6 Best Vape Pens & Tube Mods | E-Juice Vaping

The Best tube mods and vape pens in particular are the most similar in size and shape to a combustible cigarette or cigar.  It’s no wonder why these vapes have been so successful at helping tobacco users kick the habit.

These days vaping has become the go-to alternative for quitting tobacco products, and a trend that everyone wants to be a part of. Markets are full of vaping products, but the trendiest one is the vape pen.   Unlike the conventional box mod, pens and tube mods do not have any corners so they are more comfortable to hold.  There are various vape pens available today, and choosing one that is best suitable for you is crucial. We will look at all the things related to vape pens or tube mods most useful for customers who want to use them.

The new type of vape kits are known as stick pens, vape pens, or tube mods, and some of the users call them vaporizers. We have outlined all of the important features each vaping device offers so you can decide which pen or tube appeals most to you. Afterward, we will explain why and how you should use them, and the benefits of vape pens.

Best E-Liquid Pen Kits

1. Freemax Twister 2

The Freemax Twister 2 80W Starter Kit is a vape device that consists of the Twister 80W variable wattage integrated battery tube mod and the Fireluke 2 mesh coil sub-ohm tank. The Twister 80W mod uses a 2300mAh integrated battery and twist design variable wattage function, an easy twist of the base then you can quickly change the output wattage from 5- 80 watts, the simplest method of its kind. The Freemax Twister chip has a lot of protective features like short circuit security and low-power warning, on the other hand, the LED light ingrained inside the firing button shows the numerous working conditions.

The Fireluke 2 is the upgraded variation of the initial Fireluke M, updated with the brand-new Patented Tea Fiber Cotton, which originates from 100% natural tea tree, with a healthy and tidy tea scent to revitalize your taste buds. Integrated with the best mix of the brand-new tea fiber cotton and diamond pattern mesh coil structure, it provides a perfect balance of the e-juice feeding and soaking up capabilities, which offers refresh vapor and prevents leaks.

The Freemax Fireluke 2 embraces the recently created Slide-to-Open leading fill system. A basic slide of the cap on the top lets you fill the tank with ease, while the trademarked Vent Hole style efficiently speeds up the filling procedure and avoids the possibility of leakage.


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2. Aspire Tigon

Presenting the Tigon package, a simple to utilize ‘kid safe’ compact tube mod from ASPIRE. It can be utilized as an MTL (mouth to lung) or a limited DTL (direct to lung) vape. It is the very first Aspire item to utilize an innovative style that will seal the wicking holes in the tank when the coil is eliminated.

The Aspire Tigon Kit can be found in 2 sizes, A non TPD 24.5 mm variation with a 3.5 ml capability tank and a 23mm 2ml capability TPD variation. The battery capability of the 24.5 mm Tigon package is 2600 mAh and the 23mm TPD choice of the Tigon set has a battery capability of 1800mAh.  Sufficient to keep you going throughout the day under regular usage.

The Tigon set comes provided with an option of MTL, longer design, drip suggestion, and a somewhat larger bore ‘stubby’ design drip suggestion more matched to limited DTL hits.

The silicon fill port on the TPD variation tank has a self-sealing valve into which you can place your e-liquid filling bottle nozzle to fill the tank. Closing the tank is the opposite, move the cap back into location covering the silicon seal and press down. Keep in mind, when utilizing a brand-new coil, let the cotton of the coil fill in the e-liquid for 5 minutes or two prior to you begin to vape. This will guarantee that you do not get dry hits or harm the coil.

Aspire Tigon Tube Mod Pen Starter Kit 28W 2600mAh-500x500

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3. Vaporesso SKY SOLO Plus

The Sky Solo Plus package is a basic, portable system that is best for novices and anybody who likes a great-looking pen system that produces excellent vapor and flavor.

The Sky Solo Plus package by Vaporesso is an easy-to-use, portable vape pen which is ideal for vaping newbies and anybody who likes a stylish pen device that produces terrific taste and vapor. Including a single functional button, a twist-off leading fill tank with an enormous 8ml vape juice capability, and a 3000mAh battery, this package will keep you blowing clouds for days.

It has a sophisticated OMNI board mini chip that regulates power and guarantees efficiency.  Built into the board are a bunch of safety and security features such as no-load, low power, overcharging protection, short-circuit, and low resistance protection. The set includes a pre-installed Vaporesso GT coil (mesh variation) developed for turbo heating with thick clouds and complete taste efficiency.

