RDA vs RTA vs RDTA | Difference Between Rebuildables [Guide]

Have you ever thought about how an RDA vs RTA vs RDTA comparison would turn out? In the following, we will cover this topic so that you know the different pleasures that these types of atomizers can offer you.

Do you know what they are and how they differ? If your answer is “NO”, don’t worry! Keep reading this post to discover our comparison between RDA vs RTA vs RDTA.

Differences Between RDA vs RTA vs RDTA

The atomizer is the top piece that contains the liquid to be vaped. This is located between the mouthpiece and the battery.  Therefore, it is the E-Cig part that allows the liquid to pass through the resistance wire filled with cotton and vaporize the e-liquid.  Then the vapor will then pass through a shaft or chamber to the mouthpiece where it is inhaled.

Thanks to its function, it becomes the most important part of the electronic cigarette. Generally, it is a transparent piece composed of glass, a coil, air intake, and cotton system, but all this will depend on the type of atomizer.

Seeking to improve the experience of vapers, different atomizers have emerged in the market. Therefore, we bring you its different characteristics. Who will win in an RDA vs RTA vs RDTA match?

RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

Let’s cover the RDA first.

These atomizers do not have a tank or glass section to store the liquid.  We must place the e-liquid with a dropper directly on the resistance coil. It is the simplest of the rebuildable atomizers since it is only composed of its basic parts: the coil, the cotton, and the air system.

This fact means that the vaper can assemble and build their own resistance coils, then place the liquid on the resistance coil and the cotton after each certain amount of inhalations, since the cotton wick will dry after each vape.

Advantages of the RDA vs RTA vs RDTA

  • Customization Capacity – You can mount and configure the resistance coil to your liking.
  • Large amounts of vapor (supports a higher wattage setting).
  • Very intense flavors – Because you vape directly from cotton where fresh juice is constantly dropped.
  • Fewer Atomizer Parts – Easy to clean after vaping.
  • Most are made with metal parts, so they are very durable in the case of accidental drops and mishaps.

Disadvantages of the RDA vs RTA vs RDTA

  • You must be an experienced vaper to use it because the building coils demands you to have some knowledge about Ohm’s Law and the type of wire to know how to configure the resistance of the coil. In addition, you must have the necessary tools to assemble and assemble it.
  • A Few e-liquid drops will only last 3 to 4 vape pulls because it vaporizes quickly, so you have to drip on it constantly to keep the wick saturated in e-liquid.
  • More Maintenace – You should always carry a bottle of e-liquid with you to be able to vape and continue dripping.
  • You have to be careful when vaping because you can burn the cotton if you don’t keep it moist.

RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

It is a rebuildable atomizer similar to the RDA, but with a tank included. This rebuildable atomizer allows you to mount a custom build coil or pre-build coil.  The biggest advantage and the most notable difference is the glass tank section that allows you to store the liquid without having to constantly drip onto the coil.

RTAs have a capacity to hold up to 8ml of liquid on average. They are designed so that your air system is at the bottom of the tank, or is rerouted from the top of the RTA.  The resistance coil is in the center and the e-liquid is channeled with cotton wicks that extend from the tank through the atomizer coil.

Advantages of RTA vs RDA vs RDTA

  • The tank section allows you to store varying amounts of liquid, so you don’t have to worry about constantly dripping. In addition, this storage system will allow you to obtain many days of vaping without having to pull out a bottle of e-liquid.
  • You have the ability to mount the resistance coil and configure it according to your tastes to obtain greater intensity of flavors and vapor. In addition, its prefabricated resistors will make it easier to assemble.
  • Since an RTA has a tank section that covers the entire vaping system, it tends to get less hot, so you are less likely to burn your mouth with it.

Disadvantages of RTA vs RDA vs RDTA

  • Your tank limits the entire vaporizer system, so the amount of vapor emitted is sometimes less because some chamber sections inside tanks can only fit smaller coils.
  • Suggested for more experienced vapers who know about building coils if you don’t have pre-built coils available to you.
  • The tank is vulnerable to leaking e-liquid if you put the equipment aside.
  • Glass tanks can be easily broken with a fall if not careful.
  • You must wait for around 20 puffs to be able to change the taste of the e-liquids because the atomizer coil is always saturated.

RDTA: Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer

This atomizer is a combination of the previous two, offering its best benefits in a single atomizer device. The RDTA allows you to mount and configure your atomizer coil to obtain large amounts of vapor while retaining the taste and liquid for much longer thanks to its tank and dripping capability.

Its atomizer coil is located at the top, making it easier for you to assemble and configure it quickly, without having to constantly drip the liquid.

With an RDTA you have the option of using it as an RTA or Dripping whenever you are looking for that fresh flavor.

Advantages of RDTA vs RDA vs RTA

  • Thanks to its tank, you shouldn’t be dripping the liquid constantly.
  • You can customize the resistance coil to get an intense combination of flavors. In addition, you can vary the taste by dripping the liquid into the cotton and removing the tank.
  • There is a wide variety of models on the market, so you can choose the one that best suits your personality.

Disadvantages of RDTA vs RDA vs RTA

  • Although it combines the best of an RTA and RDA, these benefits are not always as powerful. The tanks are usually smaller and hold less e-liquid. The chamber where the atomizer coil sits is usually smaller or the same size as an RTA.
  • You will need tools and knowledge to assemble and configure the resistance.
  • They are delicate equipment, usually glass tanks, so they can be easily broken.

RDA vs RTA vs RDTA: which one is best for you?

Definitely, each of these rebuildable atomizers has its own benefits.  You just have to know what you like best when you’re vaping:

Do you desire:

  • Flavor Intensity – RDAs and RDTAs usually provide the best flavor since you can drip directly on the coils
  • Vapor Production – RDAs usually provide the biggest base section which allows more room for bigger coils or 2+ coil installations.
  • Ease of use – RTAs are just easy because you can fill them up once and leave the bottle of e-liquid behind for a while.

This comparison of RDA vs RTA vs RDTA has made it clear that they all have advantages that make them very good options.

If you want to know more about these atomizers, after the comparison RDA vs RTA vs RDTA that we have proposed, we invite you to browse our website MegaVaper, so you can enjoy the pleasure of vaping with the best equipment. We also invite you to contact us if you have any questions!

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