Vegetable Glycerin vs Propylene Glycol | DIY E-Liquid Base

If you’re mixing up your own batch of DIY E-Liquid than it is important to know the difference between Vegetable Glycerin vs Propylene Glycol as your base solution.

Determine Your DIY Needs

DIY has many advantages and is gaining more and more followers within the E-Cig community. But before jumping head first into the preparation, and running with the greatest flavor mixers in the world, it is imperative to determine its needs.

Indeed, depending on your desires and expectations, the choice of the type of DIY E-Liquid base will change and it is important to know what you want!

So how do you know what you want?  We are here to help you answer that question as well.  First, lets explain these two basic base solutions.

DIY E-Liquid Base Ingredients

The quality of the two base solutions (VG and PG) proposed are identical.  However, it is necessary to linger a few moments on the proportion of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in order to produce the perfect DIY E-Liquid flavor and consistency.

  1. Propylene Glycol (PG)
  2. Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

PG and VG are the two main components present in a DIY base and off the shelf E-Juice.  Always present, of course, but not always in the same quantities. It is at this moment that one has to wonder if one wishes to have more vapor production, more flavor or to have both…

The proportions that are used in eliquid will contribute to:

  • Vapor Production – The amount of physical cloud that you can visually see when exhaling.
  • Flavor Profile – The strength of the flavor from the e-juice while using the same amount of flavor.
  • Throat Hit – The feeling of light or harshness as the vapor is inhaled into the back of your throat.

NOTE: There are many other factors that can effect the properties listed out above, but for the purpose of comparing these two e-liquid base solutions we will not involve them for the time being.

Vegetable Glycerine

A vaper who wishes to have a very dense vapor clouds and which bears little interest in the throat hit, will want to turn to a base mainly composed of glycerin vegetable. The VG has the particularity of being relatively thick and enhancing the production of vapor cloud size and density.  The drawback is it will also tend to lessen the flavors and lighten the throat hit.  If you see those as draw backs, which some do not.

Vegtable Glycerin is a thicker base liquid so you also need to pay attention to the equipment you use.  Some vaping equipment has small eliquid feeding holes where the eliquid must pass through in order to saturate the cotton wicks. 

In most cases, a lot of vegetable glycerin means that you need a rebuildable atomizer type dripper (RDA) or a clearomizer equipped with voluminous resistors having large e-liquid feeding valves.  TFV at SMOK is the perfect example.

More and more rebuildable atomizer designs are taking on larger eliquid feeders.  This means that based on the thickness of your final eliquid you will need to pack less or more cotton into those fill ports.  Packing cotton doesn’t have an exact science, you will have to experiment with trial and error.

VG Overall:

  • VG – Produces bigger, denser vapor clouds
  • VG – Does not carry flavor very well. Will lighten the flavor profile.
  • VG – Will lighten the throat hit.

Propylene Glycol

The fans of flavors and powerful hit will have a tendency to move towards a base highly concentrated in propylene glycol.  A large ratio of PG vs VG will strengthen the contraction of the larynx during the inhalation and offer a more solid feeling hit. But that’s not all, propylene glycol is also a great flavor driver. Thanks to VG, DIY e-liquid mixtures will have more taste, but the vapor production will be much less.

VG is thick and PG is on the other hand very liquid, or thin liquid base.  If you use too much PG you run the risk of leakage.  If you like the amount of PG you’re using then you may need to consider packing your cotton a little tighter.  If you just can’t get the leaking to stop than consider a Nautilus clearomizer or an atomizer that doesn’t tend to leak as easily.

PG Overall:

  • PG – Produces better flavor. It carries flavoring very well.
  • PG – Doesn’t produce a lot of vapor.
  • PG – Will produce a harsh throat hit. A solid throat hit.

Proportions for DIY E-Liquid Base

You know a little more about DIY basics. So if you want a lot of vapor production, the VG will be your best ally. On the other hand, if you swear by the flavors and the hit, the PG is to be tested urgently! And you can easily guess that a base consisting of 50% PG and 50% VG will offer a consistent hit and vapor more than reasonable. The best of both worlds!

If you’re looking to take the guess work out of DIY e-juice mixing than try out some e-liquid-recipies, where many vapers have already figured out which proportions work best.

The secret of DIY lies in the dosages. Determine your needs, choose your favorite ingredients and, above all, have fun!


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