9 Best Nicotine Salt E-Juice Brands & Flavors [Today]

When cravings strike, the best nicotine salt e-juice provides immediate relief. Many Vapers find nic salt to be much more gratifying than normal e-juice, according to JUUL labs. It didn’t take long for the rest of the business to catch up.

This type of e-juice is usually very high in nicotine content.  Designed for MTL (mouth to lung) inhalers and definitely not for sub ohm tanks. Nicotine salts have high nic but because of the modified nicotine molecules they hit more smoothly then a freebase or unmodified nicotine. They are generally modified to be smooth but there are some cases where this is the opposite.  Rarely, you will find nic salts that are designed to give a harder hit. 

Nic salt allows you to vape less juice while still maintain high nicotine concentration, which makes them more cost-effective. You get more bang for your buck with nic salts.

These nicotine salts are among the most flavorful and pleasant on the market. To understand all there is to know regarding salt nicotine e-liquid, read the entire tutorial after our list of the best nic salts.

SOS! – Sold Out Salts

My Favorite Flavor is so hard to find! 

Before we get into the list we want to point out that it is almost impossible to find our favorite flavors in-stock in any shops. The best nic salts are always sold out!.  At least that’s how we feel… Searching for a particular flavor, and navigating through shop pages on google.  Shopping for nic salts takes hours and is never a task I look forward to.  I sigh every time I go to look at my bottle and see it is almost empty, and the shopping task soon at hand.


Nic Salt Search Tool.

If you are in this boat we want to suggest trying out the “Vape Search Engine“.  Simply type in your brand and the flavor.  If the salts flavor doesn’t come up try typing the word “salt” or “salts” after the search phrase.  Better yet, try copying the whole title off the page where the e-juice is sold out.

Top 9 Best Nic Salts

Despite the fact that salt nicotine is a new category in the vape juice industry, many vape manufacturers have produced a broad selection of salt nic vape juice, making nic salt e-juice purchasing difficult. Fortunately, we’ve made it easier than ever to locate the greatest salt nic flavors on the market. We’ve compiled a list of the best nicotine salt e-juice flavors for you to try next. Our list includes the best nic salt e-juice from the most well-known vape companies.

1. Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Salts Strawberry Macaroon Nic Salt Juice 30ml

Dinner Lady is a UK-based mixer that has gone from relative obscurity to a household vape brand in a relatively short period of time. Their salt nicotine e-juices are among the finest on the market right now. Strawberry Macaroon, Lemon Tart, Blackberry Crumble, Berry Blast, Purple Rain, Lemon Sherbets, and Watermelon Slices are among the flavors that have been re-released with nicotine salts. They may not be the greatest choice if you want a plain menthol salt nic taste, but if you want something fruity and sweet, they have some of the best selections available. They come in 30 ml bottles with a nicotine concentration of 30 or 50 mg/ml.

For menthol vapers, we have some better brands farther down in this list.  Fruits are Dinner Lady’s specialty and although they are all really great tasting our favorite has to be the strawberry macaroon! Tastes like strawberry short cake! Our second best by Dinner Lady would be Watermelon slices.

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2. Solace

Solace Strawberry Nic Salt Vape Juice 30mL

Solace has one of the most diverse salt taste selections. Fruit, candy, coffee, tobacco, and menthol are just a few of the hard-hitting flavors available. Solace Nicotine salts are accessible in 15 mL and 30 mL bottles, with nicotine concentrations of 25 and 50 mg. Find out what your new all-day-vape is.  The strawberry was my daily driver for quite some time.  As with any flavor, you really can’t just stick to one when you’re vaping.  Make sure to pick up at least two different flavors no matter which brand of e-juice you choose as best.

Solace Vapor has been around since 2015, and despite the brand’s modest aesthetic, they’ve produced a wide selection of tastes in both regular and salt nic juice formulas. There are 18 flavors in all plus an unflavored option on their website.  This is one of the best nicotine salt brands but the best flavor is something for the individual vaper to discover!

The flavor lineup is primarily made up of fruits like Banana Dragonberry, Pineapple, and Berry Bash, but also menthol alternatives like Mint and Dragon Fruit Menthol, and also a Bold Tobacco that many transitioning smokers prefer. The juices are available in 30 mL bottles with nicotine concentrations of 36 or 48 mg/mL. 

