What is Nic Salt? Vape Nicotine Salts

E-liquids with nic salts are a new kind of E-liquid.  Despite the name, these e-liquids do not contain any table salt.

What Are Nic Salts?

How is this new vape juice any different from the freebase or classic e-liquids we usually buy or make?

First of all, it should be noted that there is no “visually” noticeable difference between a conventional e-liquid and a nicotine-salt liquid. Indeed, there are no salt crystals in these new types of E-liquids.  You might be thinking “salt” in E-liquid… “What a strange combination” Who doesn’t like salt?  I bet it’s pretty good!

Sorry to say that it has nothing to do with table salt.  There is no salt of any kind in Nic Salts.

Nic Salts have a different chemistry than normal or conventional E-Liquids.  So, given the peculiarities of nicotine e-liquids, pay attention to the E-Juice bottle labeling and ask your seller for advice.  This is because you do not vape nicotine salts in the same way as classic e-liquids. Nic Salts have a special purpose…


Nicotine salts

Nicotine salts are just another form of nicotine. More close to nicotine in its natural state, they are obtained with different processes of pharmaceutical nicotine that is used in all e-liquids. To put it simply, Nic Salt e-juice makes it possible to obtain e-liquids with a more acidic PH level. Specifically, the vape is less “aggressive”, and the hit on the throat is much softer when you vape.  In addition, the nature of this form of nicotine would also allow faster assimilation.

The same is true with the opposite effect.  You can obtain a Nic Salt that will make your vape harsher on the throat.  Although, this is much less common.  The main point of the introduction of Nic Salt was to reduce that kick in the back of your throat.  Vaping high nic in freebase e-liquids can be quite harsh.

If Nic Salts interests you, E-Juice Media has a large selection of Nicotine Salt E-Juice.  Also, you can check out our best nicotine salt picks.

Why Do We Use Nicotine Salts?

We have already mentioned the main reason for wanting to use Nic Salts.  Let’s continue…

Nicotine is the additive in e-liquid that makes for a harsh throat hit.  The higher the nicotine percentage in your E-juice the harsher the hit will be.  For heavy smokers, this can take quite a toll and can lead to coughing or irritation.

The nicotine salts will considerably soften the hit. So the point is to be able to vape at higher nicotine levels in order to get the proper fix of nic.

This is extremely useful for all vaping profiles:


As a beginner to vaping, you want to try to quit cigarettes as quickly as possible to avoid combustible cigarette cravings.  The longer it takes to get off tobacco completely the more cravings you will have.  In order to fix those cravings, beginners usually start out with a high dose of nicotine in their E-Liquids.  Nic Salts are great for achieving high nicotine concentration.

For a beginner, It is recommended to vape high nicotine content e-juices.  As much as possible so that the nicotine can saturate quickly and calm cigarette cravings.  Well, not as much as possible but high “MG” content e-liquids. Some people have trouble accepting e-liquid at 18 or 20 mg/ml.  Those are high doses for a beginner and can cause a lot of coughing, irritation, and discomfort.

Nicotine salts are very useful for maximizing nicotine content and at the same time reducing the harshness of the throat hit.

Experienced Vapers

Long-time vapers are often at relatively low nicotine levels.  This is because they have gradually reduced their e-liquids nicotine content from 50mg to 6mg, 3mg, or less. Indeed, there are long-haul vapers that enjoy high nicotine rates, they like a nice beefy throat hit. The pleasure is in other areas, on the flavors and the texture of the vapor, experimenting with different proportions of PG / VG.

But for some, quite numerous, this translates into consumption in milliliters that can become important, it is not uncommon to hear testimonials of vapers who vape 10 ml per day, or even much more.  Nic salts cut down on the amount of e-liquid consumption will providing the same total levels of nicotine.  Please see my e-juice experiment below.

These people, who usually do not aim to stop vaping, are simply faced with their need for nicotine in absolute terms. To get your daily dose of 200 mg, you will have to vape more than 30 ml of e-liquid at 6 mg!

With so much PG, VG, aromas. The use of nicotine salts can be useful in raising mg content levels to reduce the amount of e-liquid while maintaining the daily intake of nicotine that the body claims.

E-Juice Warning!

By nature, e-liquids with nicotine salts allow you to take in rather high dosages of nicotine content. And the hit is much lighter, so we take large doses without really feeling it.

Are sense can become distorted, especially for vapers who are used to normal e-liquid. Clearly, we do not vape e-liquids with nicotine salts with materials intended to vape 3 mg/ml. It is necessary to choose or be recommended by a professional some suitable equipment.  It is recommended to use a tight draw and high resistance (minimum 1.5 ohms).

