Drop RDA with Squonk Pin by Digiflavor

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AKA: Digiflavor x The Vapor Chronicles Drop RDA

Digiflavor Drop RDA

The Drop RDA by Digiflavor is an original dripper, very well thought out and versatile. It is easy to vape with both single and double- coils.

Squonk & Dripper RDA

The Drop RDA comes with an adapter for drip tip 510, spare seals and screws, a pin bottom feeder and a second drip tip 810 in Ultem. Like the original one, which is very wide and short, this one is quite thin and long.  As the short format becomes systematic in 810, while it is far from unanimous. Excellent initiative by Digiflavor.

This dripper is very well done and has good finishes. No major defects, joints are clean and joints well calibrated. The connection 510 sees its positive pin come out a good millimeter of the thread, no problem to mount it on a hybrid connection.

To install the pin bottom feeder, simply unscrew one to replace it with the other. In BF mode, the arrival of liquid is largely out of the plate, which leaves a good amount of liquid in the bottom plate after the squonk.

Excellent RDA Airflow

The airflow adjustment is done by turning the top cap. In a wide open position, it is very aerial, almost free, and perfect for huge vapor production and high vape powers. By turning the top course, we will close one by one the 10 air holes, starting with those up and then down as and when. This system allows a very fine adjustment to a really restrictive airflow, leaving only one hole on each side.

No question for seriously consider indirect inhalation with this dripper, it is not for.  You can have a nice vape at 20W with a single coil, despite the arrival of air on each side.

Drop RDA Build Deck

The drop of the Digiflavor Drop RDA is amazing to say the least. A bit like a velocity style plateform but vertically for the passage of the legs of the resistors. So we will plant his resistance in the posts, the legs down. Either double coil, each resistance on its side of the board, or a simple coil by positioning it in the middle. We can then use a post on each side to avoid having to align the legs.

It is a bit the same principle as with postless deck, but without the constraint of having to precisely calibrate the length of the legs. Here, they stand out inside the tray, they can be cut after having positioned them well. The screws have a well-marked flat path to allow reliable tightening of large threads.

Build Configurations

The Digiflavor Drop RDA accepts single and double coil, this dripper remains better in the first configuration. In any case, do not go down the resistance but leave them at the posts. The air supply is between the posts, the resistors must stay above to stay in the path of the air.

The more you close the air supply, the lower it is. It does not really hit the resistors directly, and that’s probably what makes the dripper lose a bit of flavor. The rendering is quite satisfactory at 80 W with the airflow halved, but it does not reach peaks.

The flavors are pretty good with a simple coil assembly. They are present, but slightly attenuated and even less precise than in double coils. The Flavor on the Digiflavor Drop RDA are rather good but the clouds in dual coil mode are even better.

$ 22 – Buy Now


  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Connection: 510 Pin (Gold Plated)
  • Build Deck: Four Post (Gold Plated)
  • Gold Plated Positive and Negative Posts (Removable)
  • Airflow Design: Adjustable “T” Formation
  • Precision Airflow through Conical Shaped Locking Top Cap

Box Contents

1 * Drop RDA
2 * 810 Drip Tip
1 * 510 Drip Tip Adapter
1 * Squonking Pin
1 * Package of Spare Parts
1 * User’s Manual
1 * Micro USB Charging Cable