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The glitz and glamor of both worlds. The best RDTA has all the great features of drippers and tank atomizers packed into a single rebuildable vape device!

The best RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers) are considerably similar to both RDAs and RTAs.  These little innovations offer the best features of both designs in one single atomizer.

What is an RDTA?

An RDTA combines the features of two different rebuildables.  The combination of these vaping features allows you to purchase one vape device instead of two.  This hybrid atomizer can save you a ton of money, and at the same time give you the best vaping experience with the least amount of hassle.  So, which atomizer features are we talking about?

RDAs – Dripping directly on the rebuildable atomizer coil to ensure fresh flavor with every pull from your vape. Drawbacks:  Dripping… well, requires a lot of dripping.  If you like to chain vape then this can become more of a chore rather than a vaping flavor pleasure.

RTAs – Tank capacity.  Just fill the tank with e-juice and vape for a long time without having to worry about dry hits, or remember where you last left your bottle of e-liquid.  Drawbacks: This design is not built for flavor.  E-liquid is subject to constant direct hitting light, Oxidation of e-liquid can mute or dull flavor.  Tall tanks tend to have a large and long chamber that also dull vapor flavor.

RDTAs – Dripping + Tank Capacity. Drawbacks: Not being able to decide whether you want to fill the tank or drip on the coil head.

Advantages of an RDTA

An RDA or dripper gives you the capability to drip on your atomizer allowing you to get that fresh new bottle flavor all of the time.  The typical RDA will have a small e-juice well with no indication of how much e-juice is left at the bottom.  RDTAs can accommodate more vape juice by using a tank instead of an e-juice well under the build deck.  In addition, RDTAs incorporate RTA features as well, providing a clear glass vape tank so you know how much e-juice is left in the atomizer.

  • Cleaner Flavor
  • Functions Like a Dripper
  • Tank for holding E-Liquid
  • Multiple filling options
  • Coils can be Rebuilt
  • Removes the need for Squonkers
  • Extra e-liquid from dripping flows into the tank.

With a wide array of options and styles of build decks, coil setups, and e-juice capacities, there is an RDTA that suits the needs of every kind of vaper. The popularity of RDTAs has been increasing as vapers see the advantages of having all of the rebuildable atomizer features together in one device.  There are many manufacturers introducing some powerful and efficient RDTA products to the market. This article will discuss the best RDTAs available in the market today.

Best RDTA Vapes

Big tanks and great flavor. Here we come!

1. Wotofo Profile Mesh (Overall Best RDTA)

Profile Best RDTAs on the Vape Market 350

RDTA Diameter: 25 mm
Coil Support: Mesh Coil, Single Coil, Dual coil
Fill Capacity: 6.2 mL

Extremely versatile RDTA with 3 Different wire configurations to choose from!

The Wotofo Profile RDTA is a stunning and unrivaled cloud monster. It is a 25mm atomizer with an extremely spacious build deck, ideal for mesh coil configurations. Built with high-quality steel and virtually seamless in design, this RDTA is portable, user-friendly, easy to build on, and enjoyable to use. It features an adjustable airflow that directs air straight to your mesh coil via either post. The product comes with the required spares, Japanese organic cotton, and spare glass.

This Wotofo Profile RDTA has a ULTEM top cap that gives a heat-free vaping experience and performs exceptionally well when combined with a 510-drip tip adapter for vapers who wish to be in charge of their intake. Another amazing feature of this innovative atomizer is the dedicated e-liquid fill port. Apart from producing great vape clouds, this sturdy atomizer functions well on practically all types of mods. It is a perfect choice for both newbies and veteran vapers looking for the best RDTA vape.

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2. Vandy Vape Pyro V4 (Most Popular RDTA)


Deck Diameter: 25.5mm
Support: Single Coil & Dual Coil
E-Juice Capacity: 5 mL

Almost a decade in the making and fine tuning the Pyro line of RDTAs.

1, 2, 3, … Presenting the Vandy Vape PYRO V4 RDTA, which includes a robust dual slotted grid airflow control ring, a 5mL side fill capacity, and a postless build deck. The PYRO V4 RDTA’s chassis boasts an incredibly clean and stunning design thanks to its sturdy stainless steel construction.  Two coil build setups that both supply great flavor and cloud production.  Lot of features and great construction make this one of the best RDTAs this year.

