7 Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping | High Drain Sub Ohm

Congratulations!  If you are shopping for the best 18650 batteries for vaping then you are most definitely a vape enthusiast.   We as vaper’s become more experienced, looking to fine-tune and get the most out of our vapes.

Many vapers are shopping for the best vape batteries and it’s no mystery why.  We are either looking to extend battery life or you need stronger batteries for handling the biggest clouds of vapor your vape device is capable of.

In this list of batteries, you will only find the best vape batteries that are going to give you that all day or all week vape life.  There is a lot to discover about the way vape batteries and technology can affect your vape.  The best 18650 batteries will differ depending on your needs.  Below, we will list out all the specs of these top performers.  If you’re looking for the best 18650 batteries then you may also want to consider a quality 18650 battery charger.

As a quick cheat sheet, if you demand more battery life then you want a larger number in the mAh department.  If you want a vape battery that can handle a harder hit then you want a large Amp rating. 

Vape Battery Check Sheet

When shopping for the best 18650 batteries for vaping you are really only looking for 2 key components. Well, actually only 1 if you don’t need high drain batteries.  A high drain battery is recommended for high wattage vaping at low ohms or resistance.

18650 Capacity

Battery capacity, which is measured in mAh, is the amount of charge that a battery can hold. It represents the maximum power that can be drawn from the battery. It denotes how long a battery may last. A battery with a high capacity can operate without recharging for an extended period of time. On battery wrappers is the battery capacity which can be  occasionally overstated.

The CDR and battery capacity are usually in balance.  Batteries with higher capacity will be able to have higher CDR.  If the CDR rating is high but the capacity is low then it might be a 18650 battery that would not be advised for vaping. If this is the case, it is possible to assume that a battery is misleading if it is not rated correctly.

CDR (Continuous discharge rating)

The CDR stands for the highest current that a battery may safely and continuously discharge without suffering harm or losing capacity. If you wish to utilize it with a low-ohm device, a high discharge rating is crucial.  High drain 18650 batteries are crucial for vaping safely with sub-ohm devices.

Reputable electronic manufacturers employ the CDR. The comparison of battery discharge is crucial. Many manufacturers exaggerate the CDR or substitute other ratings for it. The rating on the wrap may not accurately reflect the battery’s CDR.  Instead, it may represent the maximum current that a battery can discharge in brief bursts or the pulse rating. Therefore, you should not just look at the CDR when considering an 18650 battery because it can be deceiving.

The main event… .

Best 18650 Batteries

1. LG HG2 INR 18650 (Best Overall Battery)

LG HG2 INR Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping High Drain Sub Ohm 350

The perfect combination of vaping battery life and amp draw.

Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh | Continuous Max Discharge Current: 20A | Max Discharge: 35A | Style: Flat Top

LG HG2 18650 3000mAh 20A is a high-capacity rechargeable battery for the most powerful mods. With its capacity of 3000mAh, it offers a large battery capacity for extended vape sessions.

Thanks to its continuous discharge current of 20A, the LG HG2 battery is compatible with all vape mods that demand high maximum power.

These vape batteries offer great capacity and sufficient discharge current for the most powerful mods. If you enjoy low resistance vapes, high performance, and huge amounts of clouds, you need the right batteries.

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2. Efest IMR 18650 -(AKA. Famous Purple Vape Battery)


It’s Purple.

Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh | Continuous Max Discharge Current: 20A | Max Discharge: 35A | Style: Flat Top

The battery that needs no introduction.  This little baby has been a trusted choice among vapers for a long time.   A great choice for high drain sub-ohm vapers as well as those looking to maximize battery life and extend their vaping session.

The flat-top terminal is perfect for every vape mod available.  Be careful with fake production of any battery.  You can rest assure you are getting an authentic product with Efest.  Efest is one of the few battery companies that have the scratch and sniff serial code key for checking authenticity on their website.

Trust the battery vapers trust the most.  Trust the purple battery.

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3. Sony VTC6


Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh | Continuous Max Discharge Current: 15A | Max Discharge: 30A | Terminal Type: Flat Top

A high-quality 18650 cell with a premium capacity of 3000 mAh boasts a sufficient discharge current of 20A, making it ideal for a range of powerful vape mods. These batteries pair especially well with low resistance atomizers. Low resistance coils have a higher discharge which the Sony VTC6 was made for.

Sony VTC6 battery 18650 with a capacity of 3000 mAh.  The Sony VTC6 has a nominal voltage of 3.6 Volts.  The maximum discharge current of the Sony 18650 battery is 30A. It is ideal to sub-ohm vape.

