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Freemax Maxpod 3 Pod System | 15W 480mAh 2mL

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Freemax Maxpod 3 15W Pod System

Although the wattage is fixed at 15W maximum for the Freemax Maxpod 3 pod kit, it is based on the load resistance of the attached pod. It is a 480mAh internal rechargeable battery-powered Mouth to Lung (MTL) pod device with auto draw activation.

The Type-C USB connector on the bottom of the Maxpod 3 is used for charging, and it is described as having a battery voltage of 5V/0.5A. It takes an hour to get full charge.

A MTL and RDL (Restricted Direct to Lung) vaping technique is provided by the Maxpod 3 battery casing’s two fixed air intake pin holes, one on each side.

A top fill slot concealed under the duckbill-style mouthpiece allows users to refill the MD Mesh pod that comes with the Maxpod 3’s 2ml e-liquid capacity. It has an incorporated 0.8 ohm mesh coil, thus when the coil wears out, the pod is discarded and a new pod is installed. This means the coil is not changeable.

The package does not contain an extra 1.2 ohm MD mesh pod; one must buy it individually. Both of these pods use Freemax’s FM SaltCoilTech 4.0 Mesh coils, thus as to anticipate, the taste and performance are unmatched.

Whenever you draw on the pod, a tiny single-color LED in the middle the front panel lights. Additionally, it shines while the Maxpod 3 is charging and goes out when the charge is complete.

This innovative Freemax Maxpod 3 Pod kit employs double color injection molding, which combines 2 high quality polymers to create an inside textured color with a crystal clear exterior hard shell finish that won’t fade. It is available in six different colors. It is quite nicely crafted, light, and easy to use.

Maxpod 3 Battery

The Freemax Maxpod 3 is a 15W auto draw actuated pod that is small, fashionable, and made of polycarbonate and ABS. Its dimensions are narrow, rectangular, with curved corners, and it weighs just 39 grams. It is 80mm tall (including the pod), 26.7mm broad, and 18.2mm deep.

The pod kit is incredibly straightforward, fuss-free, and simple to use; there are no menu options or variable wattage changes. The coil resistance of the chosen fitted pod determines the Maxpod 3’s fixed 15W maximum adaptive power.

The wattage will operate between 13.5W and 16W when the 0.8 ohm MD mesh pod is attached, and between 9W and 10.8W when the 1.2 ohm MD mesh pod is used.

The Type-C USB connector on the bottom of the Maxpod 3 body, which is rated for 5V/0.5A, is used to charge the internal 480mAh battery within the Maxpod 3. A charging cable is not included. The Maxpod 3’s single color white LED is located in the middle of the body and glows while charging before going off once completely charged. Charging duration is around one hour.

The Maxpod 3’s color surface finishes are produced using a dual-color injection molding technique, which encases the color and textured pattern—which resembles sand ripples in a desert—in a transparent, glass-like finish. When the pod is installed, the inner color stops 15mm short of the device’s top, creating a transparent window that allows you to view the amount of e-liquid inside without having to remove the pod.

The only branding is the words “Maxpod 3” under the white LED on the front face and “FreeMax” on the back face. It is subtle and restricted. The silver-colored screen printing looks to be buried behind the exterior, hard transparent shell, making it resistant to fading and scratching.

The little white oval LED is positioned in the middle of the Freemax Maxpod 3’s body and shines while it is charging and while you draw on it. Additionally, it will use various flashing patterns to emphasize the different protection levels (see functionality section). Strangely, when the pod is installed, the LED does not turn on.

With two tiny airflow intake holes (about 2mm in diameter), on each side of the shell, the airflow control is permanent and not movable. They are located immediately above the pod recess’s bottom, which is visible whenever the pod is taken out.

The airflow limitation creates a pretty tight MTL draw, but if you’d like, you may further restrict the airflow by placing your thumb or finger over either or both of the airflow pin holes.

The Maxpod 3’s base has the customary printed CE and “Made in China” certifications along with a Type-C charging connector with the specifications 5V/0.5A. The Maxpod 3 will stand up straight on a level surface thanks to the very slightly elevated oval flat transparent ring on the bottom of the device.

The Maxpod 3’s top includes a large (17mm) oval, recessed aperture that is symmetrical, allowing the pod to be entered in any direction. The two auto draw sensor ports, two exterior circular magnets that attach and secure each pod when it is installed, and two gold-plated spring-loaded coil contact pins are all housed in this recess.


The Freemax MD Mesh pod includes an embedded 0.8 ohm mesh coil and can hold up to 2 ml of e-liquid. Since the coil is permanently sealed within the pod and cannot be changed, when it starts to deteriorate the whole pod must be replaced.

