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$ 36 – Buy Now – Vista Vapors


$ 36 – Buy Now

An Affordable Vaping Solution for Beginners


Vista Double (2 E-CIGs) is a well-designed, efficient, and affordable solution for new vapers who are looking for a user-friendly device. The kit comes with two e-cigs that offers clean and pure flavor. They also don’t disappoint as far as production of vape clouds is involved.  When you buy this product, you will receive a beautiful package consisting of two Vista Nova tanks, two Vista vapors batteries, two USB chargers, and one Vista Nova wick pre-built in each tank.

Solid Construction and Aesthetics

The Vista Double is a brilliantly crafted vaping device with a high level of durability. It is constructed with sturdy materials. Thanks to its minimalistic design, those who want to stealth vape will find this kit resourceful. Its beautiful aesthetics and flawless machining make it worth adding to your collection of starter kits.

Ultra Portable

With a tank measuring 76mm by 15mm, the Vista Double is a super portable device. It rests with ease in the palm of your hand and slips into small jean’s pockets or purse. This e-cig is a perfect choice for vapers who travel a lot and would like to bring their vaping device along.

Powerful Battery with Long Life

The included battery measures 83mm by 15mm. It has a capacity of 900mAh. It has a long battery life that allows you to enjoy long hours of vaping without taking a break in between session for charging purposes. Even when the battery runs low, the fast charging USB charger ensures that your battery will be full in no time. Since this is a double pack, there is always a full battery waiting for you. To charge the battery, simply unscrew it, screw it to the USB charger, and connect the cable to a power source.

2ml E-Juice Capacity

The Vista Double (2 E-CIGs) Kits adheres to the EU standards since each tank included can hold 2ml of e-liquid.  The e-cigs perform well with the Vista e-liquids. However, nothing should stop you from experimenting with other e-juices out there.

Great Vape Clouds

The density of vape clouds produced by this device is mind-blowing.

Bulging and Conveniently Located Fire Button

The e-cig has a protruding and strategically positioned Fire button for easy access and comfortable handling. The button is clicky and, it has unparalleled responsiveness. Click the button 5 times to turn on the e-cig

Easy to Refill

Refilling the Vista Double is simple and straightforward. Simply untwist the top cap to reveal two decent-sized fill ports and then pour in your preferred e-juice. Make sure the e-juice doesn’t surpass the 2ml mark.

Are you a fresh ex-smoker looking for a vaping device that will satiate your nicotine cravings? If yes, the Vista Double (2 E-CIGs) Kits is what you are looking for. This kit is affordable, well performing, and easy to operate. Just as the name implies, two e-cigs are included in this stunning kit. You won’t experience any leaks or dry hits with the Vista Double.

$ 36 – Buy Now


  • Battery Size: 83mm * 15mm
  • Tank Size: 76mm * 15mm
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
  • Tank Capacity: 2ml

Box Contents

(2) Vista Vapors Batteries
(2) Vista Nova Tanks
(1) Vista Nova Wick Pre Installed in each tank
(2) USB Chargers