What is USB Passthrough E Cig Mod

USB Passthrough Capability has been listed as a feature on an E-Cig mod but it’s a pretty confusing term.  Passthrough vape what?  That could mean almost anything without some context behind it. What is Passthrough Capability?

It sounds complicated but is actually much simpler than you might think.

We will list some Passthrough Capable products down below if you already know what it is and wanted to start taking advantage of the feature.

USB Passthrough Mode

The ever-expanding list of features on that E-Cig mod you are considering purchasing.  The list keeps growing and growing and it can be difficult to understand what each feature means, the benefits, and if you really need those options.  Even if you don’t quite understand what they mean, having a lot of features available may come in hand later once you learn how to use them and what they are for.  Especially USB Passthrough mode.

Question :

What does USB Passthrough E-Cig mean when listed as a feature on an E-Cig or Mod?  Not all products have this feature and it can be quite convenient when you’re low on battery.

For more answers to questions on vape terminology visit our Vape Terms glossary.

Answer :

It means that you can vape while you’re charging your E-Cig. If your E-Cig doesn’t utilize a battery it means you can vape only while it’s plugged in.

what is USB Pass-through E Cig mod 300

NOTE – Passthrough Vape Mode is not Bypass Mode.  Bypass mode is a mechanical mod feature added to some advanced E-Cigs.

Long Answer :

Many E-Cigs charge by way of a USB charger which plugs into a wall adapter or USB charging port. Once the USB is plugged into a power source and connected to your E-Cig device you may not have the ability to Vape simultaneously while it’s charging. The E-Cig is in Charge mode or the device simply is not set up in a way that would allow you to Vape at the same time.

Passthrough Capability Meaning

When USB Passthrough E-Cig or more importantly the word “Pass-through” is listed as a feature of the E-Cig, it means that you can be charging or have the charger plugged in a computer or power adapter while you Vape. The mechanics can vary from E-Cig to E-Cig though. In some cases, the E-Cig will temporarily stop charging for the duration of the Vape. Then resume charging once you take your finger off the button. In other cases, you will need to have a little bit of battery life left in order to Vape while you charge. In this case, the battery is always charging and the battery supplies the hit of power for the Vape.

Some E-Cigs don’t have a battery. They are also known as USB Passthrough E-Cig Devices.

USB Passthrough Product

At this point, you may have realized the great advantages behind USB passthrough capability equipped devices.  Yes, never having to worry about charging battery life.  What a luxury.  Simply plug in the USB to a computer or charging power adapter.

While USB Passthrough Capability is a great feature, you are still left holding a chunky device.  We have been looking for some devices that we can connect directly to the computer or an adapter without all the bulk.  It’s sad to say that at this current point in time, there really aren’t a lot of vape devices like this out there that are available.  something small lightweight, you only need to hold a little circuit board in your hand.  Sounds great right?

Passthrough E-Cig List:

This is what we have found so far.  We will continue to update this list of “USB passthrough E-Cig Products” as we find more.

Spinner III passthrough ecig

Spinner III S 1600mAh Passthrough Battery

- 57%
Vaporesso Gen 80 S Starter Kit
- 29%
- 64%
Lost Vape URSA S Pod Kit
- 56%
VOOPOO Argus Z 17W Pod System

Passthrough Vape Products feature unlimited battery life.

What is USB Passthrough Protection?

USB passthrough protection means that when the vape mod is plugged in and charging, it can still be utilized for vaping.  

This is another feature that will be listed on certain specifications of different vape mods.  The circuit board is what allows you to vape while charging.  What happens here is the circuit board of the mod temporarily stops charging the vape battery while the firing button is activated.  The activated firing utilizes the device’s battery during activation.  Once the vape mod button is released, the circuit board switches the mod back into charging mode.


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