9 Best Vape Mods | Top Choice Awards | Official [2021]

Our picks for the best vape mods this year.

Vapes are catching on and expanding rapidly in the electronic cigarette industry.  From beginners to advanced mod users, vapers everywhere are looking for the latest and greatest vape mod.

Vaping Features

Many vapers will start out on a disposable or a small vape called a Cig-A-Like or Pen Style vape.  We will not be serving up any of those.  If you are here then you are looking for something more powerful with more customization features.  We will be looking at the most desirable vape mods that have the following features:

Unlike some of our other vape mod articles, this one will not have a price limit but we will try to keep them below 100 dollars.

Not Recommend

We will not be recommending any vape mods with known issues or that do not meet the requirements as specified above.   There are many mods that after testing are found to have countless issues on everything ranging from the firing arm, pin, battery, and board.  Are they any more parts of a mod left to list?  While every mod may encounter issues depending on how you use them it is safe to say you’re less likely to run into any issues with these mods.  Okay… Enough rambling! Let’s get to it.

Best Vape Mod List

1. SMOK G Priv V3 (Best Touch Screen Mod)

The SMOK G Priv 3 features a large 2.4 inch LED screen with high resolution for a much sharper display than in previous models.  Easily touch your way around all the temperature and power adjustments.  Setup different vape mode effects and customize your vape.

When you’re ready to vape just give the zinc alloy construction a little squeeze from the length wise firing bar.  Load in your dual 18650 batteries effortlessly from the magnetic battery door in the rear.  Features a full suite of security protection and temperature options driven by a 32-bit processor chip.  Touch your way around the third generation G Priv.

  • Batteries: Dual 18650 Mod
  • Maximum Wattage: 230
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 52mm x 27.3mm

Smok G-Priv 3 Box Mod Touch Screen Kit-500x500

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2. Dovpo Odin (High End Vape)

Simply the most luxurious mod running on a proprietary board from Dovpo.  Dovpo produces one of the highest quality mods around.  The technology and processing power behind these chips are unmatched.  If your looking for something just a bit more luxurious then Dovpo has got you covered.

The Dovpo Odin is constructed from aluminum-zinc alloy. Vaping devices crafted from this material have a superior feel.  This model is actually one of the most advanced in the line to date.  It features 200 watts powered by 21700 batteries for extended life.  All front-facing on a beautifully crafted 0.96 in color display.  Solid construction with rounded sides makes it feel delightful to hold and vape.

  • Batteries: Dual 21700 Mod
  • Maximum Wattage: 200w
  • Dimensions: 88.5mm x 48.2mm x 42.8mm

DOVPO Odin DNA250C Box Mod Vape 200w High End-500x500

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3. GeekVape Aegis X (Most Durable Vape)

This is the best vape mod for durability.  GeekVape is known for its mods that protect against the elements of man and nature.  The GeekVape Aegis X can take a beating with its Shockproof system, IP67 water resistance, and dustproof integration system.   Designed and constructed from high-grade materials such as aluminum-zinc alloy, stainless steel, and leather grip to give a solid feel with quality.

Featuring a 2.4 inch OLED color display (not a touch screen), a full temperature control suite, power curving, and bypass mode to switch off the circuit board.  Batteries are loaded through a hinged door on the bottom.  Enjoy fast ramp-ups and stable conduction through the Aegis Legend gold plated 510 spring pin.

  • Batteries: Dual 18650 Mod
  • Maximum Wattage: 200w
  • Dimensions: 90.5mm x 58.5mm x 30.6mm

GeekVape Aegis X 200W Box Mod 2 4 Inch Screen-500x500

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4. Vaporesso GEN X

The Vaporesso GEN X has a brand new modernized design while maintaining its small form factor from previous models.  This new design features aircraft-grade aluminum which is an upgrade over the GEN S made in stainless steel.  It is also smaller than the GEN S in every dimension.  This box mod houses dual 18650’s giving you tons of battery life.

Featuring preheat functions on a full temperature control mod layout.  A beautiful 0.91 in LED screen display with 4 color optimizations.  Batteries are load and safely protected against reverse polarity and integrated circuit board protection.  You can quickly charge up your battery utilizing the 2 amp USB port that is built into one of the smallest dual battery vape mods.

  • Batteries: Dual 18650
  • Maximum Wattage: 220w
  • Dimensions: 93mm x 49mm x 27mm


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5. Innokin Proton Plexus (Best Vehicle Vape)

The Innokin Proton is a very sleek mod with flashy accents.  Most notably, the new design integrates a joystick which allows you to easily navigate through all the menu functions.  You can conveniently adjust settings with just a flick of a finger.  The TFT Display features full color on a huge 1.45-inch screen.  Along the side is a squeeze grip firing bar that runs the length of the mod.