The deck-based ventilates to a honeycomb construction and has a dual slotted top airflow control, which floods the inserted coil structures with airflow to produce lots of flavor and vapor from your preferred e-juice. With a postless build deck, coil leads can be firmly fastened by being dropped into deck-based terminals and being attached from the side.

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3. Hellvape Helheim S (Best Flavor RDTA)


Deck Diameter: 25 mm
Support: Single Coil
E-Juice Capacity: 5 mL

From a brand that knows what rebuilding atomizers require.

A little smaller then its brothers but provides better flavor with its smaller chamber. Presenting the Hellvape Helheim S 25mm RDTA, which offers mouthwatering taste and vapor thanks to its two airflow control systems, postless build deck, and 5mL tank capacity.

The Helheim S RDTA, made of sturdy stainless steel, uses a single coil construction deck and accepts big or unusual coil configurations inside the deck base terminals.  Featuring less maintenance and uses less cotton, while continuously delivering great clouds without any dry hits.  The Helheim S 25mm RDTA uses four stainless steel wick wires to draw e-juice up to the bridge and installed coil structure, which are side-secured by flathead screws.

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4. Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V3 (Best Single Coil RDTA)

Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V3 RDTA 25mm 7mL-500x500

RDTA Diameter: 25 mm
Build Post: Single Coil Configuration
Filling Capacity: 6 mL

Supreme flavor and performance… the 3rd version only gets better!

The Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V3 RTDA is a feature-loaded rebuildable atomizer measuring 25mm in diameter and with a juice capacity of 3ml. Filling this tank is a breeze, just remove the top cap to reveal the center fill port found in the middle of the beautifully designed chassis. The top cap features spit-back protection that makes issues of leaking a fairy tale. The tank implements a dual-post, single-slot design whereby each post has a 3mm diameter slot and tightened at the top with high-quality Philips flat screws to house an array of big coil structures and interesting configurations.

The Aromamizer Supreme V3 RTDA vape tank has two airflow styles: a bottom two air slots that channel air straight into the coil chamber and a cyclonic airflow system whereby the top cap features a dual slotted airflow. Its base and deck section consists of broad 24k gold plating that takes conductivity to the next level and PEEK insulation that enhances durability. This RDTA vape tank is made of first-grade stainless steel construction.

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5. Vandy Vape Mato RDTA (Best Single Coil RDTA)

Vandy Vape Mato RDTA Vape Tank 24mm 5mL-500x500

Diameter Base: 24 mm
Build: Single Coil
Juice Holder: 5 mL

Its been around the block and is still here proclaiming as one of the best RDTAs to date.

The Vandy Vape Mato RDTA is a multipurpose genesis-style Atty constructed with convenience and a high level of performance in mind. It features a brilliant squonkable 510 pin. This squonk pin is designed to allow vapers to remove a micro hex screw and transform this device into a squonkable tank. This design makes the Mato one of the best top fill/bottom fill RDTAs in the market. Squonkers can use their squonking mod to feed directly from the tank. With the removable pin, vapers can shift from squonker RDTA to an ordinary RDTA vape without spending time rebuilding again.

The Mato RDTA tank has implemented several micro details to differentiate itself from the huge competition. For instance, it has a centered airflow lock, three distinct airflow designs, and two tips. The top cap features grooves that allow it to lock and assist the user in two crucial ways: enable the user to maintain the airflow at the center always and remove the Atty from their mod. The three airflow styles allow you to tailor your vaping experience to suit your needs. You can enjoy a tight, lovely MTL draw or an enjoyable airy cloudy draw. This awesome RDTA vape comes with two drip tips, one built with Delrin and the other built with resin/acrylic.

Can run in either RDA mode or RDTA mode.

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6. Steam Crave Ragnar (Best Mid-Size RDTA)

Steam Crave Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA 35mm 28mL-500x500

RDTA Diameter: 35 mm
Coil Support: Single Coil – Quad Coil
Fill Capacity: 18-28 mL

From a brand that specializes in making many great RDTAs.

Steam Crave’s Aromamizer Ragnar Revolutionary RDTA features advanced attachments for a more customized vaping experience. This baby is a beast, measuring in at 35mm in diameter and adjustable height.  The Steam Crave Aromamizer Ragnar has an 18ml e-juice capacity and two 28ml tube substitutes.  So you can run it in two different tank sizes.  An included transformation chimney can be used to prolong the life of your Aromamizer.

