Purge Mods Pandora Mechanical Mod

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A Well-built and Powerful Vaping Device for Advanced Vapers

Purge Mods Pandora Mechanical Mod

The Pandora Mechanical Mod is an innovative piece of hardware that exudes high-end quality. It is a new addition to the ever-growing family of mech mods in the vaping industry from the globally recognized mechanical designer Purge Mods. This excellently engraved artistic device combines the best of both gorgeous artistry and quality machining. Every aspect of this powerful vaping device is customized to meet the day-to-day needs of vapers. The device comes in a stunning, sturdy box that consists of the Pandora mech mod by Purge Mods, one Purge Mods authenticity card, one 18650 battery adapter, and one Purge Mods hard case. Here are specifications and features that set this mechanical mod apart from the massive competition.

Build Quality and Amazing Artwork

The Pandora Mechanical Mod is a well-designed, built, and engineered vaping device. It measures 26mm in diameter but narrows to 25mm at the top. It is constructed with solid material. It consists of a quality chassis made of 464 Naval Brass. The battery contact is built with copper to increase conductivity. The mod features some magnificent artwork by talented artist Matthew Hagermann. This amazing artwork is CNC machined far into the tube, giving the mod a luxurious look.

Fully Adjustable Button

This wonderful vaping device features a simple yet unique battery rattle adjustment. The fully adjustable button ensures batteries always remain intact in their housing, which averts rattling.

Three Unique Earth Neodymium Magnets

The button casing consists of three extremely strong magnets that provide a nice throw and a perfect hit with the hefty copper contact pin.

Comfortable to hold

The Pandora Mechanical Mod has an ergonomic shape that provides a nice, tight grip. It has a well-finished body and rounded edges. This device will give you a comfy hand feel. This mod is also a bit heavy, which makes it ideal for stealth vaping.

Excellent Battery Life

The Pandora Mechanical Mod is powered by a single 20700 battery cell or Single 18650 battery with the included 18650 battery. The single battery delivers enough power to vaporize your beloved vape juice. You can enjoy a couple of hours of uninterrupted vaping with this mechanical mod.

Easy to Pull Part

This mechanical mod is super easy to pull apart, especially for the purpose of cleaning and maintenance. Be sure to clean the mod frequently to maintain its performance at a topnotch level.

Hybrid 510 Connection

The mod has a hybrid 510 connection that enhances conductivity. It also enables the device to accommodate a 25mm diameter atomizer without issues of overhang.

Delicious Flavor and Great Clouds

The Pandora Mechanical Mod performs extremely well when it comes to delivering enjoyable flavor and massive clouds. The Pandora mod is a perfect device for experienced vapers who are in the market for a mechanical mod with great throat hit and impressive vapor clouds.

The Purge Mods Pandora Mechanical Mod is a well-constructed, good looking, and powerful vaping device. It has an innovative sleeve-top cap design and flawless threading. This high-quality mechanical mod comes with a rough, sturdy shell carry case.

$ 424 – Buy Now


  • 26mm body
  • Tapers to 25mm on top
  • Unique sleeve top cap design
  • Fully adjustable button to compensate for battery rattle
  • Deep CNC engravings
  • Serialised
  • Hybrid top cap
  • Unique Matthew Hagermann artwork inspired by Pandora Blue
  • Locally made in Orlando U.S.A

Box Contents

1x Purge Mod
1x Hard Shell Carry Case
1x 18650 Battery Adapter
1x Certificate of Authenticity