To broaden that variety, Vaporesso has actually presented the Sky SOLO Plus Vape Pen Starter Kit to appeal to many smokers brand-new to vaping as well as vapers who have experience but are looking for a basic and straightforward backup system. This system consists of a larger than average rechargeable battery cell and is capable of holding more flavorful e-liquid in its tank than most sub tanks offered by others.

Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Vape Pen 3000mAh-500x500

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4. Innokin GoMax Tube

Innokin’s GoMax goes one step further in providing an easy to use e-liquid pen.  These kits utilize Innokin’s disposable tanks.  This means you don’t have to clean the tank ever!  You can simply throw away the whole unit once you are finished with it.

The GoMax Tube is enhanced for providing the most significant tastes and vapor with the very popular GoMax Sub-Ohm Tank! Power up with the GoMax Sub-ohm Tank and get more tastes from Plex3D Matrix coils with Organic Cotton and Wood-Pulp wicking. The innovative grid style of Plex3D Matrix disperses power uniformly and warms ultra-fast for more extreme tastes and clouds.

The GoMax Sub-Ohm Tank has a 24mm size with a big 5.5 ml capability that includes a slide to fill leading and silicone seal. Turn the bottom adjustable airflow ring to concentrate on tastes, clouds, or a fantastic mix of both. Loaded with 3000mAh of power and charged with micro USB, the GoMax Tube includes a tri-color battery capability sign and incorporates security defenses.

Innokin GoMax Tube Starter Kit 80w 3000mAh-500x500

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5. SMOK Stick V9

The SMOK Stick V9 Set is a brand-new updated variation of the initial Stick V9 as the most recent pen-style tube mod of SMOK Stick series, which pairs together the Stick V9 Mod with the Stick V9 Tank to bring you an excellent Sub-Ohm vaping and cloud chasing experience.

Powered by an unmatched integrated 3000mAh battery, the Stick V9 Mod uses a direct voltage output system to produce high levels of output for all-day vaping. The Stick V9 Mod includes a resilient and tough chassis, integrated with a pentagonal fire button with a smart battery life indicator for a premier attractive outlook.

The Stick V9 Tank is a freshly created Sub-Ohm Tank to be completely suitable with Stick V9 Max Mod. The Stick V9 Tank includes an incredibly big 8.5 ml E-liquid capability for long-last vaping, a hassle-free leading filling system, and updated triple bottom airflow control. The Stick V9 Max Tank embraces the brand-new effective coil system which is a specifically produced Stick series, featuring a 0.15 ohm Mini V2 S1 Single Mesh Coil and 0.15 ohm Mini V2 S2, Quadruple Coil, for thick taste and extreme clouds even at a lower wattage.

Standing apart amongst stick vape tube mods with exceptional look and efficiency, the Stick V9 is a brand-new power master for your vaping life.

SMOK Stick V9 Vape Mod Starter Kit 3000mAh-500x500

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What is a Vape Pen?

Understanding a vape pen and how it works is essential. It consists of a vape tank that is heated by battery power and, as a result, produces vape. The name vape pen is used as the vape looks like a cylinder, similar to a pen and thus they are called pens. A rechargeable battery powers them.

Vape pens were first introduced to customers by Janty in 2010. Then they started mass-producing it for users. Vape pens gained popularity because they came with a bigger battery and more e-liquid capacity. They are more advanced, plus cartridge, the atomizer can be changed easily. A vape pen or tube mod is used to describe a vape device that is used with e-liquid to produce vapor.

A vape pen consists of three parts.

  • Tube Shaped Vape Battery
  • Atomizer Coil (Fits Inside the Tank)
  • E-Liquid Tank

The tank that usually comes pre-packaged with pen kits is usually the same brand sub-ohm tanks.  However,  there is nothing to stop you from attaching your favorite rebuildable tank.  The tube battery has a 510 threaded connection that is compatible with 95% of tanks and RDAs on the market. They can be filled with any e-juice according to the vapers’ taste.

Different Types of Vapes Pens & Tube Mods

Vape pens can be divided into different types depending on the liquid used to produce vapor.  The ones mentioned here are e-liquid pens and tube mods.  Meaning you fill these vapes up with eliquid.  These liquids can contain nicotine or there are optional e-liquids that contain no nicotine at all.

