8 Best RDTAs on the Vape Market [2021]

The glitz and glamor of both worlds. The RDTA has all the best atomizer features packed into one device!

The best RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers) are considerably similar to both RDAs and RTAs.  These little innovations offer the best features of both designs in one single atomizer.

An RDA or dripper gives you the capability to drip on your atomizer allowing you to get that fresh new bottle flavor all of the time.  The typical RDA will have a small juice well with no indication of how much e-juice is left at the bottom.  RDTAs can accommodate more vape juice in a bigger tank or juice well under the build deck.  In addition it incorporates RTA features as well, providing a see through glass tank so you know how much e-juice is left in the atomizer.

With a wide array of options in styles of build deck, coil setups, and e-juice capacities, there is an RDTA that suits the needs of every kind of vaper. The popularity of RDTAs has been increasing as vapers see the advantages of having all of the rebuildable atomizer features together in one device.  There are many manufacturers introducing some powerful and efficient RDTA products to the market. This article will discuss the best RDTAs available in the market today.

Best RDTA Vapes

1. Wotofo Profile RDTA

The Wotofo Profile RDTA is a stunning and an unrivaled cloud monster. It is a 25mm atomizer with an extremely spacious build deck, ideal for mesh coil configurations. Built with high quality steel and virtually seamless in design, this RDTA is portable, user-friendly, easy to build on, and enjoyable to use. It features an adjustable airflow that direct air straight to your mesh coil via either post. The product comes with the required spares, Japanese organic cotton, and spare glass.

This Wotofo Profile RDTA has a ULTEM top cap that gives a heat-free vaping experience and performs exceptionally well when combined with a 510-drip tip adapter for vapers who wish to be in charge of their intake. Another amazing feature of this innovative atomizer is the dedicated e-liquid fill port. Apart from producing great vape clouds, this sturdy atomizer functions well on practically all types of mods. It is a perfect choice for both newbies and veteran vapers looking for the best RDTA vape.

RDTA Diameter: 25 mm
Coil Support: Mesh Coil
Fill Capacity: 6.2 mL

Profile Best RDTAs on the Vape Market 350

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2. Cthulhu Mulan MTL RDTA Vape

This MTL RDTA is a feature-rich device with excellent performance. It has a leak-proof design, a spacious build deck, and numerous airflow options. It comes in 2 color options: silver, black. The Cthulhu Mulan MTL RDTA is one of the smallest RDTAs – it measures 22mm in diameter and approximately 29mm in height.  It features two 510 tips with distinct internal diameters and heights. This device has 2ml e-liquid capacity, but you can increase its capacity by using your squonk bottle.

One of the most important features of the Mulan MTL RDTA is its leak-resistant deck. The fill port valve shuts immediately you take out your bottle. It has two plated posts with rounded ends in the post holes. This design ensures easy trapping of thin wire, even when the bottom of the screw pushes it over. The tank comes with 1.0-ohm Ni80 pre-built coils that offer an impeccably smooth and silent draw, topnotch and strong throat hit, and nice flavor. This tank will work wonders for you if you are an enthusiast of nic salts.

Deck Diameter: 22 mm
Support: Single Coil
E-Juice Capacity: 2 mL

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3. Vandy Vape Pyro V3 RDTA

The Pyro v3 BF RDTA is undoubtedly one of the best RDTAs to be introduced to the market recently when it comes to performance. It boasts some of the perfect, yet simple elements blended to build an innovative RDTA that delivers an unrivaled vape experience. This powerful device has broad wicking channels. It is available in rainbow, black, and stainless steel. The Pyro v3 has a topnotch build quality. All its edges and corners are rounded and all the parts are well machined.

The Pyro v3 has a postless build deck that makes the coils to stand vertically near each other instead of popping out horizontally far apart. This coil configuration allows large coils to occupy adequate space in the chamber that appears to improve flavor quality. The airflow slots in this RDTA have a rounded cut out in the center, which increases the amount of airflow that hits the coil. The tank is super easy to refill – just lift the top cap, press, and recap. It can hold an e-liquid capacity of 4ml, but it features a spacer that reduces the capacity to 2ml to comply with UK requirements.

Diameter: 24 mm
Build Coils: Single Coil and Dual Coil Configurations
E-Liquid Capacity: 2 mL


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4. Wotofo Faris RDTA

The Faris RDTA is a multipurpose genesis-style atty constructed with convenience and high level of performance in mind. It features a brilliant squonkable 510 pin. This squonk pin is designed to allow vapers to remove a micro hex screw and transform this device into a squonkable tank. This design makes the Faris one of the best top fill/bottom fill RDTAs in the market. Squonkers can use their squonker mod to squonk directly from the tank. With the removable pin, vapers can shift from squonker RDTA to an ordinary RDTA vape without spending time rebuilding again.

