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Broadside Admiral 20700 Mechanical Tube Mod – DISC

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Broadside Admiral Mechanical Mod

With a number of color choices, straightforward design and excellent build quality, the Broadside Admiral Mechanical Mod is the kind of unfussy, unregulated mod perfect for huge clouds.

When it comes to a tube mod, the design is usually secondary to the build. The Broadside Admiral has a build quality that is second to none. The machining is precise to a degree not often seen in vaping. The engineering and design of the entire build is top notch.

As an example, consider the fire button. The button is located at the bottom of the mod. Rather than operating on a spring or a magnetic pull, the button is a machined piece of metal. Pushing the button splits the metal into three pieces which becomes the contact. This system, a proprietary clutch-firing mechanism, demonstrates the extreme care and craftsmanship the Broadside Admiral was built with.

Another innovation from the Broadside Admiral is its ability to utilize either a 20700 or 18650 battery. Though designed for a standard 20700 battery, a Delrin 18650 adaptor sleeve makes the adjustment possible. Silver-plated copper contacts underpin the electrical contact system, yet more evidence of the exceptional build quality.

A floating 510 positive pin gives you the choice to place an RDA / atomizer atop the Broadside Admiral. The floating 510 positive pin can be adjusted up or down machining to suit any number of viable atomizers that fit the 510 threading.

Clean, comprehensively uniform machining makes the screwing and unscrewing of all parts easy and effortless. The struggles and strife of working on poorly built mods are an issue of the past with the Broadside Admiral. The system is safeguarded with downward facing vent holes to avoid complications and the contacts are fully insulated to prevent short circuiting.

Build Quality

Mechanical mods are simple by design, and the Broadside Admiral is no exception. What sets it apart from so many rivals is its exceptional build quality. The machining is precise and accurate. The contacts are made out of silver-plated copper. The mod is built out of solid metals. This mod will likely survive any and every hardship thrown at it.

Clutch-Style Firing Trigger

Fired from the bottom, the Broadside Admiral has a unique ‘clutch-style’ firing mechanism. The clutch-style firing mechanism is operated entirely mechanically, with no spring or magnets. Simply push the button and watch the metal contacts split in three to make three solid connections! This system creates a more cohesive and more consistent firing mechanism that works no matter how much pressure is on it and where it is pushed.

Floating 510 Positive Pin

The 510 positive pin ensures the threading is consistent and capable of adaptation. No matter what kind of atomizer you wish to use the Broadside Admiral can accommodate. The floating pin structure allows a greater degree of versatility, giving you more options on which atomizer, RDA or head you choose to use.

Battery Adapter

The Broadside Admiral Tube Mod is designed to use a 20700 battery as its standard power. It comes with a Delrin adapter sleeve, however, which makes the Broadside Admiral compatible with 18650 batteries. The Broadside takes a single battery of either size. Due to its exceptional attention to detail and build quality, the downward vents and adapter sleeve reduce the risk of a short circuit to almost nothing.

Four Colors

The Broadside Admiral comes in four simple but compelling color schemes. The admiral comes in black matte, copper, white copper, which looks either stainless steel or silver, and brass. All of the color choices are striking in their own way, giving you multiple good options to choose from.

The Broadside Admiral Tube Mod is straightforward but solidly built. It is a mechanical mod with characteristic simplicity, but it also features a meticulous attention to detail. If you are looking for a versatile and durable unregulated mechanical mod, the Broadside Admiral is a great option to consider.



  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Delrin Button Face
  • Admiral Mod (Copper or Brass) or Limited Edition Blackout
  • 20700 Mod
  • Accepts Single 18650 or 20700 Battery
  • 25mm Diameter
  • Short Circuit Safeguard
  • Negative Pole Inserted First
  • Proprietary Broadside Firing Switch
  • Adjustable Silver-Plated Copper Contacts
  • Optional Delrin Lined Tube: Decreases shorts from the damage battery wraps (ONLY WITH 18650, NOT Delrin Lined with 20700)
  • No Spring or Magnets: Helps reduce hot button and misfires
  • Vent Holes venting downward
  • NOT compatible with Broadside Stack Section

Box Contents

1x Broadside Admiral 20700 Mechanical MOD by Broadside Mods / BJ Box Mods
1x Delrin 18650 Battery Adapter Sleeve


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