Geekvape T200 Aegis Box Mod | 200w Touch Screen

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Geekvape T200 Aegis Box Mod

Geekvape is definitely a name you’ve heard of if you vape, which you presumably do because you’re reading this. One of the biggest and most well-known vaping manufacturers in the world, Geekvape produces a wide range of goods, including vapor mods, pod vape pens, subohm tanks, and more.

The Geekvape T200 is a new box mod from Geekvape that was just released (Aegis Touch). It boasts a large 2.4 inch full color touchscreen that can only be operated by touch. The fire button and the physical locking switch are the only physical controls; all other functions are controlled via the touch screen.

The T200, like other Aegis products from Geekvape, is made to last and is IP68 water and dust proof. In order to endure bumps and drops, it is also shock-resistant. The T200 can send at up to 200W and uses two 18650 batteries.

You might also receive the Geekvape Z sub-ohm unit if you choose the T200 kit. This tank has segregated airflow paths that carry air to the tank’s base, making it a top airflow tank. It makes use of the Z series coils from Geekvape, and this kit includes two coils in the box: a 0.4- and 0.15-inch coil. The bubble glass can contain up to 5ml of e-liquid in the tank.

Aegis Power

The Geekvape T200 is a pretty attractive mod, and it seems that the manufacturer put a lot of effort into perfecting the aesthetic and ensuring that the construction is of the highest caliber. It has the standard two battery box mod rectangular design, but since the back and corners are rounded, it seems and feels slimmer than it really is. The Aegis T200 dimensions of this twin battery mod are 141mm tall, 56mm wide, and 31mm deep, which is really a decent size. It’s still substantial, as are most dual battery upgrades, but it feels great in the hands.

The most notable features on the Geekvape T200 is definitely the sizable touchscreen. The enormous, full-color screen measures 2.4 inches. It occupies almost the full device’s front and has a very high resolution and sharp quality. There is no flex in the panel that sits on top of the screen, and it doesn’t seem to scrape or scuff easily. The touchscreen is very quick and simple to operate on its own. If you’re fussy about keeping a clean touchscreen, then you might be spend a lot of time washing it down since, like other touch screen vape mods, the screen takes up fingerprints and becomes filthy rapidly.

The Aegis T200 is sometimes referred to as the Aegis Touch, and as such, it retains a few of the essential “Aegis” design cues. Overall, you can see that the same design cues and aesthetics were used, making it seem like a touchscreen edition of the Geekvape L200. The vape mod has some rubber, but it’s not too noticeable. It serves more as an accent than a main component of the design. Rubber trim is present around the top of the mod’s outside border, and it continues just above the front of the mod, where the screen’s panel is located. Additionally, there is rubber that covers the battery door, the bottom of the mod, and the area directly below the display where the screen is located.

The vape mod’s top is covered in rubber for cosmetic purposes and to provide some shock absorption in case it is dropped. The pvc on the bottom of the Geekvape T200 serves the same function as well, but it also adds an annoying amount of traction that causes the mod to fall over if you inadvertently strike it.

There is no spherical 510 plate incorporated into the mod. But instead, the whole top functions as the 510 plate. There is only a hole in the mod’s top that may accommodate your tank’s threaded 510 connection. We appreciate this idea since it eliminates any gap between the tanks and the mod. The T200 top plate has a brushed metal appearance.

The Geekvape T200’s primary frame is composed of metal with a satin finish. The grip is the major component of the mod’s back, exactly as previous Aegis products. A grey pad that seems like it’s made of polyurethane is on the metal review unit. It has two lines of stitching on either side and is smooth. It has a strong, somewhat spongy texture that defies any suggestion that it is leather. The panel seems to be supported by a thin layer of foam. On the underside of the grip, a little “GEEKVAPE Touch” is stamped. Although it’s not leather, it looks and feels high-quality and has a wonderful grip.

The T200 grip bezel has a brushed metal surface that is glossy. The slick frame, shiny brushed bezel, and matte textured top plate all work together to create a truly gorgeous vape mod. Despite having differing finishes, they complement one another beautifully.

There is a physical lockout switch and the engraving “GEEKVAPE” on one edge of the bezel. To prevent accidental firing or setting changes while the Geekvape T200 is in your pocket, you may slide this switch all the way down to lock it, including the fire button. Physical locking switches are something enjoyable and are really helpful to have since they save you from having to turn the whole thing off, which would take time and be a headache.

