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THC Tauren Max Mech Mod by Thunderhead Creations

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Thunderhead Creations THC Tauren Max Mechanical Mod is a Perfect Option for Your Vaping Needs.

THC Tauren Max Mechanical Mod

Picking a vape that suits your unique vaping needs can be a little confusing due to the extensive selection of different types and designs of vaping devices in the market. Fortunately, Thunderhead Creations THC Tauren Max mech mod is designed with the consumer in mind. It is the first mechanical mod with a state-of-the-art ball attached button that supports instant firing.

The THC Tauren Max Mod is constructed with brass or copper based on the color option you select. It has brilliant machining and finishes. It looks, textures, and vapes like a luxurious piece of kit but without an outrageous price tag. In the package, you will find one THC Tauren Max Mech Mod, one 18650 adapter, one chaining, and one flannelette bag.

THC Tauren Max Mod Features

An Instantly Firing Switch

The switch section is tightly secured to the bottom of the vape using screws, so you will need to unscrew this section to fit your battery. Once detached, you will see a copper with elevated copper contact surrounded with some kind of peek insulator at the top of the switch section.  Each side of the elevated copper contact consists of holes to insert tools like tweezers to unscrew from the exterior area of the switch. Once unscrewed, you will see threading. Under the unscrewed section is peek insulator material. At the center of this section that directly faces the switch is a round cut out section made of copper where the ball bearing goes into and presses the copper when firing.

At the base section of the mechanical mod switch, there are 4-quarter circle metal plates that can form a circle if joined together. A right-angled arc cut out is available on the inner surface of each of the four plates, which leaves a small circular channel where the ball bearing sits. In the bottom section, you will find a big strong spring. When the switch is relaxed, the ball bearing sits in place just above the upper round copper cut out. When you press the switch, it pushes the spring up and the ball bearing enters the cut-out and lands on the copper, causing this mechanical mod to fire instantly.

Different Power Options

With an integrated battery cartridge, the THC Tauren Max Mod is compatible with three types of batteries: a 18650 with integrated adapter, 20700, or a 21700. If you want to insert a new battery, you will have to loosen the switch section and place your battery in a positive down position inside the device. Then, put the switch section back in place by tightening the screws.

THC Tauren Max Mech Mod High Performance

If you are looking for a high-performing vaping device to improve your vaping experience, then you can count on the THC Tauren Max Mod. The switch feels great and fires immediately.


  • Topnotch build quality
  • Available in many finishes
  • Fires immediately
  • Sublime THC Tauren Max Mech Mod engraving
  • Compatible with three types of batteries
  • Copper or brass
  • Tube Mech Mods

Thunderhead Creations THC Tauren Max Mod will give you a great vaping experience at a reasonable cost. This vape stands out due to its ability to accommodate three types of batteries and to instantly fire. If you want this device to maintain its high performance, always use the right kind of battery.


  • RDA Dia: 24mm
  • Tube Dimensions: 26mm x 92.5mm (top: 24mm)
  • Package Size: 39(d) x 110.5(h)mm
  • Material: Copper / Brass
  • Battery Compatible : 18650 / 20700 / 21700
  • Color: Copper / Copper Black / Brass / Brass Black
  • Type: Mechanical Mod (Mech Mod)

Package Contents

  • 1 X THC Tauren Mech mod
  • 1 X THC Chaining
  • 1 X Flannelette bag
  • 1 X 18650 adapter


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