LG INR HG2 18650 Battery 20A 3000mah [1 piece]

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LG INR HG2 18650 Battery 20A 3000mah side LG INR HG2 18650 Battery 20A 3000mah side
LG INR HG2 18650 Battery 20A 3000mah LG INR HG2 18650 Battery 20A 3000mah

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LG INR HG2 18650 Battery

Introducing the all new HG2 18650 Battery from LG. As many are aware, LG has become a highly known brand that manufactures many of our household electronics today, but they’re also quite popular when it comes to batteries. The all new LG HG2 Battery is a delightful battery to use with your regulated mods, because it promotes superior quality and highly consistent – a perk that LG has become known for throughout their products.

The LG INR HG2 Battery comes in an 18650 size, which is standard for most devices. It has outstanding battery life, with a capacity of 3000mAh. It also has a continuous current of 20A, if you’re using a mechanical mod, we strongly advise a battery with higher discharge current. Furthermore, the positive terminal on the HG2 has a flat top, which is more commonly accepted with today’s devices.

If you’re looking for a solid high drain 18650 battery, the LGHG2 18650 deliver an outstanding battery life and are suitable for any regulated device you can pair it with. Moreover, LG is of course a brand you can rely on.


– High Drain – 20A Constant Current
– Model: LG 18650 HG2
– Nominal Capacity: 3000mAh
– Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
– Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V
– Operating Temperature (Cell Surface): Charge 0C – 50C / Discharge -20C – 75C
– Weight (Max): 48.0g
– Positive Terminal: Flat Top