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3. Pod Juice

Top Rated Pod Juice Strawberry Dream Nic Salt Vape Juice

Pod Juice Salt Nic E-Liquid is a Berry Blast in a 30 mL pocket-sized bottle.  They offer many wonderful berry mixes, combining a quirky combination of sour and sweetness. The taste profile of Salt Nic Berry Blast is outstanding, capturing subtleties from a variety of colorful berries, including strawberries, raspberries, and a hint of blackberries. On first taste, this famous Salt Nic flavor captures the attention of its audience.

The best nicotine salt and our favorite in this lineup is a toss-up between the strawberry dream and sour patch.  Strawberry dream is very rich in sweet but pure-tasting strawberry, complimented by a pleasant creamy milk flavor. This salt nicotine vape juice is available in nicotine levels of 35mg and 55mg and comes in a normal 30ml bottle.

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4. Pachamama

Pachamama Salt Fuji Nic Salt Vape Juice 30mL

Pachamama is loved by all, so much so that they don’t just produce great e-liquids but also some award-winning disposable vapes.  The brand is fruit-focused e-juice from the same firm that brought you Charlie’s Chalk Dust, which has an emphasis on capturing crisp fresh fruit tastes. Yes! These flavors pop!  If you’re suffering from vaper’s tongue then look no further.  These flavors do not have any of that artificial taste.

Fuji (strawberry & apple combination), Tobacco Apple, Icy Mango, Strawberry Watermelon, Sorbet, and Starfruit Grape are among the best flavors available in the Pachamama Salts range as salt nic liquid. The juice names are self-explanatory, but the high quality of the tastes and ingenuity of some of the combinations elevate them to new heights.  They are definitely recommended worth trying if you’re searching for high nicotine e-juice. They’re available in 25 or 50 mg/ml nicotine concentrations, with 30 ml bottles.

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5. Naked 100 Salts (Best Menthol Flavors)

NKD 100 Strawberry Pom Nic Salt E-Liquid 30mL

These are some of the best-tasting juices around.  But one category in which the Naked brand is the clear winner is menthols.   Yes! These are the best nicotine salt menthols you can get to date.  If you’re looking for a strong menthol flavor with that burning sensation then Naked is your stop. Although the salt nic line-up from Naked 100 has changed names a few times, with such high-quality e-liquids, it’s difficult to leave them off a list.

While many shops have closed doors due to hard times, they’re still accessible from certain vendors. Naked flavors are pretty much all focused on the best fruity combinations that are very clean-tasting and aim for accuracy over overt sweetness or candy-like combinations.  Lava Flow, for example, blends strawberry, pineapple, and coconut, while Brain Freeze combines pomegranate, strawberry, and kiwi. There are numerous more comparable flavors in the lineup, all of which offer remarkably realistic fruit replications and well-crafted e-liquids. Naked 100’s salt nic juices are available in 30 ml bottles for a reasonable price, with nicotine concentrations of 35 or 50 mg/ml.

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6. BLVK Unicorn

BLVK Unicorn Salts Grape Nic Salt Vape Juice 30ml

BLVK Unicorn is a premium e-liquid company based in Southern California, US. Their years in the vaping business have allowed them to fine-tune some of the best flavor profiles to deliver exactly what vapers want.

Although their nicotine salt e-juices are primarily single fruit flavors with ice equivalents, they are among of the greatest single fruit-flavored e-juices available. In addition, tobacco flavor and a dessert taste are also available.  This is somewhat rare.  They carry many e-liquids such as Lychee, a genuine Asian lychee flavor with a somewhat sweet and pleasant flavor. Caramel Tobacco is a delicious tobacco taste that combines sweet caramel and strong tobacco.

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7. Air Factory

Air Factory Strawberry Kiwi Nic Salt Vape Juice 30ml

Only high-quality, thoroughly verified, and traceable ingredients are used in Air Factory e-juices. They come in a variety of tastes, most of which are candied, and they have a smooth, constant taste from bottle to bottle. Because Air Factory nic Salts are so sweet, they may be divisive among vapers. You will either love or loathe them, but one thing is for certain, they are defiantly not tasteless.

If you prefer your vapes very sweet, try their “Blue Razz” e-juice, which is a tart candied blue raspberry taste blended with sweet taffy. Melon Lush, a combination of luscious candied watermelon and sweet candy taffy, is another must-try taste. While these are some of the tastiest flavors available, Air Factory also produces a flavorless nic salt that may be used to cleanse the palate.  These are some of the best nicotine salts for those with a sweet tooth!

