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Sorry, we are NOT accepting guest posts as of 11/30/2022. *** Please feel free to check back at another time.

Do you have something you think the vaping community should know about?  Are you a vape enthusiast or a vape tinkerer? or just want a piece of content to call your own?  Give it a home and write for us!

Vaping is still a very new alternative to traditional tobacco products.  There are tons of things that many people new to Electronic Cigarettes don’t know.  And even less great quality content that delivers those answers to the vaping community.

Vape Topics

E-Cig Problems – Chances are you have searched for an answer to a question and came up empty or with a poorly structured and stated answer.  This could be your chance to educate and offer a clear solution to their problem.

Teach E-Cig Technology – There are many aspects of Electronic Cigarettes, such as tank building, or shopping for parts.  Sometimes Vapers are just looking for an easy-to-follow tutorial.

Product Comparison (Not for Individual Products.  See Contact Us Page) – There are a lot of products and it can be difficult to choose the right one to meet one’s needs.  Maybe you already have the product or can give some advice on what to look for in their next purchase.

Guest Post Guidelines

Want to write for us?

General Article Requirements:

  • Length: Articles should be at least 1500 words or more with images. 
  • Cover Image: 1 Cover Image (800px x 445px Minimum).
  • Body images: 3 Images Minimum.
  • Links: You may include links – It is necessary to give additional information from reputable resources. 
  • Formatted Headers: Topics and content sections where it may not be appropriate for the article to go in-depth on.
  • Bullet Points: At least one set of bullets.
  • Bio (Optional): Tell us a little about yourself – Credentials or information that pertains to your expertise in the E-Cig industry.

Please make sure your content is delivered in a form that to the best of your ability is ready for publishing.

NOTE: We do not guarantee publication.  Your article will be reviewed accordingly.

Contact us below about your idea for a guest post.


Sorry, we are NOT accepting guest posts as of 11/30/2022. *** Please feel free to check back at another time.


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