Uwell Caliburn GK2 Review | Pod System Vape Kit

Today, we’re examining the Uwell Caliburn GK2, which is the newest addition to the Caliburn series of pod system kits from Uwell.  As always, real pictures, real review. 

Vapers who like adaptable pod system kits will adore the UWell’s Caliburn series.  In addition to being some of the best vapes the Caliburn GK2 has a few new awesome features (sorry for the spoiler). Has UWell altered perfection or begun a brand-new vape age for one of its most well-liked product lines, lets find out.

We’re pleased to review and tell you more about this intriguing new pod kit. In the following we will demonstrate how it differs from competing vape products on the market since we pretty much know all there is to know about UWell vape pod kits and the other similar brands. Lets learn more about the Caliburn GK2’s main characteristics, how to use them, and if you should purchase one.


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Initial Take on the UWell Caliburn GK2 Pod Kit

The GK2 stands apart from other Caliburn series pod systems in terms of appearance, which is the first thing you’ll notice about it. In reality, because to its ergonomic square form and lack of buttons, it looks much more like the Koko Prime kit. The reactive light bars on the curved glass panels are a nice addition that immediately gives this a great new age aesthetic. However, there are a few visual features that make it evident that this is a distinct pod system.

The GK2 kit’s major feature is portability.  Its small and easily fits behind the hand for some awesome stealth vaping.  Weighing in at little over 45 grams, you hardly even notice it in your pocket or purse while you’re carrying it about.

It is composed of an extremely sturdy zinc alloy, which makes this vape highly durable and solid feeling. Also great in case you happen to often drop your vapes.

Sometimes people misplace their vapes, so having a lanyard is a really welcome feature. You can keep your vape nice and close at all times.

A little size comparison between the KOKO Prim and the new GK2.  The GK2 is a little taller.


The pod system has several brilliant light bars in the iconic Caliburn KOKO design logo on one of its sides. When you use the vape, the light bars really illuminate at various moments.  The lights will let you know when the voltage is low, the circuit is open, and other things. When we discuss our vape experience with the GK2, we’ll speak more about exactly the device is trying to tell us.

Additionally, the Caliburn Gk2 Replacement pod is compatible with the G2 pods, and the coils are the same as the Caliburn G, G2, and Koko prime.  This pod is available in two coil types with a 0.8 ohm or 1.2 ohm resistance. 0.8 ohm coils give a little bit of a warmer vape then 1.2ohm coils.  You get both of these different ohm coils included in the package so you can try them both out.

…and a little thicker.. Well, maybe more squared now.


Battery Life of the UWell Caliburn GK2 Kit

It comes as no surprise that UWell, a company that clearly cares about maintaining its competitive edge, built this product to utilize a USB-C charging cord.  The latest and greatest way to charge any vape.  The majority of high-quality products and brands usually support USB-C charging. This enables you to charge the 690mAh battery of the Caliburn GK2 from from dead in about 30 minutes.

For a battery in a small pod system, 690mAh is not a lot, but with an output of 18W, it has enough power to last for almost seven hours. You will have plenty of time to savor your preferred salt nic e-liquid flavors. Personally, we love strawberry done by Naked 100.

Pod Setup in the Caliburn GK2 Vape Kit

The GK2’s 2ml e-liquid pods are simple to install and fill with liquid. Like earlier Caliburn models, the pods include a large window so you can see the juice within and are fillable from the top, even while the pods are still inside the kit. But unlike the earlier models this window is a little easier to see through.

Uwell-Caliburn-GK2-Pod-Kit-Vape-Review-body 4

Airflow Control

There is now an airflow control knob built into the pod!

Additionally, there is an adjustable air flow control valve, which aids in finely tuning in the exact draw you desire.  Previously there would be only 2 settings.  MTL and tight MTL.

With the Uwell Caliburn GK2, you can adjust airflow using a little wheel that is included inside the pod. You can set up the GK2 to accommodate MTL (Mouth to Lung) or R-DTL (Restricted Direct Lung) vaping by tinkering with this wheel, making it a rather adaptable small pod system.

These little details show how much UWell cares about its customers’ experiences with its products, which in turn explains why it has become a go-to brand for so many pod vapers, and those making the switch from conventional tobacco products.