With the Sony VTC6 you get the best vapor battery cell for maximum safety, which is perfect for vapers of coils in the sub-ohm range. This original brand battery cell is high-quality processed and has robust and durable insulation that protects against short circuits when inserting the battery in the battery carrier and removing it from the battery carrier. Please use this battery only in e-cigarettes, starter sets, battery carriers, and all-in-one devices with protection circuitry/protection that are suitable for 18650 batteries. This Li-Ion battery is thermally stable, has no memory effect, a low self-discharge, and has a high energy density.

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4. Hohm Life V4 18650 (Best Priced)


Our pick for the best 18650 battery when vaping on a budget.

Battery Capacity: 3015 mAh | Continuous Max Discharge Current: 22.1A | Max Discharge: 37.1A | Style: Flat Top

Presenting the upgraded version of the Hohm Life 18650 battery.  The new and improved version 4 has better vape performance capacity at 3015 mAh and a huge 37.1A max discharge capacity.  Featuring a great combination of life and responsiveness at a lower price making it the best vapor battery on a budget.

This vape battery is a great choice for Sub-Ohm tank users and Sub-Ohm rebuildable vapers. These Hohm batteries can usually be found for a slightly lower price than its competitors.  If you have a removable battery mod then you may want to consider using these batteries you can trust at a more affordable price.

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5. Samsung INR 18650 25R


Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh | Continuous Max Discharge Current: 20A | Max Discharge: 35A | Terminal Type: Flat Top

Samsung INR 18650 25R 2500mAh is a rechargeable battery specially designed for electronic vape boxes and mechanical mods.

Equipped with a continuous discharge current of 20A and able to accept resistances down to 0.1Ω.  This vape battery is perfectly suited for powerhouse vaping and mechanical mods.  Samsung is consistently producing the best vapor batteries from great quality materials.

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6. Golisi S26 (Best High Drain)


Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh | Continuous Max Discharge Current: 25A | Max Discharge: 35A (Pulse) | Terminal Type: Flat Top

The Golisi 26s vaping battery is rated for 2600 mAh of battery life and with an Amp capacity of 25A.  This is one of the best 18650 batteries if you’re running a mod at very low ohms.  Featuring a flat top that is perfect for mechanical mod users or APVs.  While its overall battery life is not the longest it makes up for in continuous discharge rate.

At 25A discharge this is one of the best vapor batteries capable of handling hard-hitting mods.  As with all vape batteries, never fully discharge the battery below 2.5V or recharge it over 4.29V.  Always use quality and original chargers.

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7. Samsung INR 18650-30Q 


Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh | Continuous Max Discharge Current: 15A | Max Discharge: 25A (Pulse) | Terminal Type: Flat Top

Samsung is one of the leading names in the best vapor batteries category and produces some of the best 18650 batteries on the market.

Features a huge 3000 mAh battery life with 15A max continuous discharge.  Don’t let the color be confusing.  Its lavender color wrapping houses a very beefy battery in terms of vape life and power consistency.

The Samsung INR 30Q doesn’t just look pretty, it packs a punch and aims to please.

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8. Hohm Mega Vapor Battery (Most Balanced Battery)


The strongest vaping battery name in the industry

Battery Capacity: 2505  mAh | Continuous Max Discharge Current: 22A | Max Discharge: 29.5A (Pulse) | Terminal Type: Flat Top

Presenting the Hohm Mega 18650 battery by Hohm Tech, with a capacity of 2505 mAh.  The Hohm Mega has a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts.  The maximum discharge current of the Mega 18650 battery is 29.5A. It is ideal for sub-ohm vaping.  Features a perfect balance between battery life and high drain performance.

These batteries offer a great capacity of 2505 mAh and sufficient discharge current for extremely powerful vape mods. This vaping battery can be used especially in the case of low resistance builds, where they can handle the low resistances of your coils.

Thanks to a discharge current of up to 29.5A, these rechargeable batteries are optimally suited for use in your e-cigarette.

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9. MXJO 18650 Battery


 Also known as the “Performance Battery”

Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh | Continuous Max Discharge Current: 20A | Max Discharge: 35A (Pulse) | Terminal Type: Flat Top

A new type of high-quality battery pack from a leading manufacturer MXJO with a high discharge current is the ideal battery for a variety of GRIPs and mechanical mods, especially in conjunction with low-resistance tanks. The continuous discharge current is 20A, then the maximum current is 35A.  Very large battery life rating at 3000 mAh

Thanks to the security of the IMR article, there is no additional security inside the battery, which is why we strongly recommend that you do not use the cell below 2.5V to significantly reduce the life of the battery.  This has been one of the best vapor batteries for many years.

