Wotofo Stentorian RAM Squonker Box Mod Mechanical

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Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-1-500 Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-1-500
Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-back-500 Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-back-500
Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-inside-500 Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-inside-500
Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-front-500 Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-front-500
Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-bot-500 Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-bot-500
Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-colors-500 Wotofo-Stentorian-RAM-Squonker-Box-Mod-Mechanical-colors-500

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An Affordable Vaping Device that Hits Hard

Wotofo Stentorian RAM Squonker Box Mod Mechanical

Squonking is without a doubt experiencing some upsurge and the Wotofo Stentorian RAM Squonker Box Mod Mechanical is striving to catch the surge of popularity. Even with dramatic growth in the number of squonking enthusiasts, there are limited regulated affordable mods out there. Retailing at only $59.99, the Stentorian RAM Squonker is striving to fill a big gap in the market for affordable, high-standard squonk mod.

This beautiful squonking device comes in four unique color options. Pedauk adopts a cherry oak wood design polish, Starry Violet blends purple, red, and blue for a breathtaking look, Cactus green blends dark green and yellow, and Advanced Gray is a mixture of black and gray resin with lively colors blended to add a quality contrast. Inside the well-packaged box, you will find one Stentorian Ram BF Squonker Mod, one Manual, and 3 Empty Bottles.

Why is Stentorian RAM Squonker Unique?

Outstanding Build Quality

The Stentorian RAM Squonker is well assembled and comfortable to hold. The battery casing fits neatly with no clatter. The 510 pin also fits perfectly and doesn’t wobble. This mod is creatively constructed to be leak resistant. The clean simple lines and neat internals will surely impress you.

24 Karat Gold-Plated

The single 18650 (bought separately) mech squonk mod enhances quality by ensuring every piece of metal is plated with 24K gold to guarantee corrosion resistance and a powerful conductivity of the electronics. On the side of the mech mod, you will see a gold-colored fire button that complements other colors flawlessly. The gorgeous fire button consists of a security lock to avoid accidental auto-fire when you are not using the device. The RAM box also features a PEEK insulation ring that encloses your spring-loaded 510 connection to prevent overheating.

Super User-Friendly

You can access the squonk bottle via a small opening in the battery door, which lets you push your e-liquid straight to your bottom feed atomizer. If you want to remove the bottle, just open the magnetic door and loosen the PET bottle from its feeder. This PET bottle is a bit soft and effortless to press, making the mod easy to use.

Superior Performance

This mechanical squonk mod is a great choice for vapers who are looking for a vaping device with aggressive hits. It will exceed your anticipations as far as flavor and vapor departments are concerned. This device will definitely make all your vaping sessions unforgettable. 

Decent Battery Life

Given that this mod hits hard, you may think that the battery drains fast. However, the powerful battery will support your vaping sessions for an extended period before it begins to drain. The decent battery life makes this budget-friendly device ideal for outdoors. 

Since the Stentorian RAM Squonker is a simple yet stylish squonking device, it is capable of meeting the vaping needs of most vapers out there. This device is a lovely squonking box that hits aggressively and looks and feels fantastic. This squonker will also work magic for those who want to venture into the world of mechanical mods.

$ 59 – Buy Now

$ 69 – Buy Now

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  • Brand Wotofo
  • Color Black
  • Model Stentorian RAM
  • Battery Type Interchangeable
  • Product Type Mechanical
  • Compatiable Battery 18650
  • Material Resin
  • Telescoping Mod No
  • Thread Type 510
  • Variable Voltage (VV) No
  • Variable Wattage (VW) No
  • Package 1 x Mechanical Mod
  • Weight 75g (2.65oz)
  • Depth 47mm (1.85 inch)
  • Height 77mm (3.03 inch)
  • Width 24mm (0.94 inch)

Box Contents

1 x Stentorian RAM Squonker Box Mod
2 x 7ml Empty bottles
1 x Manual
1 x Authenticity Card