How Vape Pods or Pod Systems Work?

Electronic Cigarettes are expanding and changing to accommodate all types of users.

Vape Pods for the beginner and experienced vapers that are interested in learning more about pod systems.

What Are Vape Pods?

These new forms of electronic cigarettes are currently exploding into the vape market and finding their audience. The Pod is a relatively new product in the world of vaping. But with time, the progression and expansion of the material and design might take over the electronic cigarette industry.

In short, vape pods are small portable electronic cigarettes.

Thanks to the arrival of new types of E-liquid such as nicotine salts, vaping with a pod has turned into a wonderful experience. Creating a group of followers that prefer a pod system over the alternative desire to have a smoke!

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How Vape Pods Work

First and foremost, the vape pod is a module that contains two pieces:

  1. Pod Cartridge
  2. Pod Battery

Pod Cartridge

The cartridge is also known as a topper, cartridge, or atomizer.  It is the piece that fits into a battery that sits on top of the pod system.

This piece also contains E-Liquid for those pod systems that come with pre-filled E-liquid.  Some pods have a refillable system which means you can purchase your own E-Liquid bottles and fill the cartridge.


Another component of the cartridge is the atomizer.  You may see a metallic like pin pipe inside the cartridge.  The atomizer is responsible for vaporizing the E-Liquid.  When you fire or inhale from the pod system it will send power to heat the atomizer and produce vapor.

NOTE: Some pod systems split the pod cartridge up into two components.  The base mouthpiece which is where you inhale from and store your e-liquid would be the first component.  The second component would be the atomizer.  Where you can swap this piece with a new atomizer inside the pod cartridge mouthpiece.

Pod Battery

The battery is a little bit less complex.  It’s sleek and small.  The pod battery is responsible for firing or detecting whether or not you are trying to vape.  It can do this in two different ways.  Some batteries will automatically detect when you are inhaling.  Other batteries will come with a switch somewhere on their base that needs to be pushed down in order to vape.

The terminology or distinction between these two pod battery types are:

  • Automatic – No button. Requires vaper to inhale to trigger the battery to send power to the heating element. This is also known as draw activation and can sometimes be seen in a pod systems product listing under its specifications as Draw Activate
  • Manual – Has a firing button.  When the button is pressed the battery supplies the current needed to the atomizer in the pod cartridge.  Some pod vapes come with a firing button that can also be switched to automatic if the vaper desires.  The pod vape is equipped with a feature to turn off the button and use draw to activate.

Pod batteries are usually simple to rechargeable by connecting the battery to a USB charger or charging stand designed for your pod device.



The principle of the pod is simple, it’s also what made it successful. The pod usually consists of a cartridge resistance of 1.0 Ohm or more. This value allows vaping of E-liquid with less strain on the battery.  Pod Systems tend to have a shorter battery life than some more advanced electronic cigarette devices.  Using a resistance of around 1.0 ohms with a high rate of nicotine, 12 mg or more, is an excellent way of reducing the urge to smoke.

The low power consumption is an asset to the pod. This low energy demand makes pod systems last longer between charges.  Another reason for the success of the pods is their small size and shape allowing them to go everywhere. It’s like having in your pocket an electronic cigarette the size of a thermometer.

Pod vs Mod

Mods, short for Vape Mods, are generally bigger and bulkier. Vape pods are easy to set up while mods can come with a lot of extraneous parts and features that require extra research and parts to be purchased.  While a pod system will fit neatly in your pocket. The pod device will help you out in the evening, festival, at your workplace, if this is allowed of course.   

The pod can also help you remove your “cigarette in the morning” habit or after the end of your meal routine. It can change your smoking habits. Be advised that it is certainly not a miracle cure. Smoking is a personal matter and this issue is all too personal. However, the transition between cigarettes and electronic cigarettes can also be natural and without conflict in yourself. Pod systems are handy for this.

Vaping with a pod device is simple but works well if we adopt good routines. It’s less complicated for beginners than purchasing and setting up a traditional mod. Indeed, vaping with a pod system is different from vaping with a mod kit or a sub-ohm tank. Vaping with a pod is easy, only consisting of attaching the two pieces together and gently inhaling for 2 to 3 seconds.

Types of Smokers

If you are a traditional smoker of tobacco cigarettes then you need to be aware of the different types of pod systems available.

