Halo G6 Starter Kit [Cig-A-Like]

$ 35

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$ 35 – Buy Now

A quality vape device that is great for the beginner.

Looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, which is why these are known as Cig-a-likes.

Halo G6 Starter kit

The Halo G6 Starter kit. The G6’s Infiniglow Batteries offer unmatched power and performance while its easy-to-swap cartomizers come in both blank and prefilled options. Each G6 Starter kits comes complete with two batteries and five cartomizers of your choice, plus a wall and USB charger in a slick Halo-embossed case.

Starting off with two batteries is a great idea, as you may soon find out, when one battery dies you can have a fresh battery waiting for you.  Otherwise you may have to wait for a battery to charge, which usually leads to an unenviable out come. 

You return to smoking.

We don’t want that.  Let’s now figure out how to customize our Halo G6 package

Customizing Your Halo G6

The G6 Kit allows you to customize your vape.  You can select prefilled nicotine cartridges that range anywhere from 6mg to 24mg strength. 6mg strength nicotine cartridges are good for those who smoke very little but want to quit smoking.  While 24mg nicotine strength is great for smokers how tend to smoke a pack or more a day.

You can also choose a color for your electronic cigarette shaped vaping device.  If you’re trying to go for a more natural look.  You might want to go with the classic white pen body.  It has a cigarette paper look to it and is more nature if you like to stay low key and not draw too much attention.  For those who want something more colorful, there are 7 more colors to choose from.

G6 Firing Button

The G6 is a short pen style vape device.  It’s made to look and feel like a real cigarette.  This is the perfect beginners e-cig with no complicated set up or device functions to manage.  You simply assemble the battery and cartomizer.

Then vape with no button as this unit comes with the option of having a button or not.  With the manual button option you press to release the vaper.  The automatic will fire the vaper as soon as you inhale. When a cartomizer starts to run dry you can switch it out for a new one.

Firing Options:

  • Manual – Push the button to fire the G6 vape pen
  • Automatic – Auto detection.  Just inhale and the G6 vape pen will activate.

Besides the ease of use, the unit charges very quickly and there are tons of nicotine strengths to choose from.  There really is nothing else that you have to purchase. Everything is included, from the charger to the juice. This is a true starter package.

Right now the price is currently $35, from the official Halo manufacturer. 


  • Battery Size: 65mm and 78mm option
  • Battery: Various color options
  • Fire Button: Automatic and Manual option
  • Style: pen
  • Cartridge: 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg nicotine options

Box Contents:

– 5 pack cartridges
– 1 USB Charger
– 2 Batteries
– 1 Travel Case
– 1 Wall Adapter



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