Currently, there are many manufacturers that offer e-liquids with Nic Salt.  These are largely in the pod systems area.  Which is the best use for Nic Salts considering pod systems low power consumption and tight draw.  Vapor production is lower so Nic Salts are ideal for these systems.

The marketing approaches are different for pods and refillable vape systems, but in both cases, there are consumables related to the reservoir and the resistance. For rebuilding enthusiasts, there is a tendency to return to tight draw materials, so there are certainly some suitable atomizers for mounting and drawing air-flow.

Benefits of Nic Salt

Strong Flavor – Many vapers often favor Nic Salts because they do not change the taste of e-liquid like freebase can. This is because of their difference in concentration.

Less Harsh Throat Hit – Nic salt e-juice is better since it provides smoother vapor than freebase nicotine.

Lasts Longer – Nicotine Salts have higher stability than freebase nicotine, allowing them to last longer in the bottle.

MTL Vaping – MTL, or mouth to lung, refers to a vapor hit that helps you to collect the vapor within your mouth for a short time before you inhale it into your lungs. Nic salt e-juice is suitable for MTL vapers because it does not emit large clouds of smoke, allowing them to get the impact they want in smaller, more concentrated amounts.

Beginner Vapes – If you’re new to vaping, nicotine salts are very easy to use. Nic Salts are made to work with low-power, sleek, lightweight, and easy-to-use electronics, making them great for grab-and-go portables.

Concealed Vaping – Nic salt e-juice is perfect if you want to stay under the radar for your vaping since they don’t emit large plumes of vapor or need large, clunky-looking machines. You won’t smell like an ashtray if you put your little vaping kit in your pocket or bag.

A Simple Stealth Vape

Before writing this article, I tested Nic Salts. And beyond the hit and the level of consumption in ml, I found a huge advantage to nicotine salts: lightness! Indeed, we do not need to load a lot of power to hold the day. A real pleasure to be able to walk around with a super lightweight piece of equipment that does not take up a lot of space. Very simple to use and requiring less battery recharging during the day, the vaping equipment associated with nicotine salts also contributes to making the vape much more accessible, less restrictive. 

This makes them a perfect combination to use while stealth vaping or concealed vaping.  When you need to be discrete about your vaping so that no one notices what you’re doing.  Lower power, less vapor. So, for those who do not like to fog-up their surroundings or even their own space, it’s also very nice. So much so that one could say that if these nicotine salts had appeared two or three years ago, some anti-vape because of the clouds might not have been so prelevent. For people who find themselves unable to go to work because of the new regulations, what a pity…

Are Nicotine Salts More Expensive?

On paper yes! If we stop at the price per milliliter of Nic Salt e-liquid, we find ourselves at least 40%, or twice more expensive. Manufacturers justify this gap by higher production costs. But depending on the situation, it also allows to vaper less in quantity. For my part, I usually vape 6 mg/ml with conventional e-liquids, but I divide my consumption in ml by 4 or even 5 when using Nic Salts. So on the basis of prices at 5 or 6 dollars per 10ml.

Comparison Of 1 Months worth of liquid:

  • Freebase: Dinner Lady 60mL bottles each cost $20 from EJuices.  At 5mL a day in one month that’s 2.5 bottles =  $50 
  • Salt Nic: Dinner Lady 30mL bottle each cost $11 from Blazed Vapes. At 1mL a day in one month that’s 1 bottle = $11 

It might be hard to believe but e-liquid consumption is way less when using Nic Salt.  Let me explain why.  With freebase E-Liquids, the vaping experience is DTL, which uses higher wattage.  Running a minimum of 40 watts.  Where salt nic is MTL vaping at about 11 watts.  40 watts consumes way more e-juice than 11 watts.

Of course, as for conventional e-liquids, we are very far from the costs of DIY, even in version “TPD regulations” and manipulations with nicotine boosters. Note also that we find boosters with nicotine salts, they are also more expensive than conventional boosters.

Innovation, always and again, long live the vape!

A Vape Revolution

Revolution? Rather an evolution. The vape keeps evolving, right now it is so young. Perhaps, a time will come soon when e-liquids with nicotine very low dosage but really at the level of the hit, as opposed to Nic Salts.

From my experience, which remains personal, I really appreciate the nicotine salts and the light and simple material that results. From now on, I vape like that in the office. But back at home, I stay on my liquids and materials classic, the question of sensation, pleasure. And also, the question of flavors, obviously much wider than what is currently on the market with Nic Salt e-juice. There are so many parameters to find the right vape according to our physiognomy, our desires, the moment, or the place…

Nic salt e-juice is a new vaping tool that enriches the panel of possible solutions with the vape. It’s all its identity, its nature, and its strength, this multitude of possibilities that allows everyone to find a “shoe to his foot” to try to stop smoking.


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