VaporFi Power Vape | Passthrough E-Cig Kit

$ 22

USB-Pass-through-E-Cig-mod-product USB-Pass-through-E-Cig-mod-product
VaporFi-Power-Cig-Passthrough-E-Cig-Kit-676 VaporFi-Power-Cig-Passthrough-E-Cig-Kit-676
VaporFi-Power-Cig-Passthrough-E-Cig-Kit-pack-676 VaporFi-Power-Cig-Passthrough-E-Cig-Kit-pack-676
VaporFi-Power-Cig-Passthrough-E-Cig-Kit-carts-676 VaporFi-Power-Cig-Passthrough-E-Cig-Kit-carts-676

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VaporFi Power Vape Passthrough E-Cig Kit


  • Automatic Draw Type
  • Threading: 808D-2 Threading
  • Features: USB Passthrough Capabilities (vape while charging)
  • Stable Power Supply
  • Compatible with all VaporFi Wall Charging Adapter
  • USB Cable Length: 1.5 Meters
  • Compatible Resistance: 2.0 Ohms
  • Compatible with VaporFi Express Cartridges
  • Compatible with VaporFi Mini-Clear Clearomizer Tanks

Box Contents

1 x VaporFi Power Cig
1 x 5-Pack of VaporFi Express Cartridges Classic Tobacco