E-liquid Pen Vape 

These vape pens are filled with nicotine salt e-juices or zero nic juices.  While it is possible to fill them with CBD, this may not be optimal for these particular e-liquid tube mods and vapes.  The vapes listed here are best suited for salt nics or freebase e-liquid.

CBD Vape Pen

These types of pens are geared toward the use of flavorful CBD E-Juices.  A CBD pen has a couple of varieties.  You can get them with prefilled cartridges or buy a separate bottle of liquid on its own.  Generally, you would never want to use a tube mod with CBD, only pens.

Vaping Components

The tube mods work in a way that the rechargeable battery provides the power to heat the coil present in the atomizer. The e-liquid present in the atomizer gets soaked up in the cotton that is present on the coil. So, when the coil heats, it heats up the cotton and turns the liquid into vapes that you can inhale and gain that amazing feeling.

Using a Vape Pen

The E-Liquid vape pen comes in different shapes and sizes but works on the same process as listed above. It usually has three parts.

  • Replaceable Coil – You will need to replace this when either your vape tastes burnt or it becomes impossible to get any airflow through the tank.
  • Refillable Tank – This will need to be refilled every once in a while with e-juice.
  • Vape Battery – The battery will usually have an indicator warning you of a low battery.  When your pen’s battery gets low, it’s time to recharge it.

Now we will look at how our vape or tube mods can be used to get the best vape. Here are some instructions for the vapers to utilize to get the best performance from their e-liquid pen.

  • Read all the manual instructions given in the Vape Kit.
  • Charge your battery fully before first use
  • If the coil is pre-installing its ok if not to read the manual on how to put it on
  • Then fill the tank with e-liquid.
  • Let the cotton soak up the e-liquid into the pen.
  • Press the power button to heat the pen’s atomizer coil.
  • Now put your mouth on the inhaling part and push the firing button to start vaping.

Choosing The Best Tube Mod

When you want to buy a vape pen or tube mod, you need to know what specification you want in your vape pen. It depends on the type of pen you want. Some people wish to have lightweight, small, easy to carry, and long battery vape. It also depends on how much you want to spend on it. Moreover, some want to have longer battery life and a bigger e-liquid pen tank for a long-lasting experience. So, when you want to buy vaping pen, keep all of these things in your mind.

Vape Pen Advantages

A vape pen or tube mods are handy for people who want to quit smoking, which is the best alternative to traditional smoking. It removes the need for nicotine from your life, gives the same taste as most cigarettes, and ends your craving for cigarettes. It can be used easily and is not dangerous to health. Using a vape pen is 95% safer than a cigarette as it has a more negligible effect on your respiratory system. A vape pen only contains e-liquid, it does not cause any harm or cause respiratory issues.

Is A Vape Pen Safe Or Harmful?

When we look at Tube mods or vape pens, we come to know that they are not that harmful to you. They are much safer. People can get an addiction to using vape all the time, but this is not at all harmful. The nicotine used in Vape pens is less dangerous and does not produce large particles as in cigarettes. So, in the case of nicotine in Tube mod or vape pen, it’s less harmful or addictive.

The risk is caused when you inhale something, and it causes harmful effects on your lungs, but in the case of vape pens, they don’t have any harmful effects on your lung and are much healthy. Even Vape pens use nicotine juice, but they convert this into an inhaled vape, however, it is not hazardous as traditional nicotine cigarettes.

Tube Charging 

The vape pen is rechargeable and needs to be charged frequently in order to run. It is a straightforward process to charge it. Just plug it with a USB cable and charge the Vape pen using a laptop or charger provided in the Vape Pen kit.

Pen Cleaning

Cleaning an e-liquid vape pen is essential to maintain the best performance and flavor.  A vaper needs to remove the e-liquid tank from the tube battery base and then take out the atomizer coil.  Depending on the type of e-liquid pen you have you will either need to clean or replace the atomizer coil weekly for the best vape pen experience.


In the end, we can conclude that vape pens are better than a traditional cigarette and they’re essential in the vaping industry. They have all the features for the best vaping experience and are easy and healthy to use. Anyone can use e-liquid vape pens from a beginner to someone who has been vaping for years, you’ll still be able to get the best vaping experience.


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