7 Best RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizers [2021]

The Best RTA tank is going to give you a quality vape. Depending on your preferences that can mean a lot of different things.

Our list of RTAs is meant to bring together the most current and desired traits that many people would like to see in there next tank atomizer. We will focus on tanks with the most positive features and the least amount of draw backs.

Rebuildable Atomizer tanks allow you to build your own custom coils. You can choose as few or as many coils as you can fit on a deck. There are endless possibilities when it comes to building your own coils, it’s all up to the imagination. The tank section of a rebuildable removes the need to drip directly on the atomizer every few hits. They come in a wide variety of tank sizes. You just fill once and vape for days or hours depending on how many clouds you’re chasing.

If you are not sure if an RTA vape tank is best for you, here are some of the reason vapers choose RTAs:

  • Portability – Not having to carry around a bottle of e-juice
  • Ease of use – No dripping involved

Best RTA Vape Tank

Vape technology is frequently changing and its a never ending battle to stay on top of it all. We are doing our best. This list is comprised of the most popular and longest lasting reliable RTAs on the market. In addition, the RTA list also contains some of the newest most talked about and highest preforming entries to the market. Each RTA tank has a unique set of advantages, and similar features, but each is wonderful in it’s own light.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single coil RTA or dual coil RTA vape tank type of person our list will have something for everyone. Some of them will be strictly single coil while others might be only dual coil, and in-between there are some that have the capacity to do both single and double depending on your mood.

Also, do not forget, you may want something that matches your box mod. Now, its time for you to choose the best RTA tank for your own vaping pleasure.

Here is the RTA Vape Tank List:


1. Wotofo Profile Unity Mesh RTA Vape

 Coil Build: Mesh Coil and Single Coil | Base Diameter: 25 mm DIA | E-Liquid Capacity: 3.5 / 5.0 mL
Wotofo has done it again.   From the makers of the Profile RDA comes just about the best RTA vape tank out at the moment.  The Profile Unity RTA Vape features mesh coils. But its not just any mesh tank.  This RTA utilizes springs under a ceramic cotton bed that keep your wick firmly pressed against the mesh coil.  For a perfect vape every time!
The Profile Unity utilizes a large mesh surface area that demands a lot of cotton.  If you’re looking for the best clouds and wicked vapor than this is the RTA vape your looking for.  Features swap-able glass tank sections for increasing your e-juice capacity from 3.5ml to 5ml.  It’s great for MTL as well as DL hitters.  The 5 holes on both sides provide an airy vape or turn the adjustable airflow down to half a hole for the most restricted lung hit you can get.

2. Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RTA

Coil Build: Single Coil and Dual Coil | Base Diameter: 25 mm | E-Liquid Capacity: 5.0 mL | Air: Top Airflow
The Dead Rabbit V2 RTA fits well on any mod with no overhang thanks to its sleek design. Made from the best high quality 304 stainless steel with a four post design sporting 2.5mm holes. Plenty of room to accommodate both single and dual coil builders.
If you have the RDA version then you will already be familiar with the build deck.  The Dead Rabbit RTA has an expandable e-Juice capacity of 5 ml by utilizing the included bubble glass tank.  Features fully adjustable top airflow which deliverers surprisingly good flavor and massive clouds.

3. GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA

Coil Build: Mesh Coil | Base Diameter: 25 mm | E-Liquid Capacity: 4.5 mL | Air: Top Airflow
The GeekVape Zeus X Mesh comes in at 25mm and features leak proof technology. It has a large build deck for plenty of room for placing the best mesh coil flavor monster. Air comes in through the top and separates around a special airflow chamber down into the coils.
Compatible with with 810 and 510 drip tips. The 510 pin is height adjustable and gold plated. Comes with the bubble glass E-Juice section with top airflow and detachable inside chamber.

4. Wotofo Serpent Elevate Vape Tank

Coil Build: Single Coil | Base Diameter: 24mm | E-Liquid Capacity: 3.5 mL |  Air: Top Airflow
The Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA has a revolutionary new airflow design. The key to this technology is an air flow that sits on top of the tank which prevents tank from leaking. Adjusting the airflow switch at the top creates a pressurized seal. The pressure from your draw pulls in the E-liquid allowing more efficient wicking, which produces its killer flavor! This is one of the newest and best RTA tank featuring, top fill and top notch stainless steel construction.

5. Dovpo Blotto RTA

Coil Build: Single Coil and Dual Coil | Base Diameter: 26 mm | E-Liquid Capacity: 2 mL / 6 mL  |  Air: Bottom Airflow

The Kylin V2 RTA is the best RTA tanks of both worlds. You get the option of building your favorite single coil or monster dual coil. The deck is uniquely setup to be post less, with a redesigned bottom air flow system, and leaving more room for bigger coils. The best for clouds and great flavor. Features 24k gold plating all around the pin connections for a stylish yet functional design. Features the same great adjustable e-Juice control and airflow customization.


6. Oumier Wasp Nano RTA Vape Tank

Coil Build: Single Coil | Base Diameter: 23mm | E-Liquid Capacity: 2 mL  |  Air: Bottom Airflow
The Oumier Wasp Nano Intake provides great flavor. If you’re a DTL or a MTL style vaper your going to enjoy vaping on this RTA. The best RTA tank if you’re looking for flexibility and small profile. She is 23 mm in diameter and dedicated to easy installation of single coil builds. The tank is strait line with a fill capacity of 2 ml of E-Juice.
This RTA features a 2 post build deck with air flow that comes out directly from posts, directly channeling the wick for the best flavor and clouds. Featuring fully adjustable airflow and gold plated 510 pin connector.

7. Silverplay Multi Airflow RTA Tank

Coil Build: Single Coil | Diameter at base: 24mm | E-Juice Capacity: 2 mL
The Silverplay with multiple airflow is quiet possibly one of the best single coil RTA tank system out right now. It features a two post design making RTA base builds easy.  Best of all, it comes with it’s own unique airflow system.
The included airflow caps are interchangeable and produce massive flavor thanks to its reduced chamber and shorter profile. The airflow comes up through the bottom and is exhausted directly at the coil. This singe coil RTA measures 24mm in diameter with solid build quality. It has a top fill system, PEEK insulators, adjustable juice flow control, and gold plated building deck.

The Best RTA Tank

The Best Rebuildable Atomizers don’t have to cost a lot. But at the same time they shouldn’t lack any features or functionality. While our list maybe completely subjective, the ones listed here are reasonably priced and some of the lowest priced RTA’s currently on the vape market.

There are many types of rebuildables atomizers on the market. Not all of them contain tanks, which is the best features on an RTA tank. If you’re interest in learning about other types of rebuildable vaping tanks, check out vaping.com or our post on clearomizers vs rebuildable tanks.

To see more of the best rebuildable tank atomizers released this year that may not have been included above, please head over to our RTA product Section.

We hope we helped you choose the best RTA tank for your needs!

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