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MegaVaper is an E-Cig source for finding product and information related to vaping products.  The information provided here is not guaranteed to be up to date or accurate.  Although we try are best to keep the data current and relevant.  We facilitate vaping information from third party sites and gather them here as a means to make a better bigger shop.  Providing and easy to search navigation with hundreds of products to choose from.

MegaVaper makes no claims as to health regulations and advises you to seek a professional in regards to the use of Electronic Cigarette products.

The products represented and displayed here are as advertised by Electronics Cigarette vendors.  We hold no claims or responsibility for mis guided information.  See details at the manufactures site for the most up to date descriptions and information about intended purchases.  We offer no refunds or guarantees as we are not the supplier.

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Content found on MegaVaper is copy written and protect.  Please do not attempt to copy and re purpose information found on the website.  Not limited to text and images.  If you would like to use images found on megavaper.com on you own site please contact us for attributions guidelines.

Article content is bases on research but may also be opinion based.  We do our best to supply relevant information and correctness.  MegaVaper is not a is not a doctor and makes no claims to the validity of its researched based content.

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Affiliate links help to pay our developers.  Pay for product research and sourcing of all the best products.   If you like what we’re doing please click the links.  Each click allows us to improve the website.

You might find that products are often sold out at the vendors.  Vendors don’t always have large stocks, by clicking on the links it alerts us that we need to watch that product carefully, and find a new source for that product as soon as the vendor runs out.  Clicking on the links helps us minimize the amount of sold out stale links on our site.  Nobody likes clicking a link to a product that is sold out.  While we appreciate when you click one of our links to make a purchase you are not required to do so.  But it does help the next person and you if you so choose to return in the future.  

Thank You for supporting MegaVaper.

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