Most Expensive Vape Mods High End Boxes

July, 2019

When I started vaping most two battery mods were about 99 dollars.  I considered them to be expensive vape mods but they where not high end at all.  I bought one anyway cause that was just the price of an average vape at the time.

Since then prices have come down quite a bit. That same battery mod would probably cost around 50 dollars now a days. For 99 dollars you can get a lot of great fancy high end mods that offer so much more then what I spent my money on.

High End Box Mods

The Best High End Vape Mods That Can Really Be Purchased…

Today we will give you an extensive list of high priced vapes. These are some of the most expensive vape mods that are high end and that you can actually buy. If you’re looking for the Guinness book of world records list this is not the article for you. We will be examining expensive vape mods that you would consider when you want something just a little bit classier then that 50 dollar vape or box mod.

If you’re looking for something practical yet elegant then you’re in the right place. These high end vape mods are all above the 99 dollar range and will make you feel like you’re holding a brand new corvette. Stylish and sleek with an aura of luxury surround it.

If you notice something that is not in our list, it’s most likely because it’s not in stock. But definitely remember to check back here for updates.

Let’s get in to it.

Most Expensive Vape Mods.

1. $ 499.99 Pandora Mechanical Mod by Purge Mods

Machined to precision with an elegantly etched design. Copper contacts with extremely low voltage drop.

Purge Pandora Most Expensive Vape Mods High End Boxes 200

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2. $ 349.99 Project Sub-Ohm® Edition BMI Driftboy (2)

The advanced mod that protects it’s 180 watt power controls and display.  Currently, the most expensive high end vape mod Utilizing LED and Chipset.

Project Sub-Ohm Edition BMI Driftboy

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3. $ 299.99 YiHi SXMini G Class SX550J-L Luxury Golden 200W Box Mod

Features a 24k Gold Plated Body and controls. 200 watts of pure power that can be controlled from a mobile app. Glowing LED logo on the back.


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4. $ 219.99 YiHi SXMini G Class SX550J Joystick 200W Box Mod

Comes in leather or carbon fiber that’s wrapped around dual batteries. Loaded with the proprietary SX550J chipset and features easy joystick navigation.


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5. $ 199.99 YiHi SXMini T Class SX580J 200W TC Box Mod

Features led back-lit “SXMini” logo with with customize-able color options.  Like many of the YiHi high end mod class, the chip utilized blue tooth technology which makes control and customizing your vape easy from any mobile device.


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6. $ 199.00 Asvape Gabriel 80W Stabilized Wood Box Mod

A uniquely crafted wood box mod that is hand crafted, no two are a like! Features gold plated panels on the top and bottom for high quality vaping.


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7. $ 179.99 Revenant Vapes Cartel 160W BLAQ TC Box Mod

Engraved with “Revenant” in the brushed stainless steel paneling.  A very high class acrylic swirl designed body.


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8. $ 168.99 DotMod DotBox Dual Mech Box Mod

A hard hitting dual battery mechanical box mod made from anodized aluminum.  Features magnetic removable front and back panels for tons of color customization.  Create a classy look while preventing voltage drops.

Dotbox dual mech Mods High End mods 200

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9. $ 159.99 Lost Vape – Paranormal Dual 18650 DNA250c Box Mod

Dual batteries sitting of top of a DNA mod.  Featuring an LED display with tons of advanced features. The best high end vape mod that looks like is should be on a pedestal.

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250C Box Mod 200

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10. $ 149.99 asMODus x ULTRONER EOS II 180W Mod

Features unique wood designs and a light weight aluminum frame.  The Ultroner EOS 2 is a 180 watt box mod powered by the upgraded GX-180 Chipset.

Ultroner Most Expensive Vape Mods High End Boxes 200

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11. $ 149.99 YiHi SXMini MX Class SX480J-BT 75W TC Box Mod

This slim profile vape mod from YiHi goes neck and neck against the DNA with the SX480J-BT chipset. Who has the best high end vape chip? We will let you decide.


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12. $ 149.99 Dotbox 200W V2 TC Box Mod by Dotmod

24 Karat gold plated buttons.  Supercharged with Dotmod proprietary dotChip technology with enhanced microprocessor.


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13. $ 149.00 Asvape Michael VO200 TC Mod

Some of the most artistic and elegant designs around.  The best high end vapes featuring portraits on these advanced mods.


Link 1 : Check Price (Devil’s Night Edition) | Link 1 : Check Price (Walking Dead Edition)

14. $ 144.99 YiHi SXMini SL Class SX485J 100W TC Box Mod

The classy concealer.  Real wood stabilized advanced mod.  You wouldn’t want to high this mod but this single battery mod is a great option for stealth vaping.

YiHi SXMini SL Class SX485J 100W TC Box Mod 200

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15. $ 139.99 Vapecige VTbox250C DNA 250C Box Mod

Clean cut and fine machining make this advanced mod a race that you can win.  The new Evolv battery functionality packed on top the of DNA stabilizes power out.  Step up to the DNA 250C.


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16. $ 139.99 Lost Vape Therion DNA75 

Featuring beautiful wood paneling with leather wrapped magnetic battery door.  Machined to perfection while housing the integrated DNA75 Evolv Chip system.

Therion Most Expensive Vape Mods High End Boxes 200

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17. $ 134.99 Revenant Vape Delta Squonk Mod

An awesome little squonk vaping mod that features the Omni Board 4.0.  A beauty in the palm and capable of housing 21700, 20700, and 18650 batteries.

revenant quonk Most Expensive Vape Mods High End Boxes 200

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18. $ 126.99 Dotmod Dotbox 75W TC Box Mod

A smaller size but just as elegant as it’s bigger brother.  The same features plus gold plating packed inside a single 18650 advanced mod.


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19. $ 119.95 VGOD Pro 200w TC Full Kit

Side Panels with rubberized grips helps you keep a handle on all the advanced features that the ATOM.V.200B chipset is capable of.

VGOD Pro 200W TC Starter Kit

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20. $ 115.99 Champion 220W Box Mod by Dovpo

A solid build of aluminum and full carbon fiber paneling.  Featuring light weight materials while maintain an indestructible frame.

champion Most-Expensive-Vape-Mods-High-End-Boxes-200

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Should I Buy A High End Mod

It’s hard question to to tell someone if they should buy a high-end mod. Let’s face it, we all want the best but it is a big investment. With the rapid changes in vaping technology you might be telling yourself it is just not worth it.

On the other hand you have to weight the expenses.  As Grimm Green would say “Get out your vape budget hands”.  If you have the funds you should go for it and never look back.  At the same time if you calculate how much you might spend on cheaper devices that tend to break it can actually save you money.  I think we’ve all owned a less expensive mod that has broken on us, and if you haven’t you will.  If you’re getting out of Pod Systems or Sub-Ohm tanks then yes, you will save a lot of money on those replacement cartridges.

Having a luxury vape device can immerse you in a deep vaping experience.

A really nice vape mod, does not get out dated! It’s like holding on to a very nice time piece. Especially if you’re only using half or less than half the wattage. It will have plenty of power for whatever new vape technology gets thrown at us. I started vaping at 30 watts and I still vape at 30 watts. That mod I bought a long long time ago has a capacity of 100 watts. Chances are it will last a life time. The quality of the parts and craftsmanship on High End mods is impeccable. These vape mods are very well put together.  Most of the best high end mods are reliable and it is reflected in the price!

If you want a step up with quality, and a vape mod that will last forever, then it’s a solid investment.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our expensive vape mods list. Please check back for regular updates.