DEJAVU DJV Hybrid Mechanical Tube Mod

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DEJAVU DJV Mechanical Mod

The DEJAVU Mech Mod, an e-cigarette designed by Adrian Lo Dejavu who is a YouTube reviewer. This high-end mod is powered by one 18650 battery.  It can work with both acrylics button and stainless-steel button.

Hybrid Mod

Featuring the latest advanced hybrid system, the battery in the DEJAVU DJV connects directly with the 510 pins of most atomizers. Once the atomizer is activated, the resistance wire coil gets hot and then turns the liquid to vapor which you then inhale. This enables a better transfer of power and a much faster, and harder hit.

Mechanical Structure

This powerful mod is made of copper and pure brass material, and it has a comfortable, solid grip. It features a gold-plated contact pin which houses the advanced canted coil. These two enable the DJV Mech Mod to have a high firing frequency with low heat emission. The switch of the DJV is in two variants – the spring and magnetic switch, and you can choose anyone you like based on your preferences.

It has a height of 87mm, and a diameter of 25mm which is compact enough to be carried around in a pocket and its body is made of brass. The scroll wheel made from polyacetal makes it comfortable and firm to hold, and the design is accentuated with the vents around the switch. Other than making the design of this model look better, these discreet vents are responsible for the inflow of air into the vape.

Features and Specifications

This unique portable Mech MOD is designed in Malaysia, and it satisfies every rule of portability and compactness. With dimensions of 25mm diameter and 87mm height, this vape is something you can carry comfortably in your pocket or hand. Some of the major specifications are as follows.

Gold Plated

The contact pins are gold-plated; comes with a hybrid 510 thread and two switches which you can choose from between the magnetic type or the spring type. The fire button is made of acrylic and steel. The hybrid system enables a more improved transfer of power

The Dejavu DJV Mech Mod packs quite a substantial number of features which make it qualify as impressive and a must-have for everyone who enjoys vaping. It also comes with some accessories to make it easy and more effective to use.

Mod Simplicity

Being a mech mod, The Dejavu DJV does not come with voltage regulation, electronic battery protection or integrated circuits. All it needs is a switch, voltage output from the battery and usually the body of the mech mod is part of the circuit. The absence of power regulation is to make sure the battery does not over-discharge.

In the package, you will find the following

The package comes with one DEJAVU DJV Mech Mod, one polyacetal sleeve, one assembled spring and alloy knurling sleeve, one magnet to give a different hand feel, camouflage bag to store the mod, two stickers and one pack of accessories.

Everything you need to start using the Dejavu DJV Mech Mod is included in the package. You only need to put them together and start vaping.

$ 53 – Buy Now


  • Brand DEJAVU
  • Color Black
  • Model DJV
  • Battery Type Interchangeable
  • Product Type Mechanical
  • Compatiable Battery 18650
  • Material Brass
  • Telescoping Mod No
  • Thread Type 510
  • Variable Voltage (VV) No
  • Variable Wattage (VW) No
  • Weight 200g (7.05oz)
  • Depth 25mm (0.98 inch)
  • Height 87mm (3.43 inch)
  • Width 25mm (0.98 inch)

Box Contents

1 x DEJAVU DJV Mech Mod
1 x Alloy Knurling Sleeve (Assembled)
1 x Polyacetal Sleeve
1 x Spring (Assembled)
1 x Magnet
1 x DJV Camouflage Bag
2 x Stickers
1 x Accessories Pack