the feeding as the juice reaches the top.  Inside the tank glass features a cylindrical metal up to the top.  This helps to stop or slow down the rapid swishing of the E-Liquid inside the atomizer tank while moving around.

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Atomizer Tank Leaking

Atomizer tanks that leak all over the place can become quite an issue.  Hopefully, we were able to help you solve your tank leaking issue or steer you in the direction of a tank that is most likely not to leak.  The truth is you can make almost any tank leak if you try hard enough or use it improperly.  But getting one of the best leak proof atomizer tanks can eliminate almost all of the leaking issues that could possibly occur.