E Cig Authenticity Check – Verify E-Cigarette Manufacturer

More and more E-Cig manufactures are popping up everywhere.  Many of them are making electronic cigarette replicas. 

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a clone and an authentic product.  As a solution, many of the large brands have implemented a serial tracking system where they attach a serial code of authenticity to each box.


This E-Cig Authenticity Checker allows you to check your serial codes.

Where is the Anti-Counterfeit Code?

The anti-counterfeit code can be found in one of the following places:

  • Inside box wall – Glued to the inside of the cardboard box package
  • Outside box wall – A seal attached to the outside of the package – Underneath the plastic wrap
  • Card with Manual – On a small business shaped card inside the box with the manual. 

Sometimes it may be difficult to find the anti-counterfeit codes because they are hidden in strange places like on the inside instead of outside of the box.  

NOTE: Keep in mind that some anti-counterfeit codes can be represented as “QR” codes instead of a string of random characters.

Why must I buy the product before I can tell if it is authentic?:

These authenticity keys don’t really work the way one might think they do. Many of them are not registered or serial keys that are not attached or linked to the actual products inside some databases.
Instead, they are just random keys that have never been entered into the website. So when you enter the key in the website it simply just says something like “This code has been checked for the first time”.

They are just unique keys that have never been searched for by any computer.  They are not a log of the specific vape product being manufactured.

I still can’t find my Authenticity Code

Sometimes you may find that the product serial number sticker has been removed.  This could mean one of two things.  Your product is a clone fake or your product is authentic and distribution laws were evaded so the distribution company does not want to be tracked.  If you do have a serial number you can verify its authenticity by clicking on the link or image below that corresponds to your product brand.

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E-Cig Authenticity Checker

A-Z (In Alphabetical Order)


Verify Asmodus Authenticity  – Asmodus Security Code Check: Click Here– For asMODus Serial code checks.



Check your Aspire product Authentication security code – Authenticity Check Aspire: Click Here – Bottom right footer section of the Aspire page

Aspire authenticator200


Verify CoilArt Authenticity  – CoilArt Security Code Check: http://www.coilart.net/security-check/ – Check your CoilArt serial code

Coilart Security-Code-authenticator

Desire Vape: OFFLINE

Verify Desire Vape Authenticity  – Desire Vape Security Code Check: Click Here – bottom of Desire Vape page.



Verify Digiflavor Authenticity  – Digiflavor Security Code Check: Click Here – Digiflavor vape page.



Check your Efest product Authentication security code – Efest Authenticity Check: Click Here – Serial Code check for Efest vapes.

efest authenticatorefest authenticator megavaper


Check your EHPro product Authentication security code – EHPro Authenticity Check: Click Here – EHPro Vape Serial Code Page.

ehpro authenticator


Check your Eleaf product Authentication security code – Eleaf Authenticity Check: Click Here – Eleaf Serial Page.

eleaf authenticator


Verify FreeMax Authenticity  – FreeMax Security Code Check: Click Here – FreeMax vape mod code check.


Geek Vape:

Verify Geek Vape Authenticity  – Geek Vape Security Code Check: Click Here – bottom of the Geekvape page to check your serial code.



Verify Hotcig Authenticity  – Hotcig Security Code Check: Click Here – Hotcig vape Page.



Verify iJoy Authenticity  – iJoy Security Code Check: Click Here – To navigate to the iJoy security code page.



Check your Innokin product Authentication security code – Innokin Authenticity Check: Click Here – Navigate to Innokin security page.

innokin authenticator


Check your Joyetech product Authentication security code – JoyeTech Authenticity Check: Click Here – Joyetech Vape Mod Check.

joytech authenticator Megavaper.com


Verify JustFog Authenticity  – JustFog Security Code Check: Click Here – JustFog vape check


Kangertech (Kanger):

Check your Kanger product Authentication security code – Kanger Authenticity Check: Click Here – Link is at bottom of Kanger page on the left.

Kangertech authenticator


Verify Kangvape Authenticity  – Kangvape Security Code Check: Click Here – Kangvape page to input Serial code.


Lost Vape:

Verify Lost Vape Authenticity  – Lost Vape Security Code Check: Click Here – Lost Vape Security Check.

Link: https://lostvape.com/anti-counterfeit/



Verify MXJO Authenticity  – MXJO Security Code Check: Click Here – Check out MXJO serial code

MXJO Security Code authenticator

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Check your Nitecore product Authentication security code – NiteCore Authenticity Check: Click Here – Check NiteCore Page.

nitecore authenticator


Verify OBS Authenticity  – OBS Security Code Check: Not In Business



Verify Oumier Authenticity  – Oumier Security Code Check: Click Here – Oumier vape security check



Verify Sense Authenticity  – Sense Security Code Check: Click Here  – Toward bottom right of page there is a Product Verification box



Verify Sigelei Authenticity  – Sigelei Security Code Check: Click Here 

Key code box Location: Bottom of Sigelei home page in the footer.



Verify Smoant Authenticity  – Smoant Security Code Check: Click Here– Smoant Serial Code Page



Check your SMOK product Authentication security code – SMOK Authenticity Check: Click Here – Middle of the SMOK page.

smok authenticator


Verify Svoemesto Authenticity  – Svoemesto Security Code Check: https://svoemesto.de/serialcheck/ – To navigate to the Svoemesto page



Verify UWell Authenticity  – UWell Security Code Check: Click Here– UWELL Serial Code page.


Vandy Vape:

Verify Vandy Vape Authenticity  – Vandy Vape Security Code Check: Click Here – Bottom right on Vandy Vape page.



Verify Vaporesso Authenticity  – Vaporesso Security Code Check: Click Here – bottom right of Vaporesso page.



Verify VGod Authenticity  – VGod Security Code Check: Click Here – VGOD Security Check



Check your Vision product Authentication security code – Vision Authenticity Check: Click Here – Bottom of the Vision page.

vision authenticator megavaper.com


Verify Vladdin Authenticity  – Vladdin Security Code Check: Click Here – To Check your Vladdin Security code.



Verify Vzone Authenticity  – Vzone Security Code Check: Click Here  – Box is at bottom left of Vzone page footer



Verify Wismec Authenticity  – Wismec Security Code Check: Click Here – Wismec Serial Code Page



Check your Wotofo product Authentication security code – WOTOFO Authenticity Check: Click Here – Bottom footer section of Wotofo page

wotofo authenticator


Check your Youde UD product Authentication security code – Authenticity Check: Click Here

youde authenticator

Authenticity banner

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Scratch Serial Code and Check Vapes

All of the brands listed above come with Scratch and check security codes.  If you can’t find yours, try locating the box or looking directly on the product.  The scratch code is usually located near the UPC code.  For some manufacturers, it may actually be the UPC Code.  Other manufacturers may require you to scratch to reveal the code.

Once you have revealed the code you can go to the manufacturer’s website.  There are directions in each section about the location of where on the website you should look to type in your security code.

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