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Unflavored Freebase E-Liquid Nicotine Base

Flavorless Liquid Nicotine base for mixing up homemade e-liquids. This is a Concentrated Nicotine E-Liquid Solution for DIY E-Juice recipes.  It is suggested to use gloves when handling high-strength nicotine.

INFO: 100mg Freebase Nicotine Base – List of suppliers. 

These freebase nic bases may be used to strengthen an existing batch of e-liquid or mix up a new batch of juice.

Low strength Unflavored liquids may be used as a solution to vapers tongue.

WARNING: If it is high strength then Must be diluted through the DIY mixing process. Not for vaping as is.  


  • 0-100mg Nicotine Base 
  • Nicotine Type: FreeBase
  • Price chart bases on 1-liter bottle size
  • Unflavored Solution
  • Amounts of PG/VG (Vary Based on Supplier)

Package Includes

1 x Bottle of Freebase Nicotine Base

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