5 Best CBD Pod Devices for Vaping [Updated]

Break out a bottle of your favorite CBD liquid and relax with the best CBD pod devices.

CBD Pod devices are becoming one of the biggest trends in the vaping community. Given the size and efficiency of these mods, they certainly are much more convenient than the regular box mod kits. Not only that, but CBD pod devices are very much easier to maintain and have cheaper maintenance compared to other kits. Not to mention that they’re also very easy to use.  Just charge them up, fill them up with juice, and your ready for a relaxing vape.

Vape mods are available in lots of different power ranges.  Some are very high powered devices, higher than CBD pod devices.  Vaping CBD is done at lower wattages, so you would want to drastically lower the power on a bigger mod.  We are service up pod systems that are perfect for using as a CBD pod device.

You also need to fill them up with juice, so all of these pod systems are made for refilling.  This feature is a must have especially for CBD vapers. Since the use of cannabidiol in public is a sensitive thing for others, especially in certain countries, the value of lowkey-vaping is relatively high.  However, many juices are available as flavored Isolates so smell should not be an issue. Check out our choices for CBD Isolate Juices.  Isolates do not contain any terpenes or flavonoids.

Pod mods are one of the easiest, if not the easiest, types of mods every vaper can have. These mods offer replaceable pods that can either be refillable or pre-filled which help vapers easily switch between their favorite e-juice flavors or CBD juices. Since CBD pod devices are getting interesting, here are the best CBD pod device for vapers who are into CBD liquids.

Best CBD Pod Devices

1.    Uwell Caliburn G  (Best Small CBD Pod Mod)

The Uwell Caliburn G is one of the most popular CBD pod device on the market today. This is what most veteran vapers usually recommend to those who are new to CBD vaping, especially those who are transitioning from cigarette smoking.

The device runs on a 690mAh battery and 15W wattage output. Featuring a dual-firing mechanism, vapers can easily enjoy vaping using the fire button or via buttonless drawing. The Caliburn G pods have a 2ml capacity and the device boasts its pro-FOCS flavor technology which enables vapers get the most out of the juice flavor.

The device also has its security features like child lock, cutoff timer, LED light battery indicator, and short circuit protection. So not only is the Uwell Caliburn G a great pod mod, it also is a safe device.

Caliburn g Best CBD Pod Devices for Vaping 350

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2.    SMOK Nord X

The SMOK Nord X Pod System is the successor of the original SMOK Nord X. With the SMOK Nord X receiving flak from its users, SMOK, the company behind it, made sure that all of the concerns were addressed. They did prove to their customers that they were heard indeed, and behold, the SMOK Nord X.

These are some of the significant changes SMOK has made to the original Nord Pod that came with the Nord X Pod:


Battery size was increased from 450 mAh to 1500 mAh. The device can last upto 800 puffs in a day when fully charged, according to SMOK.

Battery Level Indicator

Perhaps one of the most important features of a vape device, the battery level indicator’s inclusion was a big hit amongst their customers.


The Nord X Pod System can be customized with various sticker designs. Currently, SMOK offers 7 designs for the pod: 7-color Spray, 7-Color Resin Streak, Yellow Purple Resin Streak, Green Red Resin Streak, Blue and Black Resin Streak, Black White Resin Streak, Blue Brown Resin Streak, Red Yellow Resin Streak

nord x Best CBD Pod Devices for Vaping 350

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3.    Lost Vape Orion Q Ultra

The Lost Vape Orion Q Ultra is a one-button device with a whopping 1600mAh battery and a 40W max power output. The pod is a 1Ω kanthal coil and the mouthpiece can be adjusted using the airflow control ring, which means vapers can enjoy Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) and Direct Lung (DL) styles of vaping.

The pods have a 4ml capacity and currently, the Lost Vape Orion Q Ultra has 5 different frame designs you can choose from: stainless steel, rainbow, blue, gold, and black. It’s super CBD liquid capacity and beefy battery make it a great choice for CBD vaping.

Orion Q Ultra Best CBD Pod Devices for Vaping 350

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4.    Voopoo Drag S (Best Battery life CBD vape pod)

Voopoo’s newest addition to the drag series has now arrived. The Voopoo Drag S has the best battery and juice capacity on this list, and features a 2500mAh battery that gives the users tons of puffs at full charge. With it comes a tricolor battery level indicator that hints the users when the battery needs a recharge. With Voopoo’s innovation, they incorporated the Gene chip to the Drag S giving the device a very efficient performance and guaranteed safety features.

The Voopoo Drag S’ pod has a 4.5 ml capacity and it has an intelligent cold boot mode that gives vapers maximized flavors. This device is very classy with fine construction and materials. Pocket-size and is definitely great for people who want to vape CBD in style.

VooPoo Drag S Best CBD Pod Devices for Vaping 350

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5.    Vaporesso Aurora Play (Most Inconspicuous)

Now for all you fans of Zippo, this might be the one for you. Introducing the Vaporesso Aurora Play, the pod mod that looks like a Zippo lighter. Unlike other devices, the Aurora Play boasts its Omni chip that ensures high quality regulation and protection. This pod system comes with a built-in 650mAh battery which takes only 45-minutes to be fully charged.

Another feature of the Vaporesso Aurora Play is that unlike the other devices on this list, this device has a 3 power levels – 9W, 10.5W, 12.5W. Other than the 1.3Ω coil installation that gives the device the 3 power levels, this pod system can easily be refilled, too. Vapers don’t need to pull out the pod in order to refill as it has a push to fill system making it a very simple device. And before I forget, the device is draw-activated. Another unique feature given that it has a 3-power level system.

Aurora Play Best CBD Pod Devices for Vaping 350

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