The power button is located on the opposite side of the bezel. It’s a sizable rectangular key with cut edges, and pressing it makes it highly bouncy. The power button is very quick and tactile, making it a pleasure to press. To increase grip and prevent finger slipping while pressing the power button, there are tiny circular lines within the button.

A Type-C connector that may be utilized for T200 firmware upgrades or, in the worst-case situation, emergency charging is situated just below the power button. Your vape batteries will be charged accurately and uniformly if you use a specialized charger for vape batteries. Always keep in mind that a vape mod is made for vaping and shouldn’t be used just for battery charging.

The batteries door is sturdy and doesn’t flop about at all. It is spring-loaded. The battery door is entirely covered in rubber on the inside and exterior, which should significantly increase the door’s stress resistance. Of course, the battery connections are composed of metal, but they are placed on top of a rubber cushion to keep the batteries firmly in place and from moving. It requires two 18650 batteries to power the Geekvape T200.


You’re not the only one who has doubts about the Geekvape T200’s durability. There is no way that this thing would withstand drops, with such a huge touchscreen and almost total lack of rubber. Of course, we had to put the durability to the test.

The water resistance came first. To conduct this test, we got set up a deep tub with cold water. For this test, we turned off the T200 and removed the tank, but kept the batteries in place. After 30 minutes in the water, we even attempted using the touchscreen to navigate the menu while submerged, but the touchscreen was unable to recognize touches.

We wiped it off after removing it from the water, and it was turned on and operating normally. Surprisingly, It worked when reattaching the Geekvape tank that comes with the package.

A little amount of water was left behind beneath the front panel after being removed from the water, but it had no impact on how the T200 worked. The rubber pad previously indicated preventing any water from accessing the batteries even though there was water beneath the battery door when opening the battery door to inspect. Overall, the Geekvape T200 performs well in the water.

But what we really wanted to see was the shock resistance testing. We tested the T200 from a height of around 6 feet onto hardwood floors, carpet, and the pavement below. With the exception of a few dents and minor wear on the metal casing and grip, it emerged from these fall mostly undamaged.

We placed the Geekvape T200 mod’s display on the tables’s metal legs to put the screen to the test. We thought that the screen had smashed when we heard the sound it made when it impacted. Thankfully, it didn’t, and the screen doesn’t even have any scuffs or blemishes.

The battery door is still functional after these drop tests, which is encouraging for the durability of the Aegis T200. When a mod is dropped, the battery door normally fails first, but we believe the T200’s door’s rubber seal prevented it from shattering.

Geekvape Features

When compared to other vape mods, including other Geekvape mods, the T200 is highly distinctive. It still has the features you would anticipate from a brand’s flagship vape mod, but because this is a touch-controlled device, the UI and how you use it are distinctive. It took some getting used to for me to realize also that touch controls made the Aegis T200 a bit harder to operate, but as you got the hang of it, it becomes simpler.

The following modes are included with the Aegis Touch: SMART, Power, TC-SS, TCR, VPC, and Bypass. Although titanium and nickel don’t have TC modes, you may still select the TCR value for these materials in TCR mode.

A user-friendly wattage mode is SMART mode. The wattage range is fixed in this mode to the range that is suggested for the coil you are using. For instance, in SMART mode, the 0.15 coil may only be adjusted between 70 and 90W. By doing this, you may avoid setting the power too high and scorching the coil while puffing the coil at the proper wattage.

Wattage mode is the standard mode. In this mode, regardless of the coil’s resistance or the coil you are using, you may set the Geekvape T200 to any power between 5 and 200W. If you’re using rebuildable tanks, or basically any tank beyond the Geekvape Z tank which comes with the package, you should utilize this mode.

Press the fire button five times to switch on the mod. The default user interface and screen are shown to you here. In the settings menu, which is accessible by flicking down or up on the screen, there are really 4 themes you may choose from, however they all show the same data. You’ll notice a puff counter, your present mode, your watts, coil resistance, amperage, and voltage, as well as specific battery life indications with percentages.

Our preference of the four accessible themes is the default theme because of its neat, simple, and straightforward user interface. The other themes include a planet theme, a theme based on spaceships, and a theme based on soccer balls. When you take a puff, the icon will animate if you select one of these other 3 themes . We won’t pass judgment if you think it’s great. By navigating to the settings menu (touch the screen up on the screen and choose settings > wallpaper), you can also pick from a selection of several wallpapers for each theme.

The touch controls add stages to the process of performing anything on the mod, making it significantly more difficult to operate than a device with buttons. For instance, to alter the wattage, you must first turn on the screen by pressing the fire button (if it has been a while since you used it), unlock it by sliding the screen, touch the wattage to access the adjustments menu, swipe the screen to move the power usage up or down, and then click OK. When using a button-controlled equipment, you would simply push the adjustment controls until you reached the desired wattage.

