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The ePuffer XPOD Pod system was sent to us as a gesture of kindness after a dispute the company and I had over an unrelated matter.  They knew we loved these kinds of vape treats and after our dispute, I said hey “Do you have any treats?” And they quickly sent out some nice vape treats for me. 

Thank you ePuffer!  But I still have to provide my honest review.

E-puffer was founded in 2007, with offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, with goods sold in 26 countries. How does the XPOD stack up against competing pod devices in a market saturated with them? Let’s get started.

Getting Started

The ePuffer XPOD is a pod stick vape with a sleek design.  Its body is made from plastic and it is probably the lightest pod system I have ever felt.  Light pod systems and vapes are nice because it makes it easier to chain vape all day.  But this small and lightweight design does not come without its drawbacks.    One of those drawbacks is a 375 mAh internal rechargeable battery. This is definitely not the smallest battery but it’s also a little bit below average compared to other stick pods on the market.  But somehow, I find the ePuffer XPOD lasting almost as long as my Caliburn G.  Surprising right?  Considering the battery is about half the size.  Maybe the secret lies in the cartridges which we will get to in a second

When the gadget is turned on, it flashes, and once the battery needs to be charged, it flashes.

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ePuffer Cartridges

The ePuffer XPOD comes with three blank cartridges to use with your own liquid.  There are also optional pre-filled pods that can be purchased separately.  If you don’t really know how to shop for e-liquid bottles then you can’t go wrong with the prefilled e-juice pods they offer on their website.  Overall, the flavors are very good.  What is very good? Well, crisp clean flavor, you can actually tell which fruit you are vaping on.

Open and Closed Pods

The availability of blank pods and prefilled pods make the ePuffer XPOD pod system more versatile than others on the market.  If you don’t already know this pod stick is designed as Open and Closed.  Most pod sticks are open, meaning that you are responsible for picking up some e-liquid bottles and filling your own pods. 

Closed pod cartridges on the other hand are the popular pick for the entry-level or beginner to vaping.  You don’t need to try and figure out whether you need “freebase” or “salt nics”, and which e-liquid companies to steer clear of because they have god-awful flavors of e-juice.

Recommended Nic Salt Strength

The prefilled pods are available in two nic salt concentrations: 2% and 3%, with many different flavors to pick from. We recommend picking up the 3% pods if you are anything but a light smoker.  Light to almost non-existent smokers should go with the lightest nic salt concentration of 2%.  We were provided 3% XPOD pod cartridges.

Coils & Capacity

The ePuffer XPOD pods are packaged in a chicklet blister pack with a plastic protection sticker on the pod’s bottom. The x-pod pod stick is a draw-activated device that is easy to set up. Featuring a tiny white light at the base of the battery that illuminates as you take a hit. It also illuminates when it is charging.

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The pod cartridges don’t hold a ton of e-juice.  Coming in at 1.5mL, I think it’s a little larger than the JUUL pod.  What was very interesting was the fact that the coils are rated at 2.7 ohms.  Generally, most competitors to the ePuffer XPOD will use coils around 1.2 ohms.  1.2 ohms already produces a rather cool vaping experience. 

Throat Hit

But the 2.7-ohm coils actually produces a semi warm vape.  I did rather enjoy the warmth, it brought out some extra flavor in the pods.  I am also curious as to what gauge coil they use because the vape experience was smoother than most.  The throat hits were not as harsh as some other pod sticks I have tried, and the shape of the mouthpiece on the XPODs is very slim and comfortable to vape on.

XPOD Flavor

An introduction of the ePuffer XPOD flavor line.  These were three e-juice flavors chosen at random and included in the package by ePuffer. More prefilled pod flavors can be found here.

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We started with the tobacco, which is a flavor that I haven’t vaped in about 10 years. I was curious to discover what ePuffer’s tobacco flavor is like. It smells a bit like butterscotch.  But it tastes like sweet tobacco. I suppose that’s why they named it tobacco butterscotch.  Vaping on it took me back to my earlier days when we didn’t have flavors in gas stations.  We had vape pens without flavor choices, you either bought one, or you went on your merry way. 

Let me state unequivocally that it wasn’t half bad.  The boldness of the tobacco provides slightly more throat hit than most other flavors. 

Lemon-Citrus Fusion

I wasn’t sure how good lemon would be since I generally stick to what I know when it comes to the flavors I vape, and I’m not a big lover of mango. This flavor shocked me since it wasn’t sour at all, but rather tasted like a mild lemon and citrus sherbet. Very similar to Dinner Lady’s lemon except without the gram cracker notes.  It’s light and refreshing, with a hint of sweet meringue on the exhale.


Well, we have saved the worst for last.  Literally.  The mango tasted great except for the menthol.  The lemon pods had a hint of menthol which I did not mind, but the mango had a much stronger taste of menthol.  Honestly, it was not even that strong.  I have tasted way stronger menthol from NKD100, although it was just enough menthol to make the whole experience unpleasant. 


The ePuffer XPOD is packaged in a beautiful sleeve with a picture of the gadget and some information. The package also states that three black pods with 1.5 mL of e-liquid capacity, 1.35-ohm resistance, and a 375mAh battery are included.

A pretty decent-sized instruction book in many languages, your type c charging cable, and your three blank pods and batteries are all included in the package. Very well laid up and presented.

The x-pod is mainly targeted at individuals who are interested in trying out vaping for the first time. We believe that this would be an excellent set-up for any novice vaper, and it would certainly satisfy and keep them interested in vaping.


As soon as you see the x-pod packaged up, you’ll know you’ve bought a high-quality product with a futuristic appearance.  The plastic body has a hex-shaped triangle pattern inlay up and down the pod stick.

I got the violet ePuffer XPOD, which feels great in the hand and is easy to pick up anytime I need a toot.

It is really not typical to see any manufacturer bundle three blank refilling pods in the package.  Usually, there is only one extra pod included, and if you’re really lucky then two.


The design, the three blank pods, and the fact that it’s type c rechargeable with pass-through are the main pro points that I believe set this x-pod apart from the competition. 

The ePuffer also has Pass-Through vaping capability build into its pod system.  Major plus, for those who don’t know, pass-through vaping is when the pod system allows you to vape while the battery is charging.

We have had a good amount of time with the ePuffer XPOD and I can say that I have not experienced any leaking issues.  There was also no spit back (when you get juice in your mouth from inhaling).  These are two major issues with about half the pod sticks on the market today.

The only real drawback on this system or area where we could see for improvements to be made are on the wicking for the blank pods.  Even with a 50/50 blend e-juice, I noticed that the coils had a hard time keeping up.  After about 5-10 puffs straight I had to put it down so the system could re-wick itself.   If you want to fill the blank XPOD pods then we recommend you would use any e-liquid below 50% VG.  But keep in mind that this is only for the open pods, which is probably irrelevant to most of the target market for this pod stick.  Overall, this is a satisfying vape.  Recommended.

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  • Battery Capacity: 375mAh
  • POD Cartridige Capacity 1.5ml
  • Length: 4.3″ | 110mm
  • Width: 0.8″ | 20mm
  • Depth: 6-11mm
  • Weight: 23g

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