The Steam Crave Aromamizer Ragnar even has a chamber reducer, allowing it to be used for both the mesh and Velocity decks of the Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2. For squonk MODs, both the mesh and Velocity decks have BF pins. The Steam Crave Aromamizer Ragnar’s airflow system gives vapers a smooth and tasty taste. The postless building deck makes coiling and wicking a breeze.  There is plenty of space to build and even setup quad or octal coils.

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7. Thunderhead Creations Artemis V2 TC RDTA

Thunderhead Creations Artemis II Top Coiler RDTA 500x500

Bottom Diameter: 25 mm
Support Builds: Single & Dual Coil
E-Liquid Capacity: 4.5 mL

Vape on with the 25mm Thunderhead Creations Artemis V2 Top Coiler RDTA, which has a 4.5mL tank capacity, a postless build deck, and dual coils for flavorful vapor. The Thunderhead Creations ARTEMIS V2 RDTA features a stunning chassis made of premium stainless steel. A postless building deck that can accommodate a single or multiple coil arrangement is located beneath the exterior.

The ARTEMIS V2 RDTA, which uses a cutting-edge one screw side fastening mechanism, is ideal for individuals who wish to experience stress-free constructing. One of the best new RDTAs out on the vape market. The Artemis V2 RDTA can be refilled from the side or the bottom and has a tank capacity of up to 4.5mL of e-liquid.  Provides great feeding action though metal spiral strains.

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8. Steam Crave Aromamizer Titan v2 (Best Large RDTA)


Diameter: 41 mm
Build Coils: Dual Coil Configuration
E-Liquid Capacity: 32 mL

The mother of all RDTAs is here!  This beast contains 10x the e-juice capacity than the average RDTA.

Presenting the Steam Crave Aromamizer TITAN V2 41mm RDTA, which comes with a 32mL maximum capacity, a postless build deck, and a variable juice flow control. The Aromamizer TITAN V2 RDTA is made of sturdy stainless steel and combines performance with eye-catching design components. The Aromamizer Titan V2 RDTA can provide all-day vaping without the requirement for refills because its enlarged tank can hold up to 32mL.  This is the best RDTA when it comes to e-liquid capacity. 32mLs is enough for any chain vaping clould master.

The Titan V2 RDTA expands on the postless build deck by supporting twin coil configurations set in either a parallel or series layout for optimum versatility. The build deck is large and simple to work with, making it simple to fit enormous or unusual coil designs. The coil leads are side-secured with flathead screws. The device contains a multi-hole airflow control ring for precise airflow management along with an adjustable juice flow control on the side that makes it simple to fill up and carefully tune the juice flow rate.

One of the newer RDTAs out there and should be ranking higher.

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There you go! A list of the best RDTAs available in the market today. Even the most powerful and efficient RDTAs need trial and error to identify the best build and wicking. Therefore, you will need to try out different builds and methods to identify which one is ideal for you.

RDTA Tips & Benefits

Coil Position

This RDTA tip applies to all rebuildable atomizers.  The key here is to position coils directly underneath the airflow.  If the airflow is on the side of the RDTA then you should position the coil so that it sits next to the airflow hole opening.  This will help you get a smoother vape and bigger clouds.

Wick Length

Experiment with different wick lengths.  Some RDTAs tend to feed e-liquid easier with the wicks sitting on top of the feeding ports.  This is because too much cotton in the ports can cut off the flow of e-liquid.  Other times you will find that it may be required to stick the wicks down the whole length of the tank.

Comb Cotton

Do I need to comb my cotton wicks? No, but the practice of combing the cotton can improve the wicking of e-juice.  The purpose of combing is to align all of the cotton fibers in the same direction.  With the cotton fibers all running in the same direction and parallel to each other you will see an improvement in wicking and less dry hits.  Keep in mind this is not required.  Most cotton wicking comes with most of the cotton already running in the right direction.

No Squonk Device Needed

The purpose of a squonk device is to apply flavor to an RDA without having to constantly drip.  Since RDTAs have a tank section, you have the option to utilize this in a similar manner to a squonk.  The RDTA tank will feed e-liquid to the atomizer coil without having to press on any bottles.

Flood & Leak Protection

A common issue with RDAs is leaking.  When dipping too much the e-juice can flow out of the airflow because there is nowhere else for it to go.  With an RDTA if you over drip, the excess e-juice will make its way down the wicks and into the tank.

Tank Tilting

If your vape seems a little dry then try tilting a little bit to accelerate the flow of e-liquid to the RDTA coil.

Disadvantages of an RDTA

  • Bulkier than an RDA
  • Wick works against gravity
  • Sometimes difficult to wick


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