Accessing the Geekvape T200 vape menu is another illustration of these unnecessary procedures. To activate the touch screen, press the fire button. To unlock it, slide. To access the menu, swipe the screen down or up. When using a Aegis T200 with buttons, you normally enter the menu system by pressing the fire button three times. Although this isn’t as horrible as changing the settings, it’s still too complicated to carry out basic tasks. If something isn’t broken, don’t repair it, as the adage goes.

Despite the additional steps, to use the Aegis Touch is fairly simple. Learning how to operate the T200 by just experimenting with it, and and that most tech-savvy will be able to accomplish the same thing. You touch on the wattage to modify it, browse through the available options, and then choose OK. You may quickly switch between modes by swiping left or right over the wattage/mode. Swiping down or up on the screen brings up the menu. Here, you may access the options and choose your mode. Swipe up or down on the screen one more to return. Choose a mode to return to the main screen after you’ve reached the mode selection menu.

After 10 seconds of inactivity, the Geekvape T200 automatically locks the screen, and it turns off after 30 seconds.

T200 Performance

The performance of this kit as a whole is outstanding. The components in this kit are excellent, and a kit is only as great as the sum of its parts. Performance in wattage mode/SMART mode with the Geekvape Z tank and any coil produces excellent taste and vapor. The 0.15 coil produced the finest vapor for me at 80W since the taste and warmth of the vapor are both ideal. Although the vapor becomes rather hot even with the airflow open, you can safely push the coil all the upwards from to 90W and still enjoy steady performance without fear of a burned or dry hit.

The 0.4 coil performs well within the advised wattage range, and thought it was best at 60W. It was our least favorite of the two coils since it isn’t nearly as tasty or “punchy” as the 0.15 coil.

Dependent on how you configure the airflow, you may use either coil to achieve a direct lung or a limited direct lung draw. Battery life may be a deciding factor about which coil to choose since you may utilize the 0.4 coil and the mod’s reduced power needs to achieve longer-lasting batteries. However, if taste is your only priority, the 0.15 coil is the best choice.

In power mode, Using the Aegis Touch with a few different tanks in addition to the Geekvape Z tank, and it functions just as you would anticipate, with a steady power output and constant demand. It’s a fantastic mod for subohm tank and rebuildable tanks, even if you just buy this mod and not the whole kit.

The battery degradation rates of the Geekvape T200 are one thing that might be worrisome. According to the mod, one battery would usually be around 10% lower than the other. That’s a little alarming, but if you charge your batteries using a specialized battery charger, you shouldn’t have any major concerns. Because if the batteries aren’t being discharged equally, that means that the batteries won’t be charged quite evenly either.


The Geekvape T200 kit has a lot going for it, including a wonderful design, a lovely screen, IP68 water and dust protection, decent drop resistance, great taste, and fantastic performance, to mention a few. The Aegis Touch mod is stunning and well-built. It provides precisely what you would anticipate from a premium vape mod and doesn’t let you down with its reliable performance and constant power output. It’s a pretty fantastic mod.

Some problem is entirely with the user interface and touch screen and has nothing to with speed. Even if tasks like switching the vaping mode could be easier to do, the additional steps required to just alter the wattage make us want to use a conventional button-controlled mod instead. You may not be adjusting the wattage all the time, but when you’re attempting to make little changes to find the ideal wattage for the tank or coil, you’ll wish that there were actual adjustment buttons you could push rather than having to follow these five steps on the touch screen.

The Geekvape T200 is an impressive and cutting-edge equipment. The sophisticated UI’s appearance and feel are appealing. There is nothing wrong the with mod’s concept, build quality, or functionality that would prevent us from recommending it.


  • Wattage Output: 5-200W
  • Dimensions: 141.25mm by 56.05mm by 31.12mm
  • Max. Voltage Output: 12V
  • Bypass Mode
  • Chassis Material: Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • AS Chip 3.0
  • IP68 Rating
  • Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Wire Compatibility
  • Resistance Range: 0.1-2.0ohm
  • Temperature Range: 100°-315°C / 200°-600°F
  • Temperature Control Suite
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 Batteries – Not Included
  • Intuitive Firing Button
  • Power Mode
  • Screen: 2.4″ TFT Touch Screen
  • Charging: Type-C USB Port
  • Smart Mode

Package Contents

  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1 x Geekvape Aegis T200 Box Mod

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