iJoy Combo 2 RDTA | 25mm 6.5mL

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iJoy-Combo-2-RDTA-25mm-6-5mL-500 iJoy-Combo-2-RDTA-25mm-6-5mL-500
iJoy-Combo-2-RDTA--25mm-6-5mL-inside-500 iJoy-Combo-2-RDTA--25mm-6-5mL-inside-500
iJoy-Combo-2-RDTA--25mm-6-5mL-silver-500 iJoy-Combo-2-RDTA--25mm-6-5mL-silver-500
iJoy-Combo-2-RDTA--25mm-6-5mL-black-500 iJoy-Combo-2-RDTA--25mm-6-5mL-black-500

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An Innovative Cloud-Chunking Flavor Beast

iJoy Combo 2 RDTA

If you are a fan of RDTAs, then you will love what iJoy Combo 2 RDTA has to offer. It is among the most versatile RDTAs in the market because it has 10 decks. The 25mm diameter RDTA has e-liquid capacity of 6.5ml. It allows users to switch from one deck to another or use the replaceable coil platform even when the tank has juice in it. The innovative two-post build deck is ideal for extra-large coils and allows fine-tuning and tightening without tools. When you buy this product, you will get one iJoy Combo RDA 2 tank, one preloaded IMC-10 Build Deck, one 510 Drip Tip Adapter, one Screwdriver, one Replacement Glass Tube, one 0.15-ohm IMC-Coil 3, and Spare Parts and O-rings.

Design & Machining

The iJoy Combo 2 RDTA is a piece of art. It is available in four color versions: black, red, rainbow, and gunmetal. The structure disassembles into 7 different parts, making cleaning and maintenance stress-free. The RDTA feature a wide bore drip tip, which feels pleasurable on this atomizer. It is an 810-drip tip and you can replace it with your other 810 drip tips. The device comes with a 510-drip tip to meet the needs of vapers who prefer traditional 510 drip tips. The cover of this RDTA is built with stainless steel. The device features largely adjustable airflow slots that offer sufficient air. Thanks to its minimalistic and ingenious design, replacing the decks is fast and hassle-free.

Interchangeable Decks

The ability to switch from one deck to another is one of the amazing features that enable the iJoy Combo 2 RDTA to stand out in the enormous competition. The decks are constructed using stainless steel and gold coated to boost conductivity.  Although you will receive this RDTA with a one pre-installed deck, you can replace it by loosening the positive pin on the base, removing it and detaching the fixed deck. Then, screw on your preferred deck and put the positive pin back in position.

Build Deck

The iJoy Combo 2 RDTA uses the renowned Goon-style deck. It utilizes a clamp system to tighten the coils into position rather than using wire slots and screws. This design offers you more room to navigate and boost conductivity since you won’t need to press the coils together before forcing them through the wire holes.

RDTA Performance

This RDTA is without a doubt a great tank. It has an excellent vapor production and the flavor is delicious as well. Remember that this device is majorly a vapor tank, which will address the needs of cloud chasers. If you want to improve the flavor intensity, consider keeping the airflow slots halfway closed.

The iJoy Combo 2 RDTA is undoubtedly a game changer that you should consider adding to your collection.  The 10 decks options that this device offer allows you to experiment with different builds and coils. The 6.5ml vape juice capacity will eliminate the need to refill within a single vaping session. This RDTA’s reputation lies in its ability to chunk huge clouds and deliver wonderful flavor.

$ 19 – Buy Now


  • 25mm Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Gold Plating
  • 2-Post Clamping Deck
  • Genesis Style Wicking System
  • Leak-Resistant Design
  • 6.5mL Liquid Capacity
  • Side Liquid Fill Hole
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Ultem Drip Tip
  • Adjustable 510 Pin

Box Contents

1x – iJoy Combo RDTA 2
1x – iJoy IMC10 Deck
1x – iJoy IMC3 Coil
1x – Replacement Glass
1x – Bag of Spares