Advantageous packaging of two powerful batteries that complement many Squonks, Advanced Personal Vapes, and Mechanical Mods.

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Throw Away Old 18650 Batteries

It’s time to toss out those old 18650’s…

It can be difficult to know when the right time is to throw away old batteries.  Batteries will last a long time but getting rid of them could prevent potential injuries.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  We have put together a couple of items that you should watch out for!

Tears In Wrappers – If you spot any holes in the wrapping this could be a dangerous situation.  Any places on the battery that were not designed for metal-on-metal contact could cause you serious injuries.

Batteries Quickly Discharging – If you pop off a fresh set of batteries from a charging cycle you might notice that these batteries don’t last as long as they use to.  Especially if these are old batteries.  If your batteries aren’t lasting as long then time has taken its toll and this could lead to other potential breakdowns in the battery’s stability.

The Best 18650 batteries don’t cost a lot compared to your other vaping accessories.  When in doubt, throw them out!

Protect Your 18650 Batteries

As always, you want to be very cautious when caring for your vape batteries.  The best way to avoid possible mishaps is to take the following vapor battery safety precautions.

Purchase a Carrying case –  This will prevent your batteries from rolling around when there not in use.  Accidentally making contact with the positive and negative ends of batteries at the same time can lead to discharges and possibly permanent damage.  Make sure to never carry loose batteries in pockets containing keys or coins!

Fully Charge Batteries –  Charging your 18650 batteries the first time you use them can prolong the life of your batteries.

Wrapped Batteries – Make sure not to use vape batteries that have rips or tears in the battery wrapping.  This could lead to shorts.

Check Your Specifications – Make sure that you are not pulling too many Amps!  Pulling too many Amps from your vape batteries can strain and shorten their life.  It is unsafe and could lead to battery accidents.

Authentic 18650 Battery

How to tell if your 18650 vape battery is genuine…

You need to be aware of fakes batteries because there are plenty out there.  It’s usual for sellers to buy inexpensive batteries not knowing that they are rewraps, or knowingly repackage the batteries as well-known brands to charge a premium price for a quick profit.  Many times that are offered on discount or wholesale websites such as Dhgate, Ali-Express, and eBay as authentic 18650 batteries.  Knowingly buying these types of 18650 batteries for vaping is a waste of money and could be harmful. You run the risk of getting hurt or breaking your vaping device if you use fake 18650 batteries in high-wattage vape mods thinking they have a trustworthy and safe CDR (continuous discharge rating).

Spotting a Fake Battery

There are a few ways that you can determine if your 18650 batteries are authentic. Pay close attention to the below as we cover them.

Because battery fraudsters are skilled at what they do, it can be difficult to tell what information is accurate and what is fake.  The 18650 battery appears authentic in its packing, branding, and web description.  Weight is one of the sole ways to distinguish between fake and real batteries.  On their official websites, the majority of manufacturers list the weight of their authentic 18650 vape batteries.  After getting the specifications, you can weigh them or cross-reference them.  To prevent purchasing fake batteries, you can buy directly from manufacturers, reliable third-party vendors, and other online vape stores with trusted reputations that sell e-cig equipment as well.  There is no need to purchase used 18650 batteries because they are reasonably priced, this is never a good idea.

The next way you can find out if your batteries are genuine is that many of these manufacturers put security codes on the outside.  You can simply go to there website and enter the security code. In some cases the battery manufacturer will not supply this security validation sticker codes.  In this case you can start looking for defining characteristics or the outside of the battery wrapping.  You can often find pictures from reputable sites listing these batteries for sale.  Pay attention to the printing on the label that looks like it came out of a dot matrix printer.  See that the numbers or brand names printed look exactly as they do on genuine 18650 batteries.  

The last way you can determine if the batteries are real or not is to look at the tops and bottoms of the batteries.  Specifically the top of the batteries.  The top of the batteries have some connection batteries leading to the positive connection.  Some have 3 or 4 leads positive with the exact same spacing connecting to the positive flat or button top.  You may also notice that they have a Delrin or plastic washer around the top.  If any of these appear to be different then the genuine battery then you could have a fake 18650 battery and it would be advised to trash or return them.  Unless, you have a battery tester.



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