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Tsunami 24 Plus RDA by GeekVape

GeekVape Tsunami 24 RDA is an update of the popular Tsunami RDA atomizer, which was recently launched by Geekvape. The device uses the same performance as the smaller diameter version, offering users several additional benefits:

The increased diameter of the atomizer allowed to increase its width and, as a result, to increase the working volume of the liquid and coils size.  Now taking into account the E-liquid the atomizer is able to hold about 1.5 ml of liquid.

Also, as the second improvement of the increase in the diameter of the device, when using wide spirals, it is now much more convenient to stack the wick tails in the base.

For the squonk mod lovers, when there is a squonk bottle with E-liquid under the RDA, when pressed, the liquid enters the base of the Tsunami RDA. Complete with center pin with internal cut is supplied with the device, allowing you to quickly convert this RDA dripper into a bottom feeder.

GeekVape Tsunami RDA dripper features

Geekvape is a company that never stops at what has been accomplished and is constantly expanding its product range to cater to lovers of completely different configurations. The format of devices with a diameter of 24 mm literally a year ago was rejected by the market and was considered something unaesthetic and out of standards, but with the growth of the dimensions of mechanical mods and battery packs with electronic boards, atomizers with larger diameters became relevant. Increasing the diameter of devices allows you to make the winding and maintenance of atomizers a little more convenient, allowing creative users to use much more massive winding while offering a larger working volume of devices.

The GeekVape Tsunami RDA, like his younger brother, is an RDA that is serviced by a drip and needs to be installed independently. For building coils, you will need a wire to create a spiral.  You can use kantal, nichrome, various types of wire for thermal monitoring, or various options for ready-made coils such as Clapton, Staple wire and many others offered by Geekvape. As the wick material, you can use Japanese organic cotton or cellulose fiber.

Structurally, the GeekVape Tsunami RDA consists of three parts: the base with racks, the body of the RDA chamber and the drip type.

RDA Body

The device’s spirals are blown in similarly to the well-known Kennedy atomizer: at the bottom of the base there are two oval holes with a height of 3.5 mm and a width of 8 mm for air supply, each of which passes into two holes under the spirals, each 4 mm wide. On the body of the RDA chamber there are three similar holes, by combining these holes and turning the body of the RDA chamber, you can adjust the airflow to your preference. Since the holes on the body of the RDA chamber are three, the dip atomizer can be used both in a double helix and in a single helix configuration.

RDA 510 Connection

The connector part is made according to the standard 510, the positive pin is gold-plated for better contact and is adjustable in length using a positive screwdriver. The Tsunami RDA also includes an additional positive pin made of stainless steel, designed for squonk mods.  These are battery packs that carry a bubble with a liquid, when pressed, the liquid enters the atomizer through the positive contact.

The positive rack insulator is made of PEEK material, which is produced in Germany and is a plastic that is resistant to high temperatures.

At the bottom of the atomizer there is information about the manufacturer of the device, the serial number of the specific instance and the autograph of the chief designer of Geekvape.

The inner part of the body of the RDA chamber is processed in the form of a hemisphere, which is made for the best flavor transfer.

Build Deck

The base of the GeekVape Tsunami RDA is made according to the principles laid down by the Velocity atomizer – two massive racks are spaced apart on opposite sides of the base. In each rack there are two through wide openings for mounting spirals, each 3 mm wide and 2.1 mm high, and the distance between the posts is 6.6 mm. Taken together, these numbers mean that in this drip atomizer, you can set the winding of absolutely any complexity without any restrictions. When installing the spiral are fixed in the holes with hexagon wrench screws.

Drip Tips

The atomizer package has not changed with mouthpieces in the box with the GeekVape Tsunami RDA. Three mouthpieces are also available to choose from: two wide Delrin for lovers of large clouds of vapor and a narrow stainless steel drip type, also an adapter for the 510 standard drip is supplied with the atomizer

One of the ideal devices on the market has become even slightly better, offering a favorite constructive in the increased diameter with a slightly changed configuration.

$ 12 – Buy Now


  • Coil Builds: Up to 4 Coils
  • Drip Tip Height: 10 mm
  • Height: 29.5 mm (thread excluded)
  • Outside Diameter: 24 mm

Box Contents

1 x Tsunami 24 Plus RDA
1 x Spare parts
1 x SS 510 drip tip
1 x Allen key
1 x 14.2mm wide bore Delrin drip tip
1 x Bottom squonking pin