It is made of translucent opaque PCTG material, through which it is possible to observe the level of e-liquid. A detachable duck bill-style mouthpiece with an oval hole and a circular, 3.5 mm center part descending down into the coil is included on the pod. The perfect MTL vape style is offered by this.

The MD Mesh pod has a top filling design, and the fill port entrance is hidden behind the mouthpiece with a duck bill shape. The duckbill mouthpiece must be removed again from pod body in order to reach the fill port, but first, the pod must be removed from the Freemax Maxpod 3.

To remove the duckbill mouthpiece from its locking lugs, just grip the mouthpiece while maintaining control of the pod body. Pull the mouthpiece away from the pod body after releasing it. Keep in mind that the mouthpiece requires some pressure to be removed since it fits tightly against the locking lugs.

There are two circular holes at the top of the pod body that are visible when the mouthpiece is taken out. Do not pour e-liquid into the center hole since this is the coil’s top.

The second hole to the side with the red silicone rubber membrane under the black surround top is the filling port.

Use caution when using short, stubby e-liquid tips since the filling hole is only approximately 4mm in diameter; we found a needle tip to be simpler to use. Lightly push the bottle tip on the red silicone rubber membrane as you pour in the e-liquid. The e-liquid will enter the pod after a minor flexing of the device. Replace the duck bill-style mouthpiece after adding your e-liquid to the pod, making sure it snaps into place.


Utilization of the Freemax Maxpod 3 Pod set is quite easy. There is nothing to be concerned about other than ensuring sure the battery is charged and that the pod is always filled with your preferred e-liquid.

This is it if you want simplicity with high performance. There is no variable airflow control, no wattage adjustment, and even the small white LED’s state is essentially either on or off. While you draw on the pod and when it is charging, it will light.

Due to the smaller wicking ports and reduced wattage, freebase or nicotine salts with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio are advised for MTL vape pods. By clogging the coil’s wicking ports with high VG e-liquid, dry hits are likely to result, which will damage the coil.

When using a brand-new pod, I advise filling it with e-liquid and letting it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before using it to enable the e-liquid to soak into the wick. The pod will last longer before it has to be replaced as a result.

Both the 0.8 ohm mesh pod that came with it and the 1.2 ohm mesh pod that was graciously sent for testing performed just well. I experimented with freebase strengths of 3 mg and 6 mg, 20 mg nic salts, and 70/30 VG/PG, and each time the taste was crisp, clear, sharp, and potent. The throat impact was excellent, and the vapor was really thick.

No dry hits were seen, not even with the higher VG e-liquid. In the depression of the pod, there was no sign of condensation or e-liquid seepage. The fixed airflow produced an airy MTL on the 0.8 ohm pod and a tight MTL draw on the 1.2 ohm pod, and the auto draw functioned flawlessly every time.

Freemax Charging

Connect one end of the cable to a suitable source of power (usually 5V/1A) and the other end to the USB connector on the Maxpod 3’s bottom. The Maxpod 3’s Type-C charging connection has a specification of 5V/0.5A.

The LED will turn on white as it charges and stay on as long as the battery is still charged.

The white LED will go off after the battery is completely charged, indicating that the charging cycle has finished. The battery may be completely charged in around 60 minutes of charging time. Once the LED has gone out, removing the charging cord will cause the white LED to blink three times, signaling that the Freemax Maxpod 3 kit is once again ready for use.

Since the Maxpod 3 lacks a “pass-through,” you cannot vape and recharge at the same time.

One benefit worth highlighting is that the gadget stayed cool to the touch during the charging session. However, we always advise using a non-flammable surface while charging your smartphone.

Remember to ALWAYS keep an eye on your vape device while it is charging.


  • 0.8ohm MD Mesh Pod – Integrated Coil
  • LED Indicator Light
  • Lightweight Chassis Construction
  • FM SaltCoilTech 4.0
  • Integrated 480mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Type-C USB Port
  • Dimensions – 99.5mm by 26.7mm by 18.2mm
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Wattage Output Range: 9-15W
  • 2mL Pod Capacity
  • Voltage Output Range: 3.3-3.6V
  • Freemax MD Mesh Pods
  • Top Fill System – Mouthpiece Cap
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • Resistance Range: 0.8-1.2ohm
  • 1.2ohm MD Mesh Pod – Integrated Coil

Package Contents

  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x 0.8ohm MD Mesh Pod
  • 1 x Dessicant
  • 1 x Maxpod 3 Battery

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