Maximizing Coil Life

You should leave your pod alone for 5 to 10 minutes after filling it with a fresh coil Installed, just as with other pod systems. This avoids early coil burnout and enables the e-liquid to adequately saturate the coil.

Are we ready now?

Okay I think it’s time to start using the GK2!

UWell Caliburn GK2 Pod Vape Ease of Use

The GK2 is so easy to operate since it has no buttons and is only actuated by a puff sensor(AKA. Auto Draw). What you need know before utilizing it is as follows.  Fill it up, insert your pod.  The pod base will vibrate when the pod is inserted correctly. So cool!

No buttons also means no screen, which means no wattage can be adjusted. The device’s maximum power is 18w, and it varies depending on which Caliburn G series coils are inserted.

Caliburn GK2 E-liquids

Speaking of coils, the package comes with a 0.8 and a 1.2 ohm coil, both of which, for such a little device, gave me fantastic flavor and respectable vapor output for an MTL device.  Given that, I would advise against using really thick e-liquids with these coils since this is certainly more of an MTL vape and works best with 50/50 salt or freebase nicotine liquids.

Changing Coils

To change coils you just remove the pod from the base of the device. Locate the coil on the bottom of the pod, take the old one out, and put the new one in to change the coils.  Make sure that the flat side is facing the flat wall.  The replacement coils only fit one way.

Filling Pods


The 2ml pod is also very easy to fill.  Just break the mouthpiece off perpendicular to the length.  It feels like your breaking it the first time but you will get use to it. After filling the mouthpiece must be pushed back on top, it will feel much more normal this time.  I noticed that Uwell actually upgraded the way the mouthpiece snaps off.  The mouthpiece attaches with groves on the inside of the cap frame instead of clips glued into the mouthpiece.  Those old clips use to break often and destroy the usability of the whole pod cartridge.

Sometimes its the little stuff that makes a big difference…

The way these caps snap off is great since it enables you to fill up without taking the pod cartridge out of the pod base. Much less dirty compared to other pod systems, making it ideal for when you’re on the road.

GK2 Flavor

The flavor of the Uwell Caliburn GK2 is excellent. I tried a ton of various juices, salt, and freebase in there, and they all performed flawlessly for the whole coil lifetime.

This is partly because to Uwell’s Pro-FOCS technology, which offers a self-cleaning function to keep the coil fresh for longer and enhance flavor.

Performance Lights & Vibrations

Much more so than its futuristic look may imply, utilizing the GK2 is a plain and uncomplicated process. However, we do love seeing the side bars light up to give us various signs. The bars will illuminate in order to show:

  • Glowing Red – Low voltage – When your pod vape needs to be recharged
  • An unclosed circuit – Also know as a dead coil
  • Blinking Green – Installation of a cartridge
  • Solid Green when plugged in – Finished Charging
  • Right after you take a draw (Battery life indicators) – Green: Battery high, Blue: Battery, Red: Low battery  

In addition to the lights it also vibrates to give you information.  It will vibrate when the battery is drained and needs recharging.  It will also vibrate when charging has completed.


MegaVaper Conclusion

The Caliburn GK2 is a terrific product that is simple to recommend to both seasoned and novice vapers.  It is particularly well suited for folks who are new to vaping because of how simple and easy it is to use.

It is very portable and lightweight, and I applaud Uwell for doing this without compromising anything. It feels really good in your hands, smooth, soft, but solid. With the distinctive form and design of the Koko Prime and all the comfort and convenience of the Caliburn G2. For this UWell all-star, please sign us up.

The Caliburn GK2 puts all the necessities of vaping into a stunning tiny box that weighs just 45.2 grams and completely nails them. It doesn’t have adjustable wattage or a ton of frills and whistles, but it does them all very well. The GK2 is a fun, dependable, and small device that you may use for MTL or r-DTL vaping with your preferred salt nic e-liquid.

Would I buy it?

If I didn’t already have the Koko Prime I would probably buy this.  Thing is both pod vapes utilize the same coil so the flavor is almost identical.  The leg up is that adjustable airflow wheel on the GK2.  I don’t really care about the lights as cool and helpful as they are. But that airflow allows you to tune the draw really really tight, unlike my KOKO Prime.

Contact MegaVaper.com and have a staff member answer any questions you have about this item or anything else that is or is not on the website. We’ll be pleased to address any inquiries you may have so you may choose your vaping supplies with confidence.

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