Two 18650 batteries slide up through the bottom hinged access door.  The Proton is packed with temperature controls and bypass mode for mechanical mod-style vapers.  On the front face is a micro USB port that supports 2 amp quick charging.  Among the many features, this vape mod can fire all the way down to 0.05 ohms and comes with a loaded SS 510 connection.  Strap on an atomizer and get vaping on the best vape mod with a joystick.

  • Batteries: Dual 18650 Mod
  • Maximum Wattage: 235w
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 44.6mm x 29.6mm


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6. Vaporesso LUXE II 

The Vaporesso LUXE II integrates the latest OMNI Board 4.0 Chipset powering its ultra-sensitive touch screen.   Quickly glide your finger across the large 2-inch display touching exactly the setting you need without having to flip the excessively long menu options.  Along the side is a large size firing button connected to a chip that allows atomizers down to a resistance of 0.03 ohms.

Features the full temperature suite, upgradeable firmware, bypass mode, and more.  The micro USB charging port allows up to 2.5 amp charging with individual equalized battery charging.   Count your puffs or check the time.  This is the best vape mod with tons of menu customization and software protection.  Get ready to attach your favorite atomizer to the gold-plated, 510 spring connector.

  • Batteries: Dual 18650 Mod
  • Maximum Wattage: 220w
  • Dimensions: 91mm x 47.8mm x 29.5mm


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7. SMOK Mag P3 (Touch Screen)

Get ready for a shot of vapor!  The SMOK Mag’s large trigger button and comfortable handle design will never leave you searching to find the firing button ever again.  This unique futuristic design integrates the SMOK proprietary chipset running a large full color 1.9in HD Touch Screen.  Quickly customize all your settings on a full set of temperature control, memory mode, and built-in security protection.

Featuring the best vape mod with dual 18650 capacity, high 230w power output, and very comfortable to hold.  Integrates a long 12-second puff shut-off limit, tons of security protection including heat, and a micro USB port for software upgrades.  This mod is made from solidly constructed and IP67 waterproof.

  • Batteries: Dual 18650 Mod
  • Maximum Wattage: 230w
  • Dimensions: 91.6mm x 72.3mm x 36mm


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8. Vaporesso Swag II  (Best Small Vape Mod)

One of the smallest box mods in the world capable of housing one 18650.  The Vaporesso Swag II has a neat 0.91 inch OLED display featuring many capabilities that you would find on bigger mods.  A small box but still can put out up to 80 watts! Featuring easy controls and easy-to-read settings.  Vaporesso has come along way and has incorporated every bit of its quality and craftsmanship in to this little vape.

This sharp-looking mod with lots of security and circuit protection and a large array of temperature customization.  The best vape mod from Vaporesso that delivers compact portability while maintaining high power and one of the smallest to date.  Enjoy vaping on a crisp and clean display.

  • Batteries: Single 18650 Mod
  • Maximum Wattage: 80w
  • Dimensions: 75mm x 50mm x 25mm


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9. Lost Vape Centaurus (Best DNA Box Mod)

This list would not be complete without a DNA vape mod.  Presenting the Lost Vape Centaurus.  Featuring the Evolv DNA 250c chipset inside of one of the most stunning vape boxes around.  The Centaurus is a solidly designed construction of stainless steel and other various materials depending on your color choice.  Its unique engravings are high-end and give visual appeal while remaining somewhat affordable.  Capable of firing up to 200 watts and is built with all of the best security protection you would ever need.

The mod features adjustable power with the full temperature suite and memory mode controls.  This is a great vape mod and is one of the few to integrate an application for monitoring the device, and vape habits.  Choose from one of the dozens of taste modes and start vaping on the most premium mod in this vape list.

  • Batteries: Dual 18650 Mod
  • Maximum Wattage: 200w
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 55mm x 25mm


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Popular Vapes

Our list is comprised of some of the most popular and durable vape mods on the market.  These are our recommendations on what the best vape mod is.  As mentioned earlier we base our list on vapes that are not only durability, but the usability of features, and well-designed construction.  We also take into account how many issues get reported about particular vape mods.  Some mods are wildly popular but have many issues with craftsmanship.  The best vape mod will give you very few technical issues and are built to last a long time.

Not only do these vapes have superior construction but they are easy to navigate and function.  Many vapers including ourselves like a menu that is easy to use without having to flip through the manual.  The design and aesthetics of a vape mod are part of the mod’s rating process.  Most vapers want the best-looking vape mod that feels great in the hand, but it is also just as important to have a compatible mod with all the necessary features.

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