Safe Alternatives to Smoking Cigarettes

Given that cigarettes have had very harmful effects on the lives of millions of people around the world and are responsible for taking millions of lives every year, the awareness in current times call for a movement away from this harmful commodity.  We will discover safe alternatives to smoking cigarettes that can help you rid yourself of that nasty habit.

Cigarettes and Addiction

The issue that we see looming over the horizon is the fact that there are millions and billions who are already addicted to nicotine and smoking. This makes it difficult for them to leave or quit the habit. However many alternatives to smoking come along, these people still find it difficult to get rid of their addiction. The majority of the time, the alternatives are not long lasting or they do not create the right effect that helps a regular smoker quit.

So far, according to the various researches that have been conducted it has been found that vaping with controlled amount of nicotine can actually help curb the cravings for a cigarette.

How Harmful is Smoking a Cigarette?

Cigarettes contain more than 400 harmful chemical compounds, even metallic compounds that do not deserve a place in the human body. In addition, once you light a cigarette several other chemical compounds are produced from combustion which adds to the harmful substances that accumulate in your lungs. These metals then create a sticky tar in your lungs and ultimately damage your respiratory system. But this is only the tip of the volcano, there are hundreds of other medical issues that occur due to smoking!

Some of the most common diseases that can result because of smoking are:

  • Heart Problems: Many smokers are of the opinion that they are jeopardizing their respiratory health alone, but what they are not aware of is that they are also hurting their cardio system. The lack of oxygen in the blood due to damaged lungs can cause the arteries carrying blood to shrink, which will ultimately effect the blood supply throughout the body. Lack of proper blood supply throughout the body can cause a severe damage to the body organs and create a catastrophic effect on the body.
  • Damaging the Immune System: Smokers face a very difficult situation when it comes to their immune system. The immune system becomes really very weak and its ability to fight off germs and infections to prevent diseases is inhibited and causes them to fall prey more often. The healthy red blood cells within the body are severely damaged and they prevent the white blood cell formation as well. This lowers the immunity of the body against foreign germs and infections.
  • Abnormal Blood Clotting: This is a part and parcel of a smoker’s life. The blood due to lack of fresh oxygen, has lower fresh red blood cells, which thickens the blood and ultimately causes clots to occur throughout the body. This can lead to paralysis in limbs and brain leading to other severe medical conditions. The clotting can also cause abnormal bleeding within that can rupture arteries and veins leading to internal organ damage.

It is important to find safe alternatives to smoking cigarettes immediately!

Quitting is a Game of Willpower?

Given that nicotine is extremely addictive because of the dopamine addiction in our brain, it must come as no surprise that quitting cigarettes is the most difficult task ever. Though it may require medication to help in ridding the nicotine addiction and the powerful sensation that smoking gives, it ultimately becomes the game of mind.

Mentally if a person is set on quitting smoking and adopting alternative to smoking methods, they can get rid of their addiction. But in the case they themselves are not mentally prepared then that person can never quit. Giving up requires a lot of mental strength and failure to muster the strength can lead to temporary quitting and once the person goes back to smoking they may feel that quitting smoking is impossible. This weakens or loss of mind set can result in failure. The medication will help for the time being but once the medications stop and the person is not ready to quit then they will revert back to smoking so that they can fulfill the emptiness within!

A Safe Alternative to Smoking

Popular and safe alternatives to smoking cigarettes include a variety of different method for deriving nicotine to the body.  Things like:

  • Nicotine Gum
  • Nicotine Lozenges
  • Nicotine Patches

These have become popular and safe alternatives to smoking cigarettes. They use flavors instead of actual tobacco which only deliver nicotine and not the harmful chemicals found in combustible cigarettes.

Although, which ever safe alternatives to smoking are used, they ultimately become unsatisfactory for the people who are looking to quit smoking.  Most smokers tend to switch back to cigarettes, making it all the more difficult to quit. Though it requires a lot of effort from the person who is looking to quit, alternatives to smoking that give the same levels of pleasure have been nonexistent until now.

Introducing the Vape Alternative

Vaping has become widely popular and has gained a huge amount of attention as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.  For those quitting smoking but enjoy the cloud effect contrary to smoking cigarettes produce, the vaping alternative more closely resembles traditional smoking.  This alternative to smoking is becoming the best device to help smokers quit for good!

Vaping is just not about quitting nicotine, it’s more than that, a satisfying activity, which produces flavorful clouds that do not damage you or people around you. You can choose the flavors that you want and the hits that vaping devices create are fulfilling enough for any smoker to let go of his or her addiction and start vaping.

Vaping is like no other alternative to smoking.

  • Vaping simulates real combustible smoke.
  • Vaping satisfies the oral fixation
  • Vaping Delivers Nicotine
  • Vaping has no chemicals
  • E-Liquids are made from Food Grade Solutions

In addition you can control your nicotine content.  You can start out with higher nicotine levels and slowly decrease to zero nicotine content E-Liquids.

If you’re just getting started then take a look at some of our beginner vape device suggestions:

[Products currently being updated. Thank you for your patience.]

There are many support groups and blogs that can actually help you and guide you about vaping so that your experience is right and interesting enough for you to quit. The beginners are intrigued by the smoke that these vaping devices produce and it ultimately helps encourage them to switch from smoking to vaping. Remember, it’s not smoke, it’s vapor!

Sometimes its not difficult to quit, sometimes it’s all about finding the right safe alternatives to smoking cigarettes that make it easy.


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