Warrior 25mm RDA by Wotofo

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Wotofo Warrior RDA

Warrior RDA by Wotofo is a 25 mm diameter sized coil bottom fed reconstructable atomizer which was made by Wotofo in conjunction with JMT Elite.  The Warrior RDA is known to have a utilitarian feel with everything on RDA having a purpose and there is nothing extra which has been integrated for looks.  This gadget has a decent weight and thick stainless steel.  In case your dripper accidentally falls on the ground, there are high chances it will come out unharmed.

Components of Warrior RDA by Wotofo

The Warrior RDA by Wotofo comes with one screwdriver hence, one does not have to look around or buy any extra tools. Its kit comes with three juggernaut coils, Japanese cotton to help remove dirt, Allen key, a spare part bag just in case the one you are using tears apart,  one spare of the 810 drip tip and a user manual to help its users know how best to use it.

Main Warrior RDA by Wotofo Features

Coil Builds

Warrior RDA contains both the single and dual coil builds. It measures 25 mm in diameter while each of its terminal measures 6 mm by 3.5 mm. Its deep juice well measures 4mm as the drip tip reducer weighing 510. The air flow in Warrior RDA is of beehive style and its head post screws of Philips brand. One Warrior RDA strange feature is its painted build deck which according to Wotofo makes it appear better even when the cap is removed.

Barrel and Airflow

The top of the Warrior RDA is chunky solid, visible on the underside and dome-shaped. Its barrel is a bit thinner although it’s thicker when compared to most RDA barrels hence, not possible to squeeze its shape using your fingers. The Warrior RDA barrel consists of 24 small holes located on both sides with each measuring 8mm wide and 3 mm high lining up with the coils. This makes it possible to adjust by turning the top cap closing the air holes one row at a time.  However, one issue discovered by this feature is that when closing down the air flow, air will no longer be centered on coil but will instead be located at the coils one end.

Wicking Properly

Right from the installation of the Warrior RDA to wicking, assembling the RDA is very easy and you can do it within no time after you have saturated all the o-rings using the e-juice.

Warrior RDA by Wotofo is an excellent dripper which suffers for a couple of minor flaws in its design.  Increasing the depth of the juice well which can be achieved when one moves the coils away and down from the holes of airflow can help solve any leaking.

RDA Deck

Its deck is a bit interesting, measuring 4mm deep, it is not as deep as other types of RDA and it only contains two clamps at the center which are put in position using two screws on each.  Whenever you push the coil legs below the post bottom being beveled, the clamp section will lift making it much easier to get the legs through.

$ 25 – Buy Now


  • Made in Collaboration with JMT Elite
  • 25mm Diameter
  • Deep Juice Well
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Domed Top Cap Design – Flavor Enhancement
  • Spacious Build Deck
  • Clamp-Style Two-Post Design
  • Top Secured via Phillips Screws
  • Single or Dual Coil Configuration
  • PEEK Insulator – Made in Germany
  • Dual Multi-Hole Beehive Style Airflow – Fully Adjustable
  • 810 Resin Widebore Drip Tip
  • 810 Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Gold-Plated Squonk BF 510 Pin
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection
  • Available in Blue, Rainbow, Gold, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Black

Box Contents

Wotofo WARRIOR RDA (25mm)
x1 pack Juggernaut .28ohm Coils
x1 Knurled Delrin 810 Drip Tip
x1 Single Coil Adapter
x1 510 Drip Tip Adapter
x1 pack Agleted Organic Cotton
x1 Philip’s Screwdriver
x1 Allen Key
x1 Wotofo WARRIOR User Manual

Spare Parts

x1 Bottom-Feed Gold Plated 510 Squonk Pin
x1 Standard Gold Plated 510 Connection
Extra Marbled 810 Drip Tip
Extra Screws
Extra O-rings