12 Vaper’s Tongue Cures: I Can’t Taste My E Juice

I can’t taste my E Juice! You’re in luck! We can help you cure vaper’s Tongue.

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

At this point, you’re probably not as new to the vape game as you once were. Do you remember when every vape you use to take sparkled with fresh crisp flavor? You might not, in fact at this point it’s probably impossible to imagine the flavor as it once was.  You can’t taste your vape.

Vaper’s Tongue is when your E-Liquid flavor no longer tastes the way it once did. Your E-Liquid starts to taste bland and flavorless. You may think that you have lost your sense of taste, but the problem can be caused by a couple of different factors. Some of these factors include dehydration and prolonged exposure to the same flavor of E-Juice. Below, we will examine the problem and try to find a cure that works for you.

Vaper’s Tongue Cure

1. Cure Dehydration

Vaping will dehydrate your body as well as your mouth. Having a dry mouth will make it harder for your senses to experience the full flavor of your E-Juice. A dry mouth contributes to a loss of taste and flavor. Drinking lots of water is the best way to stay hydrated and continue vaping without a dry mouth.

If you just can’t find enough time in your day to get the recommended amount of water in your system, you could also just keep a bottle of water handy while you vape. Sip and vape, sip and vape.

2. Rotate Your E-Liquid Flavors Regularly

Prolonged use of the same flavor can dull your olfactory senses and lead to vaper’s tongue.

Your olfactory sense is your sense of smell which largely contributes to the way people perceive taste. Vaping the same flavor continuously without a break will diminish the flavor. It’s a good idea to have a few juices on hand and rotate them weekly, daily, or even per vaping session.

For this method, you may want to pick up some extra tanks or RDA’s.  Simply fill each tank with a different flavor or keep different flavored E-Juice bottles handy for dripping on different atomizers.  Alternatively, you can use the same atomizer but it may take a bit longer to distinguish the flavor swap.  When swapping flavors in the same tank, make sure that your previous liquid is all used up.  Add the new e-liquid flavor and give it 5-15 pulls.  This is about how long it will take to distinguish the new flavor.  Menthol flavors will take longer.

Vapers Tongue Cures I Cant Taste My E Juice - body

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3. Steep Your E-Juice

Certain E Juice flavors when freshly mixed will have little to no flavor. Steeping is a process by which you allow your E Juice to mix properly and develop its true flavor potential.

For this flavor cure, mix or buy a new bottle of E-Juice.  Before vaping your new juice try letting it sit for up to 10 hours without the cap. This method allows it to breathe.  Another way to steep is to place your bottles (cap on) in a dark place for 2 weeks or up to a month or more.  This can bring out the full flavor of an e-liquid in cure vaper’s tongue issues.

4. Vape Unflavored E-Juice

Give your senses a break. Maybe for a day or even a week. If you’re a DIY juice maker then you already know how to brew up a batch of this. For everyone else, you will need to get your hands on some Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

To do this try mixing a bottle with 50% or more Vegetable Glycerin. You can also go 100% Vegetable Glycerin but that’s not recommended for atomizers that don’t feed well with thick juice. Most importantly do not forget… don’t add any flavor! Vape on flavorless e-liquid for a bit, we recommend at least once a day.  Then switch back to your normal flavored e-juice and return to a tasty flavor-filled world.

Vapers Tongue Cures I Cant Taste My E Juice - unflavored

Unflavored E-Juice at Central Vapors

5. Less Airflow

Airflow is great for producing massive clouds, but it’s not so great for those flavor chasers out there. If you don’t already know, airflow is a killer of flavor. Especially top airflow that doesn’t redirect to the bottom of the coil!  A high percentage of air mixed in with vapor will create a flavorless vape.

To perform this cure, experiment by shutting off your top airflow channels or by closing off your main airflow channels just a little.  Some atomizers and tanks do not allow you to close off the airflow enough to experience enhanced flavor.  In these cases, you can take a piece of tape and place it over the airflow holds.  But this is a very hacky method.  If you want to experience better flavor we recommend switching from DTL to an MTL device.  There are RDAs, RTAs, and Pod Mods that are available on the market that are specifically labeled for MTL usage.

6. Switch To An RDA Or Top Coil

This vaper’s tongue cure is also related to airflow. Coils that sit closer to the mouth release vaper that has less of a chance to mix with the air. RDAs and some tanks have coils that sit closer to the top of the tank or atomizer which reduces this airflow mixture.  RDTAs also usually have a base coil section that sits on top of a tank.

Note: For this method airflow that pushes the vape is fine, but airflow that gets mixed in between the coil and the mouth is not.  Coils that sit closer to the mouthpiece produce more flavor and taste. Remember, the air is flavorless!

Check out some of our best recommendations for RDA’s with great flavor here.

7. Switch To Fused Clapton Coils Or Ribbon Wire (Flat Wire)

This is easier if you build your own coils, but some prebuilt replaceable atomizers might also offer these types of coils. Ribbon and Clapton coils intensify your vape. Simply because they offer much more surface area. You will not only get a bigger cloud but it will also intensify the tasty flavor.

Vapers Tongue Cures I Cant Taste My E Juice clapton wire

8. Check PG Levels

PG is known as Propylene Glycol and is a mixing agent used in E-Juice.  It will carry flavor better than Vegetable Glycerin (VG).  Try finding or mixing e-juices with 30%-40% Propylene Glycol (PG).  This will help to enhance the flavor profile carried from the vaping coils.  You may try up to a 50% Propolyne Glycol mix but it will have a greater impact on cloud production.  Higher VG content will produce bigger clouds but will diminish the taste and can leave a vape flavorless.

9. Coffee Bean Cure

Not just for wine tasting and trying on perfume, but also a cure for vaper’s tongue. Taking a deep whiff of fresh coffee beans will also reset your sense of taste.

10. Oral Tongue Hygiene

Yes, remember to brush your teeth and tongue regularly. Build-up on the tongue can block or diminish flavor from your vape.  Removing build-up can help you get your taste back.  However, this may not be the vaper’s tongue cure for you if the e-liquid is flavorless to begin with.

11. Refresh Cotton

An old piece of cotton or atomizer coil can greatly diminish flavor.  The residue from cold coils can leave a black charcoal taste.  If your coil is really old then you will not be able to distinguish the flavor notes on top of the burnt taste of old e-liquid residue.  A build-up of old residue can leave your vape flavorless and make you believe you have vaper’s tongue when you do not.  If you want fresh flavor then you need fresh atomizer coils.

12. Ditch Your E-Liquid Brand

Your favorite e-liquid brand may have been fine starting out.  But some brands just have naturally less flavor than others.  Move from a flavorless brand to one that is known for more pronounced flavor.  Sometimes it is the flavor itself that leads to vaper’s tongue.  For example, strawberry can have a faint flavor and therefore is often mixed with cream or banana.  Whereas something like watermelon and lemon always have a strong flavor all on their own.

Bonus Flavor Cure

You’ve come this far, so we must reward you.

This might sound stupid at first… But try moving your tongue around.  Seriously!  If you are experiencing vaper’s tongue.  How To Do This: Right before you vape hold your tongue to the right.  Then place your vape on the left side of your mouth and vape.  Mix and match these combinations.  If the tongue thing is too much for you, you can just try vaping out of the right side of your mouth and vaping out of the left side of your mouth.  Give it a try!

Also, try breathing out from your nose.

Vaper’s Take Away

Vaper’s tongue is rather simple.  I can’t taste my E Juice… You are suffering from a loss of flavor.  Vape sessions may seem flavorless, but the flavor is most likely still there unless you’re vaping a really old E-Liquid. Experiment with some of these flavoring solutions. Use one or more of the cures to discover a solution that works for you. These might not be cures that you are keen on doing but the end result will make all your hard work worthwhile. Don’t give up, breathe new life and rich flavor into your favorite e-juices!


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