SMOK Nord Pod System Review

A Powerful and Stylish Device for Nicotine Salts and Freebase E-liquids

Review: SMOK Nord Pod System

If you enjoyed the SMOK Novo and you have been looking forward to an upgraded version, today I would like to break it to you that the wait is over. The SMOK Nord is a pod-style device creatively designed as an update of the popular SMOK Novo Pod System.  The SMOK Nord replaces the draw-activated firing style with the more intimate approach to vaping for vapers who might want to take full control of the device activation.  It has improved battery capacity and supports 3 types of coils that allow sub-ohm vaping irrespective of the small size of the kit. Here is a review of this innovative pod system device.

Disclosure: This product has been provided for free for the purpose of review.

Nord Package Contents

The device comes in the small SMOK box, a rectangle bearing a sleek image of the vape hardware on the front. While on the back, the box features a list of all items included and all the necessary warnings required by law.  On the side is a scratch and check serial code for checking Nord’s authenticity.

Inside the package, we found the SMOK Nord Mod with a built-in 1100mAh battery, a refillable container mouthpiece that holds the atomizer coils,  a user manual, atomizer coils, USB charging cable, and warranty card.

The included coils:

  • One 0.6 ohm mesh coil – To support sub-ohm vaping.
  • One 1.4 ohm coil – Typical coil for the mouth to the lung (MTL) vaping.


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SMOK Build Quality & Design

The SMOK Nord is brilliantly polished with a honeycomb or snakeskin pattern on the shell. It has a very nice build quality and it doesn’t feel cheap at all. Instead, it looks like an expensive vape piece of hardware and feels good in the hand thanks to its ergonomic design. The mouthpiece is also nice looking and extremely comfortable in the mouth.

The Pod System’s honeycomb pattern covers both the front and back evenly and consistently, making it more aesthetically appealing compared to other pod-style portable devices on the vaping market. It features a sturdy window that allows you to view the remaining levels of your vape E-Juice and notice when the pod requires a refill.

You won’t waste a lot of your precious time refilling this innovative pod system due to its 3ml e-juice capacity.  By pod-style standards, this is pretty massive and should last one to two days depending on your vaping frequency. It has a single firing button instead of some other draw-based firing mechanism that you sometimes see on other pod systems.

The button on the battery base is very responsive and offers a strong tactile response every time you press it. It features a color changing LED that also serves as the battery life indicator. If you click it two times, it will flash green, yellow, or red based on the remaining battery charge. Green means the battery is still more than 70% full, yellow means the battery has more than 30% charge, and red means the battery charge is under 30%. What’s more, the button doesn’t rattle or wiggle when you touch it, which speaks volumes about its efficiency and durability.

Pod Ease of Use

There are many button-operated pod systems, but the SMOK Nord is super easy to operate, even for beginners.  To set up the pod system you simply press one of the coils into the bottom of the mouthpiece.  Then you take the mouthpiece and press-fit it into the battery base.  With five clicks on the fire button, the device switches on, and with another five clicks, it switches off.  Vaping on this device is also super easy, just hold the fire button, put the drip tip into your mouth, and inhale. It is just that easy.


When the LED lights up red it’s time to recharge the battery.  Insert the included USB charging cable into the micro USB port of the SMOK Nord and connect the other end of the cable to a power source. Another bonus of using the SMOK Nord is that the coil is replaceable, so you don’t have to dispose of the entire pod system once the coil is damaged like other pod-style devices.

Pod System Portability

Although the SMOK Nord is not the smallest pod out there, it outperforms the majority of other miniature devices when it comes to battery life with its powerful 1100mAh battery that is built into the chassis. It measures 94mm by 30mm by 19mm and weighs about 80 grams

Flavor Pod

The SMOK Nord sets itself apart from the many pod-style devices out there with its ability to support multiple coil types.  Although the SMOK Nord package includes two coils, a 1.4ohm MTL coil, and 0.6 sub-ohm coils, nothing prevents you from using ceramic coils (sold separately) that are rated at 1 ohm.  Mesh coils produce some really intense flavor, and ceramic coils will also guarantee you some pure and delicious flavor, monstrous vapor production, and smooth airflow.

As far as the coils included in the package are concerned, I was more fascinated by the 1.4 ohm MTL coil that delivered the unparalleled pod-style vaping experience. The 0.6 sub-ohm didn’t disappoint either, it delivered an awesome direct lung experience, and the mesh produced extremely large tasty clouds. This pod system performs exceptionally well with both nicotine salts and freebase e-liquids. For a more superior vaping experience stick to nicotine salt when you are using the 1.4 ohm MTL coil. Overall, both coils deliver excellent vape clouds and flavor, but the 0.6-ohm mesh coil is without a doubt superior.


Pod Battery Power Flexibility

This pod-style device is compatible with multiple-coil types, it doesn’t feature the variable wattage option. Instead, it depends on the coil resistance to set the final wattage or vaping output that reaches up to a maximum of 15 watts.  A battery capacity of 1100 mAh is far bigger than the average pod system and means you can vape that much longer without having to recharge.

It offers sufficient vigor, particularly when used alongside nicotine salts. It delivers a strong throat hit that gives you that satiating feeling associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes. This feeling is more prominent when you use the device with the included MTL coil.

Final Thoughts

The SMOK Nord Pod System is without a doubt a powerful performer not only on paper but also in practice. It brings to the playing ground a unique sense of style and sophistication that other pod-type devices out there cannot match. It comes in six vibrant color options, including black, green, gold, black-white, rainbow, and red.

It’s hard to find mesh coils on a pod system.  So it was very surprising to see them offered on the Nord. The mesh coils on this device deliver amazing flavor irrespective of the petite form factor of the device. The 1.4 ohm MTL atomizers also deliver outstanding performance. The draw is a bit looser compared to other regular MTL pod vapes, but that is not necessarily a con. The battery life is impressive and the device charges to capacity within a span of three hours.

Overall, the SMOK Nord pod system is versatile vape hardware that slips effortlessly in any pocket and delivers excellent vapor and flavor.

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