CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum vs Broad [Secrets Uncovered]

What are the differences between CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum?  It can be difficult to know which one is best when faced with all of the different choices of CBD on the market today.

Since you already know about the many health benefits that you can gain from using CBD oil, it is time to consider the different variants that are available to you. CBD isolate is the purest form of the product available on the market today. Also, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD that you might want to consider. This is an extract that contains a variety of other compounds taken directly from the cannabis plant itself. This includes terpenes and numerous other cannabinoids that provide tremendous benefits to the user. As such, you will want to know more about these two forms of CBD so that you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

What Are Cannabinoids and Terpenes?

When talking about a hemp plant, cannabinoids are the various compounds that can be extracted from it. You might be surprised to discover that there are more than 100 cannabinoids that are known today. The two you want to be concerned about today are CBD and THC. These are the two cannabinoids that end up interacting effectively with the endocannabinoid system in your body. It does this by traveling to particular receptor sites that are friendly to cannabinoids. This is how you end up getting the benefits that you have been looking for. As soon as a cannabinoid can make its way to a receptor site, you will find that your body begins to notice. This is seen in the way that CBD use impacts your appetite, pain sensors, mood, memory, feelings, and so much more.

As we get ready to further explore the differences between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD, it is helpful to remember that CBD itself is so highly regarded today because of its ability to help users become calm and sedated. For its part, THC can provide certain psychological benefits that need to be taken into consideration as well. There are a variety of other cannabinoids that can be derived from the hemp plant that you may want to make use of as well.

Individual Cannabinoids 

A typical CBD lab test will include measuring the weight of the following cannabinoids contents:

  • THC
  • THCA
  • THCV
  • CBD
  • CBDA
  • CBDV
  • CBC
  • CBN
  • CBC
  • CBG

Each of these reacts differently within your body, which is why so many people today are interested in what full-spectrum CBD can provide.

If you take in several cannabinoids at the same time, you will experience what is known as the entourage effect. This ends up providing you with a stronger overall reaction than you could ever achieve by taking just one individual cannabinoid on its own. You will realize this same reaction no matter which cannabinoids you end up receiving, meaning that this is not just limited to CBD and THC. You will find that terpenes are one of the organic compounds in the hemp plant that can help that entourage effect take hold more effectively. These types of compounds can be found in essential oils. They are also what provide the smell that you likely associate with cannabis plants. It is this combination of natural ingredients that makes full-spectrum CBD so appealing to many, but that is not to discount the usefulness of CBD isolate.

Taking a Look at Hemp and Cannabis Extract

To better understand the differences between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD, it is also helpful to know how hemp and cannabis extracts come about in the first place. If you have a hemp extract that happens to contain CBD, then it has been sourced directly from a hemp plant itself. This means that it will have a certain level of THC in it, so it cannot be promoted as being THC-free. This is important because federal guidelines dictate the level of THC that can be present in CBD before it is actually declared as being cannabis. That percentage is currently set at below 0.3% THC. It is this type of extract that will lead to both full-spectrum and CBD isolate.

Full-Spectrum CBD Explained

As its name implies, full-spectrum CBD is a product that will contain most of the natural chemicals that can be extracted from a hemp plant. This will include a slew of cannabinoids and terpenes. Because there is such a variety, the resulting entourage effect will allow the human body to make better use of and absorb any form of CBD that it comes into contact with.

There are actually quite a few important minerals and vitamins that one can take advantage of when using full-spectrum CBD. Many people also enjoy using full-spectrum CBD because it provides them with a full slate of protein fiber that is extracted directly from the hemp plant. Along with this comes a number of helpful fatty acids, combined with chlorophyll, terpenes, and flavonoids. Because this gives full-spectrum CBD quite a cocktail of natural elements that can be helpful to humans, the generic term of hemp oil extract has often been attached to it.

However, this term is quite misleading because it does not really tell the user exactly how much CBD they are actually receiving. It is possible to know this, so you do not want to settle for any full-spectrum CBD unless it has been tested by a lab to tell you exactly what the ingredients are and what percentages of each are present.

Drug Screening

If you are considering the use of full-spectrum CBD, it is important to understand that there is no guarantee you will be able to pass certain drug screenings.  Many full-spectrum oils contain less than .3% THC unless specifically noted otherwise in the lab results of the tested CBD specimen. While the ingredients that are present are safe and generally allowed for under new regulations, they can show up on certain tests.

This is important to know if you are subject to a zero-tolerance drug policy at work. This is because most drug tests today are not designed to pick up on the differences between THC and various other types of cannabinoids. For many people, this will put full-spectrum CBD out of the picture for them for the time being. That is why you will also want to know about CBD isolate and the many benefits that it can still provide you with.

CBD Isolate Explained

While you might not receive the benefit of many of the cannabinoids that you otherwise would enjoy, CBD isolate is still potent enough to be advantageous to your health. In fact, it is virtually pure CBD, so it does not get any better than that. However, do keep in mind that there are not any terpenes or other types of flavonoids that would result in the desirable entourage effect. That is something that you will want to keep in mind. Because of this, you will also find that CBD isolate is much cheaper to purchase than full or broad-spectrum CBD. This is also something to take into account if you are operating on a budget.

If you are wondering if there is something that comes in between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD, you are in luck. Broad-spectrum CBD is now widely available on the open market. This is a form of CBD that contains a number of cannabidiols and other types of natural ingredients that can be extracted from the hemp plant. The one exception is THC. With broad-spectrum CBD, this is actually removed as soon as the extraction is complete. Because of the number of cannabinoids that it contains, you can still get the entourage effect that you might be craving when using broad-spectrum CBD.

Which Variant of Cannabinoid Should You Use?

With all of these available choices, you might be wondering how you can ever decide with specific cannabinoid extract is suitable for you and your situation. This begins with educating yourself about the various products that are now available on the market. Reading this post is the first step in the process. The key thing to remember is that CBD oil is beneficial to you and your overall health. The number of natural ingredients that you receive from each use will depend on the particular extract that you decide to purchase.

You will find that both CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD are now available for purchase as pure oils. This is an easy way to make use of the helpful extracts that come from the hemp plant. You will also discover that there are other forms of CBD that are now being legalized across the country.

Metabolizing CBD

One popular choice for getting the CBD that your body needs is through edibles. Do keep in mind that, while edibles taste great, they will not give you all of the CBD elements that you might be desiring. This is because your body needs to use its liver to metabolize CBD.  The digestive system needs to break down all of the components of the CBD before it can actually be absorbed into your bloodstream. By that time, not all of it will be remaining for you to make use of.

This is why many people opt for CBD topicals. You will find that these can be directly applied to the skin in the form of lotions, balms, creams, and much more.  Your skin does not absorb CBD as well as you would like. To get the maximum benefit you will want to make sure that you use a topical that has a high CBD content. This is why so many people choose to use full-spectrum CBD.


Deciding between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD really comes down to a personal choice. You need to determine what you are looking for when using CBD. You also want to determine how effective each variant is for you, as every person reacts a bit differently. Keep in mind that CBD isolate is the purest type of CBD that you can get on the market today. If this is what you want, then that is the variant you will want to select.

However, you should consider full-spectrum CBD if you want more of the helpful cannabinoids that are extracted from the hemp plant. You simply will not get that with CBD isolate. Your level of fitness, the chemical makeup of your body, and your lifestyle as a whole will be a determining factor in which type of CBD oil you end up using. Begin with small doses and determine what works that best for you. Then, you can go from there and begin reaping the many benefits that CBD oil can bring to the table.


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