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Get help with vaping. If you are a beginner to e-cigs and how to get started with them then you will want to explore this information about beginner vapes and starter kits.

Beginner Vapes Product Section

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At this point you might already know what an E-Cig or vape is, or understand the concept behind E-Cig:

  • A Battery
  • An Atomizer
  • E-Liquid or Flavored Cartridges

We are here to help you choose a beginner E-Cig vaping product.  Most sites and stores like ours have a beginner vape product section.  What exactly does it mean though?

You might be a new beginner to vaping but do not belong in this section whatsoever.  Also, it can get confusing with Starter Kits.  We’ll explain more about “Starter Kits” later.  One step at a time.

We will be addressing these areas:

  • Beginner Vape Products
  • Beginner Vape Product Components
  • Choosing Between Beginner vapes and Advanced Vaping Products
  • Starter Kits VS new vaper products

We will also show you some beginner vapes you should consider.

If you’re a beginner to E-Cigs and want to learn more about exactly how E-Cigs function then please check out What is an Electronic Cigarette and come back here.

Beginner E-Cig Vapes

Beginner E-Cigs or Vapes are targeted towards new electronic cigarette users but are not necessarily for all beginners.  The products located in this type of category are aimed at the easiest use possible.  Easy to set up and not a lot of confusing buttons.

So, if you’re tech-savvy and like reading manuals, figuring things out, you might not want to blow your money here.  Hell, if you read the back of a can of soup before making it you may want to skip the beginner vape products.

Base or Battery:

battery unit


The perfect vape for the new e-cig user is a product that has one button.  You hold it down and you can vape immediately.  There’s generally not a lot of buttons on the base of the unit because buttons can be confusing.  All you want to do is fire the damn thing! That only takes one button.  Some E-Cig devices don’t need a button, they can automatically sense when you inhale. This is called “Draw-Activated” and is the closest replication of a cigarette.

Advance vape products have more buttons for customizing your vape or vapor.  This can be confusing for the average beginner.  We know, it’s a lot of buttons and it can be pretty difficult to try and figure them all out.



One-piece atomizer

You might not know what it is but it’s the piece you screw on to the base unit or battery.  Some atomizers have a place to insert a drip tip.  A drip tip is just another name for a mouthpiece.  But the perfect beginner atomizer has no drip tip.  You inhale off the atomizer itself.  Nor does the atomizer come apart.  The atomizer is one piece and you screw it in the base and done!

More advanced atomizers will have a spot for a drip tip and will come apart so you can swap out an atomizer head when it dies.  This can be considered for new vapers too.

When you start talking about Rebuildables… i.e. RDAs RBAs then you’re not a beginner and those vape products will not be found in the beginner category. At least not on this site.  Did you say airflow?

To recap:

Beginner E-Cig products are the above.  A two-piece setup or combination.  Maybe more pieces, but the idea is that a beginner product is just simple and easy to use.  No building, filling, adjusting, fiddling, or charging.  Although, the definition of a beginner’s vape product is changing.

But by far the simplest and easiest vape product to use would be disposable vapes.  Just one piece.  Take it out of the package and vape.

Skipping the Beginner Vapes

Beginner products are easy to use but often lack a certain amount of power, durability, and customization.  If you’re interested in things like:

  • Customizing Wattage
  • Refilling tanks with E-Liquid
  • Experimenting with Coils and Rebuilding

Then you might want to purchase something more advanced.  They call these APV.  In short Advanced Personal Vapes will allow you to mix and match parts, set the amount of power, and will most likely last longer before breaking or needing to be replaced.

The problem with jumping straight into a product like this is that most new vapers have never really tried or owned an E-Cig before.  Advanced Personal Vapes tend to be a bit more expensive because there are more parts to buy.

But in the long run, APVs can actually be cheaper because they tend to last longer and can be reused indefinitely. It is just the initial setup that may be more pricey.

For someone who is not yet sure if an Electronic Cig will help them quit smoking, or is even something they will enjoy, purchasing something really expensive can turn into a big waste of money.  A beginner vape is usually something you can try out for a really low price.  Have a look at some of the products below.

Beginner Vape Products to Consider

Beginner products are great because you can try E-Cigs out before making a big investment.

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Uwell Whirl S AIO Pen Vape Starter Kit 18w 1450mAh 2mL

Uwell Whirl S AIO Pen Vape Starter Kit | 18w 1450mAh 2mL

Cheapest Vape Deal at:
$ 31
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- 33%
Freemax Onnix 20W Pod System Vape Kit 1100mAh 3-5mL

Freemax Onnix 20W Pod System Vape Kit | 1100mAh 3.5mL

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$ 24
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- 58%
MOTI Vape Pod System Refillable - Pre-Filled Vapes 500mAh

MOTI Vape Pod System | Refillable & Pre-Filled Vapes 500mAh

Cheapest Vape Deal at:
$ 17
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JUSTFOG Minifit Max Pod System Vape 650mAh 1-6oHm

JUSTFOG Minifit Max Pod System Vape | 650mAh 1.6oHm

Cheapest Vape Deal at:
$ 16

Starter Kits

*Wording is very important when shopping E-Cig categories.

Starter Kits are NOT to be confused with beginner’s kits or beginner E Cig products.  Though sometimes they can be called a beginner’s starter kit.  The main idea of a starter kit is that it gives you everything you need to take at least one vape.  That means you purchase that starter kit and you shouldn’t need to buy any extras just to get started vaping. 

In this sense, yes beginner kits and starter kits are the same.  The difference will be in how difficult each package is to setup and operate.  Be wary of Starter Kits without the word “beginner” in them.  They could come with a pretty advanced base unit and atomizer.

NOTE: 1 final component that doesn’t come with beginner and starter kits is e-liquid.  E-Liquid or e-juices is the flavoring or vapor component.  In almost all cases this does not come with kits.  The only kit where e-juice is included is disposable vapes.  Where in disposable vapes the e-liquid is prefilled into the atomizer.  The link to the disposable vapes is under the atomizer section of this article above.

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Vaping Resources for Beginners

Google and search engines are very powerful tools that can help you find answers to your questions about vaping.  However, it might take a lot of searching in order to uncover the solution or answer to the particular vaping question you might have.

Some questions about vapes are not so simple and not as widely asked.  So, search engines might not have an answer indexed in their pages for you to read. That is why you may want to find some alternative resources where you can ask your questions.

Vape Forums

One great place to turn with your vape questions is forums.  Vaping Forums are groups that are filled with beginner to experienced vapers.  Vapers who are excited about electronic cigarette technology.  These are a great place to ask a vape question.  Especially if it has never been asked before.  Vapers in forums are willing to help all beginners to vaping and chances are that they will have an answer.  Some of them even have a welcoming group dedicated to the e-cig beginner.

There are quite a few vaping forums on the internet.  Some are more active than others.  A slow forum may take weeks or even months to get an answer after you’ve posted your vape question.  But there are many vape forums available that have extremely active users.  In a highly active forum, you can expect to get an answer to a question in under an hour, sometimes even a couple of minutes.  To find forums like these, please check out our article on Vape Forums to Join.

Facts about Vaping

Being part of a community that actually vapes is a great way to get the real facts about vaping.  Some of the news that you may hear about in mainstream media is not very accurate.  Whatever anyone else tells you, vaping is 95% less harmful than vaping.

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