Atom Vapes Revolver Reloaded 2 Mech Mod

$ 95

Atom-Vapes-Revolver-Reloaded-2-Mech-Mod-500 Atom-Vapes-Revolver-Reloaded-2-Mech-Mod-500
Atom-Vapes-Revolver-Reloaded-2-Mech-Mod-blue-500 Atom-Vapes-Revolver-Reloaded-2-Mech-Mod-blue-500
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$ 95 – Buy Now

A Hybrid Mechanical Mod with an Unparalleled Performance

Atom Vapes Revolver Reloaded 2 Mech Mod

The Atom Vapes Revolver Reloaded 2 is a good-looking mechanical mod with a seamless artisanship. Each device is independently hand finished and handcrafted by competent artisans. The mod has 24ct Gold coated inner chamber that guarantees unparalleled flavor and utmost conductivity. It also has fire buttons made of stabilized wood. The device is a completely integrated large mechanical device that features a built-in RDTA system. This hybrid mod is a great choice for both newbie and veteran vapers. Included in the box are one 4ml Revolver Reloaded, two Spare Pyrex Glass, one Mouth Piece, one 510 Drip tip, two VGOD Coil Feenz Coils, one User Manual, and one Spare O-Ring.

How Does The Revolver Reloaded 2 Mech Mod Outperform Other Mechanical Mods?

Innovative Patented Liquid Filling Technology

This mod features a leading-edge patented system called ‘DRIPT’ that allows you to fill the tank quickly without necessarily opening the device. You won’t deal with any fuss, mess, or leak. The only time you will open the mod is when you are replacing batteries and coils. Always power your device using quality-patented batteries that have a range of 35 to 40AMP. This mech mod is compatible and powered by one 18650 battery.  The battery doesn’t come with package, you will have to purchase it separately.

Quality and Easy to Build on Build Deck

The Reloaded 2 Mech Mod consists of a strong hybrid velocity deck that features ceramic insulation, enabling it to stabilize the flavor no matter the temperature level. Even beginners will appreciate the user-friendly nature of the build deck found on the mod.

Broad Color Options

Every vaper is guaranteed to find the Reloaded 2 Mech Mod that makes him/her happy since there are 6-color versions of the device. Vaper can choose from blue, copper, red, black, white, to charcoal mods. Although the colors are different, the build quality and performance are the same.

Large e-juice Capacity

With an e-juice capacity of 4ml, this mech mod will quench the nicotine longings of any vaper out there. It supports your long vaping session without you having to refill frequently.

Detachable Construction

Thanks to its detachable assembly, maintaining and cleaning this vaping device is a walk in the park. Bear in mind that frequently cleaning your vaping machine enables it to last long, maintain consistent flavor, and quality clouds. The sections connect with each other perfectly without wobbling or clattering.

Adjustable Airflow Control

This modern vape features an adjustable airflow control with two accurately sized air slots. You can tune the airflow until you attain your preferred hit. The slots supply the coils with adequate air, resulting in dense vapor clouds as well as strong flavor.

The Reloaded 2 Mech Mod is a fully equipped vaping device designed with the goal of making every vaper, from first-timers to veterans, happy. It offers a simple way to enjoy a fantastic vaping experience without all the additional features that most mechanical mods come with to pull off such an experience. The mod is also user-friendly and high performing.

$ 95 – Buy Now


  • Size: 24mm x 121mm
  • e-juice capacity: 4ml
  • Build: velocity deck
  • RDTA: Included
  • Battery: 1x 18650 cell (not included)

Box Contents

1x Revolver Reloaded 2 (no cell)
2x Ni80 0.4ohm coil
1x Mouth Piece (RDTA)
1x 510 Drip Tip
2x Spare Pyrex Glass
1x Spare O-Ring Set
1x Extra High Tension Spring
1x User Manual

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