The Faris has implemented several micro details to differentiate itself from the huge competition. For instance, it has a centered airflow lock, three distinct airflow designs, and two tips. The top cap features grooves that allow it to lock and assist the user in two crucial ways: enable the user to maintain the airflow at the center always and remove the atty from their mod. The three airflow styles allow you to tailor your vaping experience to suit your needs. You can enjoy a tight, lovely MTL draw or an enjoyable airy cloudy draw. This RDTA comes with two drip tips, one built with delrin and the other built with resin/acrylic.

Can run in either RDA mode or RDTA mode.

Diameter Base: 24 mm
Build: Single Coil or Dual Coil
Juice Holder: 3 mL

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5. ThunderHead Creations THC Tauren BF RDTA

Tauren BF RDTA measures 24mm in diameter and 38mm in height. It definitely looks bigger than many standard RDAs, but it is easy to carry around since it fits into jeans pocket effortlessly. It offers a discreet 2ml tank that is not only top fill but also bottom fill. To access the top fill just remove the top cap and pour your e-juice into one of the tiny ports on both sides of the coils. The bottom fill method makes the Tauren RDTA a great option for squonkers. These ports are leak resistant because of the poles that sit on the top cap and close the fill ports as well as serve as a locking point to prevent the airflow from getting unaligned during use.

This RDTA has a side angle postless deck and setting up the coils is a hassle-free task. It has oval inlets that let in the air at 45 degrees and push it through the 28 tiny air holes with an extremely high force. The airflow provides enough air that covers the coils properly. This device gives you a first class flavor coupled with full and thick vape clouds.

Bottom Diameter: 24 mm
Support Builds: Dual Coil and Single Coil
E-Liquid Capacity: 2 mL

Tauren Best RDTAs on the Vape Market 350

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6. Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA

Medusa Reborn is a 25mm RDTA vape that features a deep 3.5ml or TPD compliant 2ml juice well. It has a stylish juice shelf above the deck and in the barrel to prevent any leaking. It has dual airflow and sufficiently spacious deck and posts holes to accommodate large coils. Inside the package, you will get a ULTUM drip tip and a 510 adapter, meaning you can install any drip tip you want.  Packed in the package is a squonk pin to cater to the needs of squonkers. This device has a 510-contact pin, which is gold plated.

Medusa Reborn comes in 4 color schemes: blue, black, and flashy rainbow.  It has solid construction and the deck is enjoyable to use.  The posts are sturdy while the flat head screws are of topnotch quality. It adopts a detachable design that allows you to disassemble the tank easily. This atomizer guarantees you an incredible cloud production and clean flavor.


Diameter: 25 mm
Building Support: Dual Coil
E-Liquid Fill Capacity: 3.5 mL

medusa Best RDTAs on the Vape Market 350

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7. DJV Dejavu RDTA Vape

Dejavu is a creatively designed RDTA vape with a dripper like performance. With gorgeously premium design, this unique atty comes in 2 color schemes: black and stainless steel. It features a dual post build deck with each post bearing 3 slots, two at the top and one at the bottom. This design allows you to fix your leads either straight or staggered. It has a spring-loaded refilling post in the middle that guarantees simple e-liquid filling with no leaks or mess.

This innovative atomizer measures 25mm in diameter and features a juice reservoir with a 2ml capacity. It produces huge vapor clouds thanks to its twofold airflow system: an open bottom airflow and adjustable side airflow. It is built with sturdy steel along with a 510 gold-coated threading connection. This RDTA comes packed in a solid and stylish carrying case that consists of two 810 ULTEM drip tips, one glass tube, accessories box, and a display stand.


RDTA Diameter: 24 mm
Build Post: Dual Coil
Filling Capacity: 2 mL

DJV Best RDTAs on the Vape Market 350

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8. Uwell Fancier RDTA 2 in 1

The Uwell Fancier RTDA is a feature loaded rebuildable atomizer measuring 24mm in diameter and with a juice capacity of 3ml. Filling this tank is a breeze, just remove the top cap to reveal the center fill port found in the middle of the beautifully designed chassis. The top cap features a spitback protection that makes issues of leaking a fairy tale. The tank implements a dual-post, single slot design whereby each post has a 3mm diameter slot and tightened at the top with high-quality Philips flat screws to house an array of big coil structures and interesting configurations.

The Uwell Fancier RTDA vape has two airflow styles: a bottom two airslots that channel air straight into the coil chamber and a cyclonic airflow system whereby the top cap features a dual slotted airflow. Its base and deck section consists of broad 24k gold plating that takes conductivity to the next level and PEEK insulation that enhances durability. This RDTA vape is made of first-grade stainless steel construction.

Diameter: 24 mm
Build Support: Dual Coil
E-Liquid Capacity: 4 mL

uwell fancier Best RDTAs on the Vape Market 350

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There you go! A list of the best RDTAs available in the market today. Even the most powerful and efficient RDTAs need trial and error to identify the best build and wicking. Therefore, you will need to try out different builds and methods to identify which one is ideal for you.

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