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8. Candy King

Candy King Blue Razz Nic Salt Vape Juice 30ml

Candy King is another e-liquid brand that is filled with flavor. They are most commonly known for their wildly popular watermelon strawberry and strawberry rolls. Their flavors are strictly fruity and menthol fruit. No dessert flavors. If fruit flavor is your thing then you will love their lineup of e-juices.

Bubblegum is a very sweet e-liquid that sweets connoisseurs will go crazy over. Candy King is a candy line that specializes in unique confectionery mixes, as the name indicates. Our favorite is the blue razz salt nic. It has a nice sour but sweet pop of blue raspberries. While our favorite flavor of any brand is strawberry, this is a great way to mix it up and let a flavor take a break.

Furthermore, this e-juice is one of their best-selling products. It’s made by Drip More in Los Angeles, California. Sugar-coated strawberries and watermelon are the major flavor characteristics. It has a juicy flavor that reminds me of a Jolly Rancher hard candy.  If you like bubble gum and jolly ranchers then this may be the best nicotine salt brand for you.

9. TWST Salt

TWST Strawberry Crush Ice Nic Salts E-Juice

The brand TWST or Twist was once largely a boutique-style mixer that specialized in mason jar lemonade-style mixes, typically with fruits but nearly always with a lemonade base. Over the past years, the mixer has significantly increased its options.  They have included the addition of a range of nic salt juices to appeal to the rising number of vapers who use pod systems.

There are ten varieties in all, with several of the original lemonade tastes. These popular nic salt e-liquids include Pink Punch Lemonade and the Ice version, Berry Medley Lemonade, and Iced Pucker Punch, as well as more simple cigarette substitutes like Tobacco Gold No. 1 and Menthol No. 1  are available. The best juices are available in 30 mL bottles with nicotine salts of 35 or 50 mg/mL.

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What is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt is a chemical compound of nicotine that reduces its harshness, allowing vapers to inhale less vapor while getting more nicotine. Nicotine salts, nic salt, salt nic, and salt nicotine are all interchangeable names. No, it’s not table salt (sodium chloride), therefore your e-liquid won’t taste salty, and it won’t raise your sodium consumption. A salt is a neutral charged ionic substance formed from an acid and a base in chemistry.

A chemical, typically “benzoic acid” neutralizes the nicotine base molecules in nicotine salts, resulting in a more stable substance that is easier to swallow. JUUL Labs, the first company to commercialize nicotine salt, claims that their composition is similar to nicotine in leaf tobacco before it is stripped off during the extraction process.

What is Tobacco Free Nicotine?

Tobacco Free Nicotine is sometimes abbreviated as TFN.

TFN is another name for Synthetic nicotine.  This form of nicotine is not nicotine derived from tobacco plants.  Until recently it was too expensive to manufacture synthetic nicotine in salt nic e-liquids.  But Tobacco free nicotine has been around for some time.  It just has not been used because tobacco plant derived nicotine has been cheaper to use. 

What is Synthetic Nicotine?

It is just another name for Tobacco Free Nicotine.  Manufacturers will use TFN and Synthetic Nicotine inversely, but they both describe a nicotine which is not derived from tobacco plants.

Does (TFN) Tobacco Free Nicotine hit harder than Salt?

Most will agree that Tobacco Free Nicotine hits smoother then freebase.  However, some have reported nausea and headaches which could be a difference in chemical composition or a higher nicotine content product with softer throat hit.  Many have also noticed a change in flavor but it could also just be placebo effect. 

Seems that in the vaping community, tobacco free nicotine is not being welcomed with open arms.  However, due to tobacco regulations this may be the only way that vapers continue to vape without an astronomical price tag.

Nicotine Salt vs Freebase Nicotine?

You’ll notice the change right away if you switch from a typical freebase nicotine e-liquid. The best nicotine salts do not irritate the throat as much as freebase nicotine does.

Salt nicotine tends to evaporate effectively at lower temperatures, which is another distinction between the two nicotine formulations. As a result, it’s perfect for low-power vape devices such as pod vapes.

Many users claim that salt nicotine offers them a more smoking-like experience than normal freebase e-liquid.

This isn’t magic but it may feel like it! Because many of the products contain up to 60 mg/mL of nicotine, you can curb your nicotine craving and enjoy a great smooth hit at the same time. Smokers and ex-smokers will have a more pleasant experience with more nicotine each puff.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos studied the effectiveness of nicotine delivery in various vapor products in 2014, before JUUL launched the first salt nicotine retail product, and determined that “nicotine levels in best e-cigarette liquids should be close to 50 mg/mL in order to approximate nicotine delivery from smoking.” However, owing to the harshness of conventional freebase nicotine, creating a great product that was pleasurable to use at those nicotine levels would have been difficult, and salt nicotine made it feasible. Dr. Farsalinos also mentioned that a high nicotine content would minimize the number of e-liquid vapers vaped, lowering any great and potential dangers associated with vaping.

Vapers have recently begun utilizing freebase nicotine as their primary source of nicotine. Nicotine salts are a purer type of nicotine inhalation that closely resembles the experience of smoking a regular cigarette. Because of the strong throat impact, freebase nicotine has a greater pH and alkalinity, making higher nicotine levels hard to achieve. Fortunately, nic salt was designed to address this problem. Benzoic acid is used in the best Nicotine Salts to create a more pure vaping experience. Salt nicotine allows you to take in larger amounts of nicotine while maintaining a smoother throat and complete nicotine pleasure. As a result, nic salt e-juice has become the most common method of nicotine consumption, with the ability to assist you in quitting smoking.

Is Salt Nicotine more Addictive?

This is a valid question because nicotine salt strengths are generally significantly greater. The rapidity with which cigarette smoke distributes nicotine to the brain is one of the reasons smoking is addictive. There are also concerns regarding whether nicotine salts distribute the medication faster than freebase nicotine, although this has yet to be investigated.

The sole difference between freebase nicotine and salt nicotine, according to best nicotine salt specialist Jacques Le Houezec, a neurologist and pharmacologist, is that the vaper may ingest more nicotine in each puff due to the reduced harshness.

Because it’s possible to take in more nicotine, the risk of addiction is likely to rise, but this is related to the amount ingested, not because it’s nicotine salt.

Is Nicotine Salt Safe?

Because the sole difference separating nicotine salt juice and regular e-juice is the presence of benzoic acid, salt nic is likely as safe as freebase nicotine e-liquid. The World Health Organization’s International Program on Chemical Safety recommends consuming no more than 5 mg per kilogram of body weight per day, or about 345 mg for a 150-pound person, which is an amount that would be nearly impossible to vape, given that 1 mL of the best salt e-liquid only contains a few milligrams of benzoic acid. 

The average nic salt vaper vapes around 2mL a day as a mid to high e-cig user at best.  At that consumption rate utilizing a high nic salt rate of 50mg per mL, would give a daily consumption of 100mg.  This is far below any level of nicotine deemed hazardous to health.

What Nic Strength Should You Buy?

Typically, the best nicotine salt e-liquids have a strength of 25-50 mg. If you’re a heavy smoker, we recommend starting with 50 mg.  If you’re new to salt nicotine and dont smoke more then a couple cigarettes a day then we suggest 20-35mg nic strength .

Low (0-6mg)

For Subohm tanks users and those that have been vaping a while and are finally getting rid of nicotine all together.

If you want a lower nicotine dosage with more vapor generation, some producers, like as Mr. Salt-E, sell nicotine salts in concentrations as low as 3-5 mg/mL.  3-5 mg is very low nic concentration, and more ideal for sub-ohm tanks vapers rather then pods or MTL vaping.

Medium (12-35mg)

For those that bearly some 1 cigarette a every other day or weekend, and social smokers.

20-35 mg – This is the middle of the road in terms of nicotine salts. Ideal for those who don’t want to take 50 mg but still want a significant amount of nicotine. The maximum dose available in Europe is 20 mg.

High (40-60mg)

50 mg and above – For migrating smokers who require the highest dose of nicotine.  These are often ex smokers who use to smoke one pack or more per day.

Nonsmokers and low-nicotine vapers should avoid this product. Only suitable for MTL devices with minimal power consumption.

Recommended Strength

The best nicotine salt strength will very be based on how heavily you once smoked.  Heavy smokers will want a higher level of nicotine and vise versa.  The best strategy might be to start high if you’re not sure and then gradually step down your nic salt level.  The problem is that many smokers transitioning to vaping start at too low of a nic level.  This will not curb your nicotine cravings and ex smokers may feel like vaping is ineffective.  If you are going to start with a low nic level then you need to be prepared to give vaping another try with a higher nic incase the level of nic was too low to curb your nicotine craving.

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