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Vaporesso LUXE X DTL Pod System Kit | 40W 1500mAh 5mL

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Vaporesso LUXE X DTL Pod System Kit 

The exposed board design of the Vaporesso LUXE X pod kit gives it a futuristic appearance.  Packed with a 1500mAh battery built in, plus the LUXE X supports both MTL and DTL vaping and can deliver up to 40W of power.

The 5ml included pods employ Vaporesso’s brand-new “CORTEX” mesh coils for optimum taste. The package comes with a 0.4 and a 0.8 ohm pod cartridge coils.  Seven different color options for the LUXE X are offered

Design & Style

The LUXE X is a distinctive and eye-catching vape. The Axon board within is exposed and highlighted by a transparent shell in Vaporesso’s futuristic design. Vaporesso has given special care to make the translucent shell sturdy, so it’s not just about appearances. An abrasion-resistant coating, a stain-resistant coating, and the PCTG tube make up its three layers of protection. Vaporesso says that it is twice as strong against scratches and cracks.

As you ascend up the gadget, the black base of the translucent shell loses its hue. When the pod system is in use or charging, three LED indicator lights shine through to display the battery level.

The Axon board is visible from the outside and that is seen front and center of the device. This is part of the styling along with the Vaporesso branding, the pod kit also has safety marks and a 1500mAh battery capacity inscribed along one side. A matte metallic part makes up the device’s remaining body. The fire button is on this side, while the Vaporesso logo is on the back.

The fire button has the ideal amount of protrusion and is simple to find without looking. This is crucial since the vape mod doesn’t have an automatic draw switch and must be manually controlled by pressing the button.

There are two air openings on the metal section’s sides. As the airflow on the LUXE X may be adjusted by the location of the pod, one side is somewhat bigger than the other.  The USB-C connector for charging is located on the bottom of the pod it.

The pods are held firmly and without wiggle in the pod kit base by four strong magnets that attach them to it. To complete the kit’s elegant design, the pods are additionally colored.  The LUXE X is very small and portable, measuring 93 x 29 x 21.5mm.

Vaporesso Features

The LUXE X has the appearance of being a feature-rich pod. It’s really quite the contrary, however.  There are no power parameters that may be changed, and there is no auto-draw switch.  It does feature a small amount of customizable airflow by rotating the pod inside in various directions. Featuring a 1500mAh internal battery that can sustain a 1.5A charging rate powers the LUXE X. It takes around 60 minutes to completely charge from nothin

Three LED lights on the pod system provide the information on the battery’s life.  The LUXE X is such a simplistic pod kit that using it couldn’t be easier. Just 5 flicks of the fire button for powering on and off.  Press the Fire button to start vaping.

Luxury X Pods

The LUXE X package includes two distinct pods, each with a 5ml juice capacity (2ml TPD areas). The coils in the pods feature Vaporesso’s newest “COREX” heating technology, which the company claims will increase taste and battery life by 50%.

The supplied pods’ resistance is: intended for limited DL vaping at 0.4 ohms and 0.8 ohms suited for MTL vaping. The base is where the pods’ fill port is situated. It’s a sizable rubber plug that opens and closes with ease. Additionally, the fill hole is quite roomy and should fit any size bottle tip.  The mouthpiece on the pods is in the shape of a duck beak, yet it is flat and slender, making it easy to use.

Luxe X Airflow

To change the airflow, the pods may be inserted into the pod base in one of two directions.  One way is for MTL vaping and the other opens up the airflow for DTL use.

Vaporesso Performance

The Vaporesso LUXE X performs well, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, a pod kit of this size seldom has MTL and DTL vaping capabilities, yet the LUXE X does.

It can give both a DTL and an MTL vape, but both have limitations. The MTL vape setting can only be characterized as loose. Therefore, the LUXE X may not be the right device for you if you like a tight to medium MTL vape. It has a draw that is almost medium on its tightest setting.

The LUXE X excels at power delivery, which unquestionably increases draw. It produces vapor as soon as you hit the fire button.  The LUXE X fires at 32W with the 0.4 coil and at 16W with the 0.8 coil. The power levels are ideal for the coils.

The LUXE X will be an excellent partner whether you like loose MTL draws or constrained DTL draws. It’s also important to note how consistently smooth the airflow is. Each coil delivers excellent taste. It performs on par with any mesh coil in a pod.

The LUXE X has excellent battery life, as you would anticipate from a pod kit with a 1500mAh capacity. With the 0.4 coil, you can often vape through one pod (5ml) of juice (at 32W). With the 0.8 coil, I was getting 10ml (two pods) before the battery needed to be recharged.


  • Display: 3 x LED Light
  • Charging Current: DC 5V/1.5A, Type-C
  • TANK Capacity: 5ml
  • Coil Resistance: LUXE X 0.4Ω MESH POD(32W) | LUXE X 0.8Ω MESH POD(16W)
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Output Power: 40W

Package Contents

  • 1 x TYPE-C Cable
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x VAPORESSO LUXE X Battery
  • 1 x User Manual

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