Buy 100mg Nicotine Base E-Liquid DIY Mixing Solution

Where to buy 100mg nicotine base flavorless solution for mixing DIY E-Liquids.

Warning! High-strength nicotine base e-liquids are not to be vaped on their own.  These are concentrated nicotine e-liquids and must be diluted through a process of DIY mixing.  If you vape a 100mg nicotine e-liquid without diluting it, you can get very sick and even worse, end up in the hospital.  Please do not attempt to vape high-strength nicotine bases that are concentrated.

These e-liquid vendors are not vetted in any way.   Due to new government regulations, it may be difficult to find flavorless nicotine e-liquid bases or vendors that are willing to ship them.  Many nic vendors have gone out of business already. So, this might be a good time to stock up!

 This is a helpful guide that has been sourced to make finding distributors that are still actively shipping 100mg nicotine bases for mixing up some homemade vape juices.

INFO: Help Choosing the perfect level of flavorless nicotine to add to DIY E-Liquids.

  • Nicotine Types: Freebase Nicotine & Nic Salt Base
  • Prices are PG base nicotines unless otherwise stated.
  • Prices are subjected to changes at any time.
  • Please use a calculator to find out how much nicotine is right for you or your storage needs.
  • These may be vendor brands unless stated otherwise (1L = 1000mL & 1 Gallon = 3785mL)

100mg Nicotine Base Solution (USA Distribution List)

Central Vapors – $159.99 (TX)

The price shown above is per liter.

Vendor Carries both Nic Salt and FreeBase in full 100mg strength.  Flavorless Nicotine available in 3 different sizes (50mL, 120mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1000mL).  


Nicotine Giant – $64.95 (SC)

Unflavored Nic Liquids.  Carries Freebase and lower strength nic salts.


Vaping Zone – $89.95* (SC)

*add $10 for flavorless VG base


Perfect Vape – $255.48* (OK)

NicSelect flavorless brand (Unflavored).  Has both freebase nic and nic salt in 100mg strength.
*1 Gallon oz.


The Vape Mall – $100.98 (MO)

100mg in freebase only. 35mg Salt Base

TVM usually has two active coupon codes every weekend. These usually help you get a nice discount on flavorless nicotine. Codes are always the same – weekend15 (15% off) and 5off30 ($5 off $30+ order)


Heartland Vapes – $44.99 (Pickup only in OKC, OK)

Unflavored Nic available in Salt and Freebase


Vape Craft – $216.50* (CA)

*Liter of unflavored nic price calculated from 60ml price of $12.99


Carolina Xtraction Technologies – $147.25* (NC)

*add $2 for Unflavored VG base


DIY Flavorless Nicotine Solution (China | EU | AU Distribution)

Of course, the USA is not the only place to order DIY Nicotine solutions from.  Many parts of the world are still shipping 100mg nicotine solution for all e-liquid mixing.

HiLiq AU – $125.96 USD* (Ships from China or AU)

*Liter of flavorless nicotine price calculated from 250ml price of $31.49


HiLiq – $55.00 $125.96 USD (China & EU)

*Liter of flavorless nic price calculated from 250ml price of $31.49


Retail Vendors that have Discontinued Nicotine Base Distribution

New government regulations in the US have made it impossible for these companies to continue distributing 100mg Nicotine base e-liquid.  Many of these names you may recognize as they were some of the most popular places online to get a flavorless nicotine base.

Vendors Out of Business

  1. Wizard Labs – Still selling all other DIY supplies
  2. My Freedom Smokes – Entire store is gone.
  3. Delosi Labs – No Unflavored nic liquids
  4. Swagg Sauce
  5. Liquid Barn
  6. Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers
  7. River Supply Co
  8. Nic Vape – Does not offer unflavored nic.
  9. DIY Vapor Supply
  10. Nude Nicotine
  11. Xtreme Vaping

Glass Bottles for DIY E-Liquid Mixing

Come with Polycone Caps Included from GBO.  Flavorless nicotine will degrade over time. It is advised that you properly store 100mg Nicotine e-liquids in glass bottles that have a dark color.  Dark-colored glass bottles will prevent light from breaking down the nicotine inside the base.  The glass will keep the nicotine from becoming contaminated with plastics and other materials that could break down and combine with the nicotine solution.  Storing flavorless nicotine for long periods of time is recommended by using one of the following:

How many bottles will be needed to store the whole liter of Nicotine base?

  • 16oz=2 bottles per liter 
  • 8oz=4 bottles per liter 
  • 4oz=8 bottles per liter 
  • 2oz=16 bottles per liter​


(Free shipping on $25 and up)

16oz Bottles – 12/pk – $20.99
8oz Bottles – 12/pk – $18.89
4oz Bottles – 24/pk – $21.49
2oz Bottles – 24/pk – $18.99

Direct (Free shipping to 48 states):

16oz Bottles – 12/pk – $20.99
8oz Bottles – 12/pk – $19.99
4oz Bottles – 24/pk – $19.99
2oz Bottles – 24/pk – $18.99

DIY Mixing Supplies

If Mixing e-liquids by weight then you will need a scale.  E-Liquid DIY mixing by weight can be more accurate than choosing to mix by volume.  Scales are highly accurate measuring tools for ensuring you used the exact amount of ingredients for each homemade batch of e-liquid.


$40 – American Weigh Scale AWS LB-501 scale (Amazon)

A popular scale among vape DIYers. 500g max and 0.01g resolution. Comes with a 10-year warranty, AC plug, batteries, weights for calibration, hinged lid & tray, tare function. But there are a plethora of other 0.01g resolution scales you can buy, this one is highly recommended for accuracy when measuring 100mg nicotine.


$8 – Digital Scale w/ Weighing Tray

Some good reviews and ships from USA by the popular companies. Features a 500g max and 0.01g resolution, tare function, battery-powered only. 


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