Vaping Terms Dictionary – Complete Glossary [A-Z]

The Vape Glossary.  The biggest source for vape terms and terminology.

There are many people talking about electronic cigarettes nowadays.  Many vapers speak in acronyms and abbreviations for a longer word or a set of words related to vaping.  These are considered Vaping Terms. 

Take for instance “ECig” or “E-Cig”, that person is referring to an “Electronic Cigarette“.  But who has the time or the breath to waste on that?  We feel your frustration with the E-Cig community.  That’s why we have created the vape dictionary of all the old and new E-Cig vaping terms to be discovered.

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Vaping Terms

Each set of terms is categorized under their appropriate letter.  If you know what your looking for you can skip to that section.

- A to Z
Letter A - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Adjustable Power - The ability to change the wattage or voltage. Found on advanced box mods
Adjustable Voltage - The ability to change the Voltage. Found on advanced box mods.
Adjustable Wattage - The ability to change the wattage. Found on advanced box mods.
Advanced Personal Vaporizer - More advanced ecig mod. A mod with a processing chip. Will include features for adjusting voltage, wattage, temperature.
AFC - Air Flow Control. Tanks and rebuildables often have an option to Adjust this setting.
Alien Coil - Three wires strands wrapped with a single wire strand
Allen Key - A small wrench included with many rebuildables for unscrewing and clamping coils.
All Day Vape (ADV) - A persons preferred E-Cig device, favorite e-liquid flavor, or piece of hardware
American Wire Gauge (AWG) - Coil wire diameter size (ASTM Standard). Wire width. Higher gauge number means a smaller diameter of wire.
Amps - The amount of energy supplied by the Mod. The amount of energy draw supplied by an E-Cig Battery.
Analog Ecig - An electronic cigarette where you have to push a button to vape.
APV - Short for "Advanced Personal Vaporizer" See Advanced Personal Vaporizer Definition
Atomizer - A unit that sits on top of a tank or inside a cartridge.  Its function is to provide heat to eLiquid which allows vaporization.  Sometimes referred to as the cartridge itself.
Atty - The vaping abbreviation for atomizer, atomiser. See definition: Atomizer.
Automatic E-Cig - Inhale to activate firing instead of pushing a button. A mod that senses air movement as a firing mechanism instead of a button fire trigger.
Letter B - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Battery - A power cell. Usually rechargeable. Interchangeable but sometimes built in to Box Mods.
BCC - Bottom Coil Clearomizer or tank.
BDC - Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer or tank.
Beginners Kit - Geared at ease of use for beginners. An electronic cigarette kit that includes everything you need to take at least one puff.
Bottom Feeder - A atomizer or clearo where the coils sit on the bottom of the tank or setup. Juice has to flow down instead of up.
Box Mod -  A vaping device that is shaped like a box.  The part of the vaping setup which is the base unit, battery and controls.  With the evolving market the shapes have expanded to not just rectangles.
Breathing - Leaving the cap off of the E-Liquid for a short amount of time to let alcohol in the flavor evaporate.
Bridge - The part of an atomizer that delivers eliquid to the coils.
BT - Vaping Abbreviation for "Big Tobacco" companies.
BVC - Short for "Bottom Vertical Coil" - Clearomizers or cartridges with vertical coils. The air flows up the center of the coil instead of around.
Bypass Mode - A feature only found on regulated mods. Allows you to by pass the advanced mods circuitry and utilize the mod as a mechanical mod.
Letter C - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Cartomizers (Carto) - A cartridge or replacement atomizer that contains cotton wick, coil, and sometimes e-liquid. Other spellings: cartomiser
Cartridge - A unit that hold eLiquid and sometimes the atomizer.  Cartridges are generally disposable replacement parts and most commonly associated with Clearomizers.
Catch Cup - The area around the mod that catches stray drips and leaks.
Ceramic Coil - Used in place of conventional wire as the heating element. Provides longer life and reusability.
Chimney - The part of an atomizer or tank which provides a clear air passage from the base of the coils to the mouth piece.
Chip Set - A circuit board in a vape mod that controls the units functions. Not limited to power output, short circuit, heat, etc.
Cig-A-Like - A vaping pen. A vaping device made to look like a combustible cigarette. Alternative spellings: cigalike, cig-alike. Slang: Pen Style, vape pen
Clapton Coil - A string of wire wrapped around another wire. Used by coil builders.
Clearomizers - Tanks that hold eLiquid and an atomizer.  The atomizer is generally a replaceable part of the Clearomizer.
Clone - Replication of another product. Usually found cheaper then the original.
Cloud Chasing - A term used to describe electronic cigarette builders who care about nothing else but producing the largest clouds possible.
Clouds - Term used to describe the look of E-Cig Vapor.
Coil Jig - A rod or mechanism used for building coils.
Coils - A component inside of an atomizer. The part of the unit that deliver the power and is in contact with cotton or eLiquid. Usually made from various types of metal.
Core - The atomizer and its coil and wicking components. Can be replaceable or none replaceable.
Cotton Wick - Used for transferring eLiquid to the atomizer. Usually sits inside a coil. Safer alternative to Silica Wicks.
Custom Mod - A DIY mod. Hand made e-cig.
Cutoff - A safety feature build into a mod. Limits the firing of power to 10 seconds maximum(may vary). Also spelled: Cut-Off.
Letter D - Electronic Cigarette Terms
DCC - Dual coil cartomizer. Often used to describe a disposable cartridge for a vape pen.
Deck - The base of a rebuildable electronic cigarette. Usually holds a coil build. Contains positive and negative connection terminals
Dewick - Removing of the wicking material from the coil.
Disposable E-Cigs - A non-rechargeable electronic cig.
DIY eJuice - Making your own e-Juice. E-Juice also known as: E-Liquid, Vape Juice.
DL - Direct Lung Hit. Inhaling vapor directly to lung instead of holding in the mouth first. Also abbreviated DTL.
DNA Mod - An advanced mod that utilizes a DNA chip.
Drip Kit - Similar to a Starter Kit. Contains many of the parts to get started dripping.
Drip Tip - A mouth piece. This unit fits on to an atomizer.
Drip Well - The area around the base of a rebuildable atomizer. Holds eliquid.
Dripping - Applying eliquid in the form of drops directly on to the coil of an atomizer.
Drop In Coil - Replacement Coil for Tanks(Sub Ohm & Clearomizer). Pre-built coils. A term coined by the ECF(Electronic Cigarette Forum) in 2014.
Dry Burn - Firing of the atomizer to clean the residue from the coil. Can be done with wick on or dewicked.
Dry Hit - A harsh drag usually caused by the absence of eliquid or high temperatures.
DTL - Direct to lung. Taking a lung hit. Not allowing your mouth to take in the vapor but rather the flexing of the lung.
Dual Coil - Two coils. A common configuration for atomizers. Made from metal and is in contact with cotton or eLiquid.
Letter E - Electronic Cigarette Terms
ECF - E-Cigarette Forum: A large online community where vape users can go to ask questions and share information.
E-Cig - An electronic cigarette. A Box Mod. A Vape Pen.
E-Cigar - a vape mod that is constructed form of and looks like a cigar.
E-Hookah - An E-Cig, May have slightly higher flavor concentration.
E-Pipe - a vape mod that is constructed form of and looks like a tobacco pipe.
Electronic Cigarette - A device used to vaporize liquid into vapor. A Box Mod. A Vape Pen.
E-Liquid - A liquid substance sometimes containing nicotine. Additives include flavor extract, Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol. VG/PG
EV - An electronic vaporizer. Another name for an electronic cigarette.
Letter F - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Firing button - A button on a box mod that allows the power to transfer to the atomizer.
Flavor Chasing -  A term used to describe electronic cigarette builders who care about nothing else but producing the best flavor possible.
Flooding - Leaking or over filling a tank, rebuildable, or atomizer. E-liquid gets into the air passages and causes a sound.
Fused Clapton Coil - Two strands of wired wrapped by one single strand of wire. Used by coil builders.
Letter G - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Glassomizer - A Clearomizer with a glass tank. Glassomizer is generally another term for Clearomizer with no distinction.
Gold Plated Connection - Gold plating is used to transfer power more rapidly. Gold plating can be found on the doors and pin connector for the atomizer.
Gurgling - A sound made from an atomizer or clearo. E-juice that is trapped in the air flow passage. Caused by overfilling or leaking.
Letter H - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Head - A less common term used to describe the ecig atomizer or clearo.
Heatsink - Metal fins designed disperse heat away from a device and keep it cooler.
Hot Spot - A term used in coil building. When the coil burns unevenly it usually will not wick efficiently and cause dry hits.
Hybrid Mechanical Mod - Reduces firing latency. A Mechanical Mod where by attaching an attomizer screws down directly to the positive or negative terminal.
Letter I - Electronic Cigarette Terms
ICR – Lithium Ion Cobalt Rechargeable Battery.
IMR – Lithium Ion Manganese Rechargeable Battery.
Letter J - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Joules - A Measurement of power.
Juice - Vaping liquid for an ecig. Another term for eliquid or eJuice.
Letter K - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Kanthal Wire - A common wire used in the rebuilding of e cig coils. Iron-chromium-aluminum alloy, FeCrAl.
Kick - A piece of hardware or circuit chip used to modify the wattage produced by a battery in a mechanical mod. Hits like a new battery every time.
Letter L - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Loaded Pin Spring Connector - The part on the vape mod that makes a connection with your atomizer. Sits between the threaded connection.
LR - Low Resistance. A term used in coils for building or rating an atomizers coil. Lower Resistance heats up faster but takes more power to heat. Depletes battery quicker.
Lung Hit - A form of inhale where the inhale is done by the lung and not the mouth. Also abbreviated DTL (Direct-to-Lung)
Letter M - Electronic Cigarette Terms
mAh - (Milli Ampere Hour) Battery life capacity. A term used to describe the longevity of an ECig battery.
Manual Ecig - An electronic cigarette where you don’t have to push a button to vape. It auto senses an inhale.
Mech Mod - Vaping Abbreviation for "Mechanical Mod".
Mechanical Mod - A vape mod with no power regulation. As the battery drains so does the power transferred.
Mouth Hit - A form of inhale where your mouth takes in the vaper. Held for a second before being inhaled to the lung.
MTL (mouth to lung) - A form of inhale where the vaper is held in the mouth for a split second before being inhaled to the lung. Also Abbreviated: M2L
Letter N - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Nic - Short for nicotine found in eliquid.
Nic Salts - A form of nicotine solution. Used in the making of E-Liquid to produce "light" or "harsh" throat hits from vapor production. Does not contain actual salt.
Nicked Out - Overdosing or a sick feeling from too much nicotine in eliquid. Uneasy feeling from vaping too frequently.
Nicotine - A drug. An optional additive used in making eliquid. Concentrated nicotine can be found at ecig retailers.
No-Nic - E-Liquids that do not contain nicotine additive (0 mg)
Letter O - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Ohm - A measure of resistance. Commonly used in coil building.
Organic Cotton - A cleaner form of cotton used for ecig wicks
Letter P - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Parallel Batteries - A vaping device where the batteries are wired in parallel. Increases battery life.
Passthrough - A vaping device where you can vape while the ecig in plugged in and charging. Bypass battery. (Pass through, Pass-through)
PCC - Personal Charging Case. A device for charging your ecig on the go.
Pen Style - A vaping device that is long, round and skinny. Resembles a pen. Slang: Cig-A-Like, vape pen
PG - Propylene Glycol. Used as an additive in eliquid.
Pod System - A small vaping unit designed for ease of travel. Traditionally long and skinny. Pods are replaceable or refillable. Battery and unit are light weight.
Priming - Preparing new coils or wicks. Adding a few drop of eliquid to the wick and or deck to give the material an initial soak. Prevent first dry hits or burning taste.
Protected Battery - A battery with a built in safety mechanism in case of failure. Circuitry.
Pull - Taking a puff or inhale off of a vaping device.
PWM - Plus With Modulation. Delivers wattage in pulses instead of constant voltage or wattage.
Letter Q - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Letter R - Electronic Cigarette Terms
RBA – The vaping abbreviation for “Rebuildable Atomizer”.
RDA – The vaping abbreviation for “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer”.
RDTA – The vaping abbreviation for “Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer”.
Rebuildable - The ability to rebuild an electronic cigarette component. Commonly referred to in atomizers.
Rebuildable Atomizer - The ability to rebuild an atomizers. Not specific to any one type of atomizer
Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer - An atomizer that can be Rebuilt. This atomizer can be dripped on and has a tank for eLiquid storage.
Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer - An atomizer that can be Rebuilt. This atomizer can be dripped on with eLiquid.
Rebuildable Tank Atomizer - An atomizer that can be Rebuilt. This atomizer a tank for eLiquid storage.
Regulated Mod - A mod with a circuit chip, chipset, or processor. Used to regulate voltage or watts and adds other additional features such as safety and temperature control
Replacement Cartridge - Pre-built coil that usually contains wicking material. Purchasing a pre-made coil for a Tank or Clearomizer.
Replacement Coil - Pre-built coil. Purchasing a pre-made coil for a tank or RDA. Replacement coils for RDAs are not wicked.
Resistance - A measurement of ohms. Commonly targeted in the building of coils. Can be calculated based on the size and number of wire wraps.
Resistance Wire - A term used to refer to wire used in atomizer builds. Resistance effects vapor production and battery life.
Ribbon Wire - Flat wire. Focuses on higher surface area to enhance the flavor and cloud mass performance of E-Liquid.
RSST – Vaping abbreviation for "Rebuildable Stainless Steel Tank"
RTA – The Vaping abbreviation for “Rebuildable Tank Atomizer”
Letter S - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Silica Wick - Used for transferring eLiquid to the atomizer. Usually sits inside a coil. Contains fiber glass. See Cotton Wicks.
Squonk - Squonking is having a separate bottle of juice in your mod. Squeeze it to replenish your atomizers wicks.
Stainless Steel Mesh - Used for build wicks. An alternative to cotton or silica.
Starter Kit - A kit that involves at least one base unit and atomizer. This term ignores a vapers experience. See Beginners kit.
Steeping - Letting your eLiquid breath. The process of leaving the cap off your eLiquid for a short amount of time to enhance its flavor.
Sub-Ohming - Vaping at very low ohms in order to produce a high cloud density. Using low resistance coil builds to create bigger vapor clouds.
Sweet Spot - A vapers term for finding the perfect amount of flavor and throat hit based on a power setting.
Letter T - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Tail piping – Directly dripping on the atomizer and then inhaling without a drip tip.
Tank - A reservoir for holding eJuice. Housing for an atomizer.
Temperature Control - The ability to set the temperature of a coil. Most commonly used in conjunction with Nickel, Stainless, and Titanium coils.
THR - A vaping abbreviation for "Tobacco Harm Reduction" See Tobacco Harm Reduction
Threading - The type of connection used for attaching a tank, cartomizer, atomizer to a vaping device. Usually represented by a number.
Throat Hit - The sensation your throat feels while taking an ecig draw. Examples: Harsh, hard, solid, perfect, light.
Tobacco Harm Reduction - The movement to less harmful nicotine products.
Toot - Taking a draw from an electronic cigarette.
Topper - Usually your attomizer or tank. The part that goes on top of your base device or battery.
Trigger - A larger longer button on a box mod that allows the power to transfer to the atomizer. Can be squeezed instead of pressed.
Tube Mod - A term used to describe the shape of a mod.
Letter U - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Unicorn Bottle – Typically long and skinny. Liquid is dispensed through a sharper tip. Easier for dripping and hard to fill tanks.
Unprotected Battery – A type of battery without protection.
Unregulated Mod - A mechanical mod. Relies on the current voltage of the battery contained.
USB Charging - Charging your electronic cigarette with a USB Cable. The ability to charge your E-Cig Device via USB Wire.
USB Passthrough – A function or feature of a vaping device. Allows the user to vape while it charges through the USB cord.
Letter V - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Vape Pen - An Electronic Cigarette that resembles a pen in shape in weight. Styled like a traditional Pen. Slang: Cig-A-Like
Vape Mod - Another name for box mod.  The base or battery unit of a vaping setup or starter kit.
Vaper - A Person who vapes
Vapers Tongue - The inability to taste or feel the flavor of your eliquid. Usually temporarily.
Vaporizer - A device used to vaporize dry herbs. A word commonly confused with E-Cigs. While E-Cigs do vaporize it is not a term used to advertise/market E-Cigs.
Vent Holes - Holes in the casing of a base units mod. Vents the battery in case of battery malfunction.
VG - Vegetable Glycerin. Used as an additive in eliquid.
VV - Variable Voltage. The ability to control a vape devices voltage.
VW - Variable Wattage. The ability to control a vape devices Wattage.
Letter W - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Watt - An increment of wattage.
Wattage - A measure of output on an ecig device. Wattage is adjustable on advance E-Cigs.
Wick - The material that sits around or inside of a vaping coil. Used to transfer eliquid to the coil. Usually cotton or silica.
Wire - A material that is used for the composition of coils.
Wrap - A term used in coil building. A singe loop or revolution around a rod.
Letter X - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Letter Y - Electronic Cigarette Terms
Letter Z - Electronic Cigarette Terms

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