How To Steep E-Juice or E-Liquid Steeping

If you have brand new e-liquid then it needs a steep!

What is Steeping

To steep or steeping E-Juice is when you let your e-juice sit for a while.  This time allows for the molecules of flavoring, nicotine, and e-liquid base to bond together properly.  This process of e-liquid bonding allows the flavors to achieve their full taste potential before you start vaping that fresh new bottle of E-Juice!

Which E-Juice Bottles Need to Steep?

– Store-bought & Online purchases

Yes, these still could benefit from a vaping steep.  E-Juices bought from stores are known as pre-mixed e-juices.  We do not know how long they have been sitting in inventory or whether they were freshly made and shipped to you directly.

– DIY E-Liquid Mixes

Yes, definitely!  You have just mixed a brand new batch of e-juice.  Of course, it needs that time to bond all of those freshly mixed components to bring out the best in that bottle of deliciousness.

E-Liquid DIY Steeping

The advantages of DIY are numerous and vapers are not mistaken. Unfortunately, we cannot have everything right away … In DIY as in love, you have to know how to be patient and leave time to time! Your first DIY is complete. Do we taste? No, not right now! Before you can savor the extent of your talents, it is essential to let stand, “steeper” as they say in the middle, your mixture. This phase, not very thrilling we grant you, allows the flavors to express themselves and to reveal all their olfactory and gustatory power. A DIY is a bit like a good wine, you have to let it mature.

Steeping Tips

For your realization to develop properly and the flavors explode in the mouth during the discovery phase, we invite you to shake your vial once a day. Once well stirred, it should rest at room temperature in a place with little exposure to light. A cupboard or shoebox is ideal.

In small detail, we strongly advise you not to leave your e-liquid bottle open during the steeping process. If your bottle is not closed for more than 12 hours, it may cause a change in flavors and this is not really the goal. The “breathing”, a step that lets air in your preparation, can be beneficial but only if it is performed for a short period of time!

Breathing vs Steeping

Please do not confuse “Breathing” with Steeping vape juice.  Breathing is another process by which you leave your vaping e-liquid out for a couple of hours with the cap off.  This can change the flavors in a different way.  Many vapers who breathe their e-liquid are looking to make their e-liquid vape smoother.  Sometimes e-liquids contain a small amount of alcohol that can make an e-juice just a little too harsh to vape.

How long do we Steep E-Juice?

This vape juice steep time will vary according to the flavors that you have integrated. So that everything goes well and you are not disappointed, we suggest maturation times according to the flavors. Of course, these rest times are indicative and will increase if your base contains a high proportion of vegetable glycerin.

  • Fruity Flavors : 5 days
  • Mint Flavors : 7 days
  • Drink Flavors : 10 days
  • Desert Flavors with Fruit : 10 days
  • Gourmet Flavors : 15 days
  • Custard Flavors : 15 days
  • Tobacco Flavors : 15 days
  • Classic Flavors : 20 days
  • Gourmet Classic Flavors : 20 days
  • Desert Flavors : 20 days

NOTE:  Most flavors tend to see a minimal benefit for any steeping time longer than 1 month.

The steeping is a crucial phase in the realization of your DIY. Take your patience and wait wisely for the flavors to work and develop: the result will only be better! The ideal is also to taste this DIY with a dripper. Not on your tongue, on an atomizer head… If you’re not sure if your e-liquid is done steeping then drip a little on an RDA.  The use of such an atomizer allows you to have a very precise idea of ​​the flavors but also not to fill a whole tank.

Getting the Most out of Steep Vaping

Are you convinced by your vape creation? Don’t panic, add a little flavor or a little more time and wait a day and retake the vape test. 

Still not convinced…

Steep Vaping is a great way to maximize the vape flavor potential of that bottle of e-liquid.  After the steeping process laid out above, if you’re still having issues getting good flavor then maybe it’s just a bad flavor or DIY batch.

If you’re convinced that you have a good e-juice flavor because it was good in the past then you might be dealing with another issue.  Try heading over to this article on loss of e-juice flavor.

May all of your vape flavor discoveries come true!


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