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E-Liquid Calculator 1.0

Base Nic LevelPG %VG %mg
Desired Target PG %VG %mg
Flavor 1
(Ratio & Target)
PG %VG %%
Amount To Be Mademl


Nic Base = rff ml ( Drops)
PG = ml ( Drops)
VG = ml ( Drops)
Flavor = ml ( Drops)
*20 Drops = 1 ml

Calculator Directions

*For mixing up some diy e-cig eJuice liquid

Step 1 – Locate all your DIY ingredients!

Base Nic Level:  Your bottle of nicotine should have a label on it telling you what the PG to VG ratio is of the nicotine base.  Solutions usually come in either 50PG/50VG or 100% VG.  Once you have located the mixture ratio input those PG and VG in to the calculator.  In the last box in this row is the MG strength of your nicotine solution.  This will also be on the nicotine bottle.

Desired Target: Is the final PG to VG ratio that you will be vaping on.  Enter these two numbers followed by the final strength you would like your DIY E-liquid to be. MG is the final nicotine content and it is not recommended to use more then 24 MG for this number. 

More PG provides more flavor but less clouds.  More VG will produce a higher density cloud and thicker DIY E-Liquid. Light smokers should target a MG of 3mg. Heavy smokers should target anywhere from 18mg to 24mg.

Flavor 1: Is the flavor that you will be adding to your DIY E-Juice.  Generally flavors come as 100%pg or with a mixture of water and alcohol.  This number is defaulted to 100% PG but can be adjusted if need be.  Targets for flavor are generally 5% – 15% for the majority of users.  

Amount To Be Made: Is the size of the bottle you are going to fill with all your DIY ingredients.

Calculate (Button): When you have finalized your mixture click the calculate button and check in the “Recipe” section for the calculated E-Liquid Results.

Congratulations on your bottle of DIY E-Juice!