YiHi SXMini SL Class SX485J 100W TC Box Mod

$ 175 $ 139

$ 139 – Buy Now – Vaporfi

$ 139 – Buy Now – Vaporfi

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YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676 YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676
YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676m-control-panel YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676m-control-panel
YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676m-light-green YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676m-light-green
YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676-black-graphite YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676-black-graphite
YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676m-blue YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676m-blue
YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676m-bronze YiHi-SXMini-SL-Class-SX485J-100W-TC-Box-Mod-676m-bronze

$ 139 – Buy Now

$ 139 – Vaporfi

YiHi SXMini SL Class

YiHi is back in action with the all new SXMini SL Class.

Always so beautiful, this mod is very well done and finished, we never get tired of analyzing it from all angles, in all its glory. Unlike previous models, we discover the firm body structured and tube on which sits a powerful control module with TFT screen and the famous joystick created by YiHi. This little beauty is quipped with the SX485J chipset which will recognize resistances all the way down to 0.05 ohm.

SL Battery

There are tons of battery options on this vape.  It accepts 3 kinds of batteries, the 18650, 20700 or 21700.

The YiHi SXMini SL Class is capable of a maximum 85 watts with an 18650, and 100w with the 20700 or 21700. The cover of the battery door has a very fine thread, very nice because we feel a resistance when it closes with a battery due to the spring which is very firm. Batteries stay securely in place and no rattling.

TFT Screen

It is equipped with a TFT screen and a joystick on the front that will allow you to adjust your settings. The brightness is easily adjusted with the joystick, pushed down once to start the adjustment and then up or down to increase or decrease. The screen is excellent and keeps a perfect readability even at the lowest setting. Note that the value 0 turns off the screen.

For the first time, YiHi SXMini SL offers a “novice” mode that allows you to adjust power in watts.

SL Design

For your setup flush the atomizers up to 27 mm in diameter will not exceed the full part of the connection and those in 28 mm will go to the notches of the support, that is to say that there is room!

The pin 510 is mounted like the majority of the current box on a spring, very firm and with a long enough race which offers an excellent contact with the atomizer.

The Fire button is very nice, it is naturally that the grip is done and that we will vape with comfortable ergonomics.

A little more about the stylish design of the YiHi SXMini SL Class , below the support with notches where is the pin 510 with silicone seals which will prevent that liquid from penetrating causing possible leaks, but that does not make it water submersible.

YiHi Chipset

First it is almost mandatory to read the little manual to understand the subtleties of the chipset if you want to discover the full potential of the YiHi SXMini SL.

Yihi incorporates a new mode called “Novice” that will make the use of the box very simple. To navigate between the 2 modes just hold the joystick to the left. A power setting in watts and the conventional display of useful information like battery life, resistance, etc.  It couldn’t be easier, and the grip is stylish yet comfortable for a person who just discover Yihi, it is very luxurious.

YiHi SXMini SL Features

The case or is the case, it is normal mode, it switches to a display specific to other versions of Yihi chipset with access to the many features of this box, the mode in temperature control, preheat, curves heating and memory profiles, all customizable using a computer.

The preheat setting has 5 modes accessible from the setting and output mode section. In the details, the “Powerful” mode increases the power over the first 2 seconds. The mode “Powerful +” will be even more punchy but will of course require more power and therefore reduce autonomy. Conversely, the “Soft” and “Eco” modes will reduce the intensity. “Standard” mode will return you to the original setting without preheat.

A bypass mode is always available by holding the joystick down.

Software Upgrade

Connecting to the PC is simple thanks to the provided USB cable and is done without problem after installing the free software which is downloadable from the YiHi support site.

The YiHi SXMini SL uses the same SXi software as previous versions. It is rather simple to take in hand despite being completely in English we manage to get out without worries after a little analysis or before a quick translation.

Small zoom on the modes Joule and Control of the temperature which are in fact only one. A fine adjustment of the power in Joule mode and the temperature in the corresponding mode to have a pleasant vape and the desired intensity. For information, 1 Joule corresponds to 1 watt / second so we will increase slightly the value to have a correct signal.

For example with a stainless steel wire, if your assembly works well in wattage mode at 30 watts you just have to switch to TC mode and adjust the Joules with an added value of 10, so you get 40 Joules. Then just set the desired temperature.

These two parameters work together and without explanation or experience can quickly lose the pedals. I am surprised by this choice that is specific to Yihi while other boxes much less expensive work perfectly with the only temperature adjustment. The quality of the vape in this mode is not altered however, but we would pass without problems of these complications for an identical result and simpler at other manufacturer.

Another point to note on this mode is during the use of the YiHi SXMini SL, one hears a small sizzle of the chipset, quickly forgotten because the aspiration that one exercises masks the noise. Nevertheless the quality of the vape will be excellent and the test with a dry cotton works without fault, our assembly will be protected in case of lack of liquid.

A Final Word

The purchase of this YiHi SXMini SL Class is to think, I mean that beyond the design if you want to vape in variable wattage mode only novice mode offers a vape remarkable, see excellent and impeccable responsiveness, simple and efficient.

On the other hand, if you want to use it in temperature control, manage the power curves, you have to prepare to floor a little on the subject and give the necessary time to take in hand that will not be done in 5 minutes unless you’re a regular at Yihi. So buying a heart for a particular aesthetic or for a quality of vape perfect, we stay in the same principle that I consider own Yihi, we like or we do not like, but we cannot blame her quality of vape excellent.

$ 139 – Buy Now

$ 139 – Vaporfi

Mod Specifications

  • Dimensions – 88mm by 35mm by 27.5mm
  • Single High-Amp 21700/20700 Battery – Not Included
  • Optional Single 18650 Battery – Adapters Included
  • Advanced YiHi SX485J Processor
  • Wattage Output Range: 5-100W
  • Joule Output Range: 10-100J
  • Voltage Output Range: 1-7.5V
  • Temperature Control Range: 212-572F
  • Mininum Atomizer Resistance: 0.05ohm
  • Comprehensive Temperature Control Suite
  • TCR Adjustments
  • Taste Mode – Powerful+, Powerful, Standard, Soft, Eco and SXi-Q
  • SXi-Q Intelligent Taste Curve – 5 Memory Modes
  • High-Quality Zinc Alloy & Stainless Steel Construction
  • Joystick Adjustment Controller – Joystick Spinner
  • Bottom-Loaded Threaded Battery Cover
  • Full-Color TFT IPS Display
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Output Short Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Low Battery Voltage Warning
  • Overheat Protection
  • Over-Charge Protection
  • Buck-Boost Technology
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • MicroUSB Port – 2A Maximum Charge
  • Stainless Steel 510 Connection
  • Available in Aluminum w/ Etching – Black Tang, Steel/Grey Tang, Coffee Tang
  • Available in Carbon Fiber – Black
  • Available in Stabilized Wood – Blue Series, Green Series, Mixed Color

Package Includes:

1 SXmini SL Class Box Mod
1 Micro USB Cable
1 18650 Battery Adapter
1 Instructional Manual