  • MTL – Mouth to Lung
  • DTL – Direct to Lung

Megavaper mouth-to-lung-vs-direct-to-lung

MTL Vaping

As a tobacco smoker, your type is mouth to lung(MTL).  You first inhale smoke into your mouth and then pass it to your lungs.  Tobacco cigarettes are naturally restricted in airflow because of the filter.  If you’re a complete beginner to vape pods then you want to look for a pod system that is targeted at MTL usage.

DTL Vapes

As a complete beginner most of the time you want to start out with MTL vape pods, but as you gain more experience vaping you may want to move to a direct to lung device.  Many smokers who transition to vaping start out only looking for a nicotine fix and satisfying mouth interaction supplement.  But as the experienced vaper evolves they tend to crave bigger clouds and begin exploring the variations of vaping.  DTL devices have a larger, more open airflow.  This type of vaping device allows more vapor production.  The usage closely resembles breathing in air or taking a deep breath.  When taking a deep breath we do not put air in our mouths and then gulp.  We just breathe vapor directly into the lungs. This is known as DTL or Direct-To-Lung.

These devices are best suited for the more experienced vaper.  But be careful when shopping because pod systems can come in either one of the smoking types listed above.

Cloud Chasers

A cloud chaser is someone who desires to create massive clouds of vapor.

Pod systems are not targeted towards users looking to create car accidents with vapor fog. The role of the pod device is to quickly and effectively provide the level of necessary nicotine with the flavors of your choice.

Pod Sizes

The size of this electronic cigarette device varies from one pod to another. The differences are sometimes barely noticeable between models. The main things that you want to look out for are:

  • Battery Life: Size of the battery in mAh
  • Pod Capacity: Size of pod cartridge
  • Draw Style: MTL or DTL

If you desire battery life then you want to look for a pod system with a larger mAh number.  For pod cartridges, if they’re not refillable, they can get expensive, so you might want to consider looking for large cartridges that will last you longer.  You want to look out for the ML number.

Proper Pod Usage

In most cases, a long and gentle inhalation is the key. Suck too hard can lead to the lift of E-liquids, a footprint of the resistance that is drowning in the E-Juice. Flooding can lead to leaks and liquid in the mouth.

Using a pod will require some maintenance from time to time.  After extended usage, you may have to break apart the two components and give the connections a gentle wipe down with a dry cloth.  This will maintain the connectors that supply current and remove excess e-liquid that can build up between the pod battery and cartridge.

Shopping for Pod Systems

Finding a good pod is not an easy task. There are many brands and it is very hard for newcomers to know which companies make good pods. It is a big market and there are pods of all shapes, sizes, and qualities…


- 36%
VOOPOO Argus P1s 25W Pod System Kit
- 51%
Vaporesso LUXE XR MAX 80W DL Pod System
- 77%
Uwell Caliburn A3S Pod System Kit
- 63%
VooPoo Argus G Pod Vape Kit
- 53%
Vaporesso XROS 3 Nano Pod System Kit
- 46%
Uwell Caliburn Ironfist L 16W Pod System

To find a good pod, you first want to observe if the pod is rechargeable or not. In fact, there are two categories of pods. One with the pre cartridges filled with e-liquid and cartridges to fill the e-liquid of your choice. You can choose. Our preference goes to the cartridges you can fill for the freedom to choose the liquid.

Pod Portability

The second important point to choose your vape pods portability. 320 mAh, 480 mAh, 700 mAh, etc. There are numerous battery sizes these days and they keep getting bigger. More mAh, the more battery life. The design of the pod system varies depending on the size of the battery. Better battery life means vaping longer between charges. In any case, we can say that the pod charging by USB doesn’t take very long compared to a box mod.

Cartridge Size

Overall, you will find that most vape pods come with a capacity of 2 ml. Sufficient enough for a classic vape pod.  If you can refill the pod cartridge and you don’t mind refilling that pod capacity may not be a big deal.  But if the pod cartridges are not refillable then you might want to keep in mind the cost of replacement cartridges.


First Vape Pod

If you’re new to vape pods and vaping then this is the most important tip.

When you first fill up any cartridge or tank you want to let the E-Liquid soak in the cotton fiber or atomizer for a couple of minutes. This is to prevent any possible damage or burnt taste from possibly entering the pod system.  Letting the e-liquid soak the cotton around the coil for the first time is called priming.  We do this because if you fire the mod with dry cotton you can burn it up.  If the cotton is burnt then it will not wick as well as it should.  After the first fill on a brand new pod cartridge